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The Perfect Nordic Playlist For A Hygge Home

Hygge Music

In terms of promoting relaxation in your home, sound significantly influences the outcome. I feel that music has the ability to instantaneously alter the ambiance of a room.

To generate a sensation of hygge, listen to music that allows you to rest and unwind or bring a smile. Something sometimes atmospheric that allows your mind to wander.

What better way to start than with my curated Nordic Playlist, which includes fantastic songs by a variety of Scandinavian music and other artists?

Embracing coziness and those feel-good vibes is at the heart of hygge, and I believe these tunes would make excellent background music for your house. So light some candles and turn on this Playlist to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

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The Power of Icelandic Music in our Homes

The Icelandic are so cultured. They have little traditions and hidden meanings behind everything. It’s so rich and full of beautiful simplicity; it’s uncluttered, it’s straightforward, and that relates to their music and their interiors.

The biggest thing we miss when it comes to our homes is how it sounds

With architecture and design now playing with acoustics and echos; music is needed to fill the large open spaces of our warm homes.

We need to set the scene not just for our Instagram grid but for ourselves. We forget that we live in these homes; we need to make them comfortable. And that’s not just with beautiful nordic throws and cushions, but with sounds.

So we can feel that tingle down our spines as soon as we walk into the room and light the fire, you can ask Alexa to play a track from this Playlist to transport your mind into a calm, mindful, happy place.

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A Hygge Nordic Playlist: Comforting songs for Winter

skandinavian music

Between all the festivities of Christmas, it’s nice to switch off the classic Christmas songs and turn on some feel-good music.

And we could always go for the songs we all know, but they’re for New Year’s eve with a glass of Champagne. We need something new and interesting but still has the beautiful vibes of hygge and raw Scandinavian folk music. This is why I created the Hygge Playlist.

But maybe you need to just have 30 minutes to yourself away from the family and the hustle of Christmas. Pop on your Bluetooth headphones, which you might have gotten as a holiday gift, and do some breathing exercises or dance around the bedroom. You do you!

I recommend the Airpods as they’re so discreet and they can go with you everywhere without taking up loads of room. Plus, you could pop one in at the dinner table if your relatives are talking non-stop. Haha!

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How do I listen to the Playlist?

Hygge Music

The Best Way to Listen to this Playlist is to have a music streaming subscription!

Personally, I love Apple Music. They pay the artists best out of every other platform, and they have great plans for multiple users.

I hope you like this Nordic Playlist as much as I do and that you find comfort in the tunes as I do. The following songs can help you get that hygge feeling, whether baking, knitting, drinking coffee with friends, or simply getting comfy with a blanket and a candle with your favorite book.

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If you have any hyggelig Nordic music that you enjoy and think I should include on this list, please share them with me in the comments section below! Or send us a message on our Instagram accounts.



What is the hygge trend?

By now, we’re betting you’ve heard of hygge (pronounced HOO-gah), the Danish lifestyle movement that stresses cosiness and all manner of things that make you feel good.

What is Hyggekrog?

Hyggekrog, also known as hyggelig (adj. ), is a Danish word that alludes to the enjoyment and warmth that can be found in simple, calming things such as a comfortable environment or the sensation of companionship. Coziness, happiness, and well-being are all qualities associated with the Scandinavian concept of valuing the small things in life, according to the dictionary.