The best sculptural coffee table

What Are Sculptural Coffee Tables? How To Style & Where To Buy

There is a certain modern elegance when we hear the word sculpture. We think of art and culture, design and shape; movement. 

Literal movement in our homes is vital. We need space to move around. But what about movement in the way we view our surroundings?

That is why this month we are fascinated by sculptural coffee tables. They offer our eyes something intriguing to look at, something for our brains to contemplate and observe. While still being a sensible, practical piece of furniture design. 

With a coffee table often placed in the centre of the living room, usually surrounded by our sofas and armchairs, it takes pride in the place that ultimately receives and draws a lot of attention and usage. 

If I were to say’ Geometry,’ I bet that there is a good chance you’d think of geometric shapes and possibly a geometric print, but geometry is so much more than that in contemporary design. It’s about curves, flat surfaces, sharp edges and a clean-lined silhouette. It makes you, possibly unbeknown to you, feel something.

We wanted to show you the most eye-catching and style forward sculptural tables that you can get inspiration from and even buy for yourselves – truly exceptional design isn’t just for the magazines and high ranking instagram profiles.

These tables will help the Feng Shui and flow of your room but also enhance your mind and inspire creativity. Most importantly these sculptural coffee tables have the power to tie your living room design together for the ultimate finishing touch. 

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The Modern Coffee Table

Sculptural Coffee tables fall under the category of Modern Style, due to the clean lines, natural materials and contemporary style.

And yes, they take influence from handmade pieces of art, but the designs are usually based upon a mid-century modern design piece of furniture. 

You will often see many mixed materials used to create a beautiful table. Choosing the right material is vital to achieving the perfect finish for the living space, but you expect to see the classic designs in solid wood and black marble as these materials make for an excellent sculptural piece as it creates a distinctive silhouette.

Gear is influenced by Brutalism architecture from the mid-20th century, particularly its form. In the block-like constructions, the sculptural coffee and side table set refers to the architectural building components made of concrete.

The Gear tables have a circular tabletop that rests on three cylinder-shaped legs. The legs are distinguished by a fluted feature that lends a polished and organic feel to the design overall. The Gear coffee table is produced of lightweight fibre concrete and has a unique and tactile surface roughness that makes it a unique piece of furniture.

Raw mineral beauty at its finest. Natural stone is showcased on this side table, highlighting its inherent beauty. It is handcrafted in Italy, in the Marche region, from Bianco Curia marble that is acquired locally. Using chisels, the edges of the rough marble blocks are carved by hand, resulting in a unique piece of furniture. The edges are left unpainted to maintain a rough, tactile, and realistic appearance. 

With its unusual T-shape, rough edges, and contrasting polished surfaces, the Mineral Sculptural table will quickly become the focal point of your home’s décor. The desire to get back to the essentials is well reflected in the neo-rustic environment created by this table, which features a natural, mineral, and stripped-down design. 

The Tisbury coffee table was designed with inspiration from the marble textures found at 180 House in London. It is made from Fantasy Brown marble, an Indian stone that is harder than typical white marble and less likely to scratch or mark. The table is supported by three robust legs set within the spherical tabletop, adding to the sculptural character of the item. It is offered in two colour varieties, each of which captures the natural beauty of the stone perfectly.

If you seek a genuine marble coffee table that could also provide texture to the room, this is a great option.

Isamu Noguchi is considered a universal talent whose sculptural style is devoted to an organic formal language with a long-lasting influence. It is the organic shape of the Coffee Table that evokes the biomorphic sculptures of the artist. Even though it is eerily similar to the bronze and marble sculptures that Isamu Noguchi was originally working on, this Coffee Table is Noguchi’s most successful furniture creation. 

Two identical legs support a big, thick glass top, either made of maple, walnut, or solid black ash and positioned at right angles.

This is your chance to own a fantastic glass sculpture coffee table that is a piece of art as your living room table. It should never lose its value.

This nesting table is all about Interlocking geometric shapes with an industrial design influence. The flat surfaces on top offset the delicate, open lines of these three nested coffee tables. They have a solid top and one side of the base, with the rest of the construction being formed of steel wire and bolted together.

The chic design of the cluster tables has a graphic identity and an ultra-contemporary attractiveness thanks to the combination of full and empty areas. These coffee tables, which are available in various heights, can be used individually or in conjunction with a sofa in a living room setup to create a stunning graphic composition. To save space, the three tables could be stacked underneath one another once your guests have gone home.

Comes in two colour varieties.

This square coffee table comes in 4 colour variations and has a rotating top. It is chunky and large, perfect for a living room with ample space that wants to make an impact.

I’ve chosen to show you this as I think it is an absolute steal for the price. It looks far more expensive than you might think it would too.

Look no further than this tempered glass tabletop table if you are after the wow factor. It is your only chance to have one of these, too, as there is only 1 to be had.

The table is made out of two travertine bases with multiple layers and an oval glass top on top.

The bases are constructed of nine layers of solid travertine slabs layered one on top of the other.

This table will look fabulous with a cream fabric sofa or perhaps a couple of boucle chairs.

It is the perfect coffee table for those who appreciate minimalist design and slow life. It’s also beautiful because it allows the flow of Feng Shui to move more easily throughout your living area.

In the Hemisphere, Maykume Wood was used specifically for the look and feel of polished stone.


When was the first coffee table invented?

Stuart Foote claimed to have invented the modern-day coffee table in 1920, and others corroborated his claim. His story is that he had cut the legs of a table down, and when he saw the result, he realised that it would be ideal for placement in front of the sofa, where it would be perfect for setting one’s coffee cup.