Vases, the healthy homestyle addiction of 2021

If you are looking for a simple way to freshen up your home with some new decor?

Why not try a few different vases? I love vases as they are such a simple and easy way to change the aesthetic of your home or to add some color and texture.

They’ve become increasingly popular due to the fact that they’re great to decorate with. You can move them around your home to see where you like them most with ease. Whether that be on a table, your kitchen countertop, mantelpiece, or absolutely anywhere else!

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If you are looking for a simple way to freshen up your home with some new decor?

Why not try a few different vases? I love vases as they are such a simple and easy way to change the aesthetic of your home or to add some color and texture.

They’ve become increasingly popular due to the fact that they’re great to decorate with. You can move them around your home to see where you like them most with ease. Whether that be on a table, your kitchen countertop, mantelpiece, or absolutely anywhere else!


With modern vases, you can experiment with your floral aesthetic.

Consider a terracotta vase with an organic shape if you prefer an artisanal feel. Its flaws add character to the object. Alternatively, a glass vase can be used to keep things simple.

Fill it with seasonal blooms or create visual interest by placing sand and seashells near a beach photograph.

Surfaces that are metallic or matte provide a surprising touch to your outfit. Even better, mix blossom vases with larger ones in a variety of materials for a

one-of-a-kind mantle appearance. Set a blossom vase opposite each place setting at your next breakfast to increase the ante. 

Two handmade ceramic vases of white and black color with dried flowers inside


For some of us, buying oversized vases is an unbreakable habit. What will we do with them? No idea! Do we still want them? Always! Luckily, the trend provides the perfect vase-filler.

Place a larger-than-necessary (or perfectly sized?) floor vase filled with real or faux leaves in an empty corner of your living room. Whether you fill it with flowers for a lush look or leave it empty for a minimalist vibe, a sleek vase will steal the show.


Textured vases have also caught my eye! As I was tidying the other day, I thought I’d like to add a tall vintage looking textured vase to the corner of my room. As it was just a little flat. And boy, did it do the job.

green potted plant in vase on the floor at empty room

Adding a textured vase is an excellent way, you guessed it, to add texture. 

Filling a textured vase with soft petals balances out the roughness of the vase and the smoothness of the petals. Providing you with that rustic vibe but also that luxury of softness we all desire for our homes.

Usually, all textured vases are handmade and unique. Making them a one-off art creation that no other home has. 


Designers and florists love the vase as it is a vessel for something outstandingly beautiful.

So by using a minimalist vase you are allowing the flower or greenery to take centre stage.


White vases are a timeless classic that are becoming increasingly popular in today’s society. Designers love this ornamental object because it blends in so well with so many different interior styles. A white vase will work well in a traditional setting and add a sense of sophistication to your decor. Refresh your modern high-tech environment or insist on the laconism of minimalism style.

The white vase will never look bulky and will not take up too much space, regardless of its size.

I really like the white vases as they can be used in a variety of ways. They look wonderful against a variety of wall colours and give nearby things more personality.

Flowers such as roses, just for the softness of the rose petals, in a white vase will appear brighter and attract more attention. 

Take a look at this handmade stoneware beauty, the Torino White Textured Vase. You can find loads of other style options that pair exquisitely with this vase on How To Style & Update Your Home for Summer 2021



Concrete vases work particularly well in industrial, modern, and minimalist settings. So if you are looking for a Raw, subdued coloring for your vase, a concrete vase will be an excellent choice. 

Concrete that hasn’t been sealed takes on a lot of character from the elements, while sealed options can last a lifetime with careful care. Even better, ardent DIYers may easily paint or stain their favourite concrete planters to fit their preferred seasonal trends.

Concrete vases are great for pet owners. Even the smallest concrete vase will unlikely be damaged by a cat’s tail or paw when it gets knocked over.

Lush greenery looks fabulous next to the grey concrete, but so does that soft pink bunny tail.

Black ceramic vase on black wooden table
Dried Bunny Tail grass in abrown vase


Vases made of ceramic have long been used for styling our interiors.

Vases made of ceramic come in a wide range of shapes, textures, colours, and patterns which is why they are a staple piece of decor.

They have a plain, even rough appearance since they are composed of refractory clay. As a result, they look especially beautiful in a rustic setting.

Glaze is also applied to the ceramic vases which can give the vase a sheen if you are wanting a shine to your vase.

If you are just starting your journey into learning about vases, a ceramic vase is the perfect place to start.

Flowers in head vases


It should be remembered that in a home, vases that fulfil different functions can coexist perfectly.

Vases can be radically different in shape, color, and style and they will work.

Combining numerous different vases in the same house, or even in the same room, is not only permissible, but encouraged. Only if we have the space for them!

Vases can be used on both the table and the floor.

A vase with a height of roughly 40 cm are called floor vases. If the vase is any shorter it should be placed on a table, a shelf, or a window sill. Otherwise it will be lost and you’re definitely want to see your beautiful vase!

Clustering your vases together is a perfect way to show off your vases. Whether that’s combining them by color and height or by their textures if you are wanting a more neutral tone.

Remember that vases don’t just mean ‘Flower Vase’. You can fill your vase with anything.

Pretty Set of Vases

Console tables, coffee tables, an accent table and your window sills (though be mindful of direct sunlight) are all perfect locations for your vases. But remember that a cluster of large vases in the corner of your room, or beside the fireplace also look extremely chic.


Dry flowers

Of course you can always fill your beautiful vases with fresh flowers from the grocery store or your yard, but if you are someone who just can’t keep plants alive or want your fresh blooms to last longer than a week consider using dried flowers, twigs or foliage instead of a full arrangement of cut flowers.

Dried Flowers are not the same as faux flowers. Faux flowers are made of plastic. Dried Flowers are flowers which have been dried.

Instagram is going crazy for this trend as dried flowers and grasses and blooms you can enjoy all year.

Dried-flower arrangements, in addition to looking gorgeous, are also environmentally friendly. People are more concerned than ever before about the long-term impact of their purchases. It’s better all around if you can spend your money on a bouquet that lasts a year rather than a couple of weeks.

The dried flowers are dyed in brilliant colours and range from natural pampas grasses to eucalyptus and can last for around 18months!

In recent months, strong colour trends that are more neutral have welcomed more tans and whites rather than only greys. Dried flowers add to the subdued, minimalist aesthetic of these settings while also encouraging the benefits of florals, such as better mood and happiness.

A growing cultural interest in and around sustainability and goods that last is the second reason driving dried-flower arrangements.

Dry flowers


Beautiful decor with plumes and dried grasses are arranged in an elegant bridal store

Pampas Grass decor is perfect for filling that empty void in your home. Flooding the corner with sculptural elegance. I think that it also looks completely stunning with the low-set furniture.

A few stems in a vase can make a simple, gorgeous flower arrangement  brilliant for your centrepiece. It’s a wonderful alternative to typical cut flowers if you’re holding a dinner party and want something decorative in the centre of the table.

Dried Pampas Grass

Although dried pampas grass is undoubtedly its own huge trend, it would be silly if I didn’t give this stunning oversized arrangement it’s very own subheading.

Cortaderia selloana belongs to the Poaceae family. It is native to southern South America, particularly the Pampas region after which it is named, and is known by its common name of pampas grass.

Consider pampas grass an attractive grass with long, graceful stalks and feathery plumes that comes in golden and pink colours.

Pampas Grass is organic and neutral, so it’ll go with any of the minimalist schemes that we’re seeing these days. Furthermore, it provides a great amount of relaxing drama because it’s also a little showy and sculptural. But, most importantly, pampas grass is all about texture.

pampas grass bushes in sunlight in autumn day trendy art nature poster

And if you are like myself and love a plain white wall, a pink pampas grass can add that layer of color to your room without it being overbearing and bright. Also creating a beautiful feathery shadow cast upon the wall.

Japandi is not the only decor trend that is loving Pampas Grass and Bunny Tails. The Boho Home Decor trend is also absolutely loving Pampas Grass, showing how versatile it is.


Lagurus Grass, often known as Bunny Tails, is a beautiful natural dried grass that is ideal for dried flower bouquets.

Bunny Tail Grass is a smaller, more limited version of the pampas trend, and sometimes more popular as it can have a place in any floral arrangement, not just dried.

Because of its slender, fragile stem, this grass is a dream to deal with. A plush bunny tail bobbing on top adds to the cuteness of the floral arrangement and adds a plush softness to your decor.

With Bunny Tails it is all about the stem’s movement, which produces a mystical yet natural motion that has found its way from the rural setting to our city homes.

 If you are wanting a decorative vase on your coffee table, bunny tails are perfect as they’re not too tall and they work perfectly in-place of natural flowers.

Rabbit Tail Grass Dried Flowers Bouquet



Whether left empty or filled, large vases in corners or on tables in places with a high ceiling can be a dramatic decorative object. Smaller vases can be utilised to dress up any style of shelf, serve as a centrepiece on a dining table, or create height to a room when paired with smaller figurines and portraits.

Why not also think about their color? Clustering vases in color is a great way to insert color to an area of the room. You don’t need to fill the vase with foliage. Just appreciate the vase for its beauty.


The most important piece of advice I can give you is that you need to add very little to a clear vase. (If you are planning a floral arrangement) Adding too many stems will create business in the bottom of the vase that can detract from the beauty of the flowers, plus it can take away from the elegance of the vase seeing all the stems squeezed in together.

I love to add a couple of Lavender stems to my clear vase as not only does it look beautiful and chic with the purple hues, but it also fills my home with that springtime aroma.


Of course you can add one or 2 stems of dried flowers to a clear vase, but you can also be extremely unique with it.

Why not fill your vase with memories? Filling the vase with shells can give you that memory of your beach holiday. Or the wine corks from your wedding day for some wedding decor! 

And of course you can make them practical. If your vase is big enough you could display your fruits in them, such as lemons.

Or you can switch it out every season. Fill your vase with acorns and cinnamon sticks for the fall months. Not only adding that warming color tones to your homes but also that cinnamon spice smell that we crave and long for in the fall.