Why Japandi Wallpaper Is Our New Obsession

Choosing a minimalist wallpaper is the perfect approach to integrating the tranquil and simplistic Japandi style into your home. As a combination of the words ‘Japan’ and ‘Scandi’, this trendy style combines the clean, minimalist lines of Scandinavian design with elements of Japanese styles.

Think honest natural, sustainable materials like wood and rattan combined with Japanese minimalism. Japandi style interiors have risen in popularity as we all look for interiors that offer a feeling of calm and serenity.

Minimalist wallpaper in the Japandi design style can embrace many different looks – from soft watercolours floral Sakura flowers to more abstract Japanese themes.

Read on to see a range of wallpaper collections to obtain the Japandi vibe into your home.

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Wallpaper in a Japandi Design?

Japandi Style Wallpaper

A Japandi style wallpaper pattern, when used with extreme discretion, might well be a stunning addition to a japandi interior design scheme.

Incorporating patterns into your decor can be accomplished in various ways. The most obvious is usually through textiles or artwork, but wallpaper can also create subtle patterns.

The following are some of the most popular traditional Japanese patterns you could use in your Japandi room:

The Use of Black Wallpaper

Black Wallpaper
Japandi Wallpaper

Black in the home has become a very popular design trend as of late. And if you are a little scared of painting a wall black, I suggest that you create your scheme around black wallpaper.

With a wide range of black wallpaper these days, you can easily find a role that will work for you. Whether that’s a mainly white design with a touch of black or just a full-on deep rich black tone.

The use of black in a Japandi style is vital. Creamy, white colour schemes love that note of black. If you have a beautiful cream sofa, make it pop and stand out with the use of black!

Misty Beach

With Misty Beach black wallpaper, you may immerse yourself in a rainy autumn day on the Baltic coast. Reeta Ek created this black and white abstract minimalist stripe wallpaper with brush strokes. It depicts waves under a cloud of fog, making it suitable for use in a modern home.

Cream & White Cherry Blossom Wallpaper Mural

A big design trend is to bring the tranquillity of winter into your house. With this soothing and beautiful cherry blossom wallpaper mural in cream and white, you can achieve just that.

Woven branches and white blossoms make a stunning chinoiserie wall panel. Perfect for the bedroom or living area.

Global Fusion Feathers Wallpaper

These delicate black and grey feathers in a watercolour style will offer a lot of interest to your home decor. Especially if you love your Japandi with a heavy touch of Scandinavian style.

Suppose you want to provide a dramatic focal point to a space. In that case, this Scandinavian minimalism yet contemporary design is a great option. It works with any pale wood piece of furniture.

Because this high-quality wallpaper is ‘paste the wall’. It is extremely easy to apply and work with when decorating. It is also long-lasting and simple to take off in the future.

Contemporary Wood Slat Wallpaper

We love the way wood slats appear natural, fresh, and very wabi-Sabi, just from using natural materials and neutral colours.

Try this wallpaper to establish a scandi aesthetic with a feature wall, or just create a modern look.

It’s a design that will instantly brighten your room and give your walls a new layer of texture.

It’s easy to stick wallpaper, it’s strippable, and it’s resistant to sunlight.

Etched Palms Mural

The gentle, natural colour scheme and landscape of tall palm palms and vegetation featured in this design bring a touch of Mother Nature indoors.

With pre-printed cut lines for convenient hanging, this mural is an eye-catching addition to any house.

Imagine your side table in front of the wall with a table lamp casting shadows across the design. The smooth texture will bounce light around the room and hide any minor imperfections.

Ocean Spray Japanese wave wallpaper

A watercolour wall mural that conjures a Nordic mood can alter a room with the In the Glade (Stag Forest) wall mural. This wall mural is for those who like to imagine themselves in foggy woodland with just one stag wandering around.

Grace Fabric Textured Wallpaper

This wallpaper features a fantastic natural texture on the surface in a gorgeous serene, muted earth-toned color palette, which is subtle & understated. This specific wall covering would look great in any neutral, plain style trend.

Grace is constructed to the best possible standard. As a result, it has a high-quality scrubbable textured surface that is easy to clean. Easy to hang, peelable, and with good light fastness are some of the features of this design.

Natural Cork Grey Wallpaper

Inspired by the original cork, one of our favourite designs will give depth and movement to your space, bringing it to life.

Despite its simplicity, the texture of this remarkable pattern will stick out and provide a natural and delightful serene appearance.

Stripe Panel Black Wallpaper

A simple but eye-catching print in a classic colour combination. Printed on 100% cotton. Glittery, metallic lines capture any black color lovers’ attention and create a sense of height in any space.

In keeping with the current trend for vintage aesthetics, this wallpaper’s masculine, classic style is a fantastic match for the room.

Combine it with massive wooden furniture and eye-catching accessories to create a highly-styled design that will impress.

Mount Song White Wallpaper Mural

The Mount Song wall mural brings in a variety of colours to make a bold statement on the wall, providing a retreat without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. This cream and white abstract mountain wall mural is inspired by China’s Mount Song and depicts the peaks hidden behind a veil of morning mist. It is a great addition to any home or office.

Oslo Nordic Style Wallpaper

An ordinary room may be transformed into a Nordic paradise with the help of the Oslo (Vintage Treasures Forest) grey and black wallpaper. Which features magnificent colours and textures rich with design possibilities.

The grey antique forest wall painting depicts a panoramic vision of a misty Scandinavian forest. It adds a romantic atmosphere to a space by creating a perfect imperfection setting.

White walls and natural woods are the perfect combination for this wallpaper design.


What colour paint goes with black and gold wallpaper?

White. White will be your best friend with black and gold. Though some have said that a dark blue could be a possibility.

What are Japandi colours?

When it comes to design, the “Japandi” style blends the best of both worlds: the brilliant, light colour scheme of Scandinavian design with the warm, natural tones of the Japanese style. White is employed, but it is overshadowed by the soft colours of nature, such as brown, beige, and terracotta, which are predominant. With a subtle touch of black to enhance the space.