The Only Xmas Decor You Need To Buy This Year!

Until you start decorating, it doesn’t seem like Christmas has begun. Even if you’ve already put up your Christmas tree, there are a plethora of small Christmas décor touches that can transform your house into a winter wonderland. Especially if you’re hosting the holiday season Christmas party this year.

Choosing festive pieces that complement your existing decorations is a good idea if purchasing new Christmas decorations this year that you can use again. This makes decking the halls a breeze!

Your beloved handcrafted Christmas ornaments and vintage decorations passed down from your parents should have their place. Still, sometimes it’s nice to buy something new to get into the holiday spirit.

While the concept of adaptable, high-quality Christmas decor may appear to be costly, it does not have to be. You actually only need a couple of things to create that Christmas vibe. So here is our list of the only Xmas Decor you need to buy this year.

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Where does Santa Claus put Presents
if there's no Tree?

white Christmas home decor

To start decorating your home for Christmas, you have to think about what your room will be focused around. And it is usually the tree!

The tree lights are what instantly gives me the holiday spirit. At Pure House, we are recommending the

Fraser Fir Grande

The Norfolk Christmas tree is a marvelous spectacle. The height, diameter, and weight will bring all the holiday cheer this season. The 3719 pine needle tips with LED light will delight in addition to giving a wonderful glow to your room season after season.

But if you’re not sold on this tree, then take a look at our other suggestions for a faux tree.

Artificial Christmas Trees That You'll Love

Decorating the Christmas Tree!

window lights christmas

It’s always a wonderful time decorating the tree this time of year. When I was young and lived at home, it was always a big task. But it was a family task that would take up the entire day, as I just kept wanting to add more and more decorations. As I’ve grown older, I do like to think that I’ve definitely learned ‘Less is More’, but you just can’t help it sometimes, can you!

Here is a curation of Christmas Decor that I would buy this year for my tree and my neutral Christmas decor theme, drawing inspiration from nature.

faux fur rabbit tree skirt

This Faux Rabbit Fur Tree Skirt is woven from soft polyester. It has a tie fastening, making it an absolutely sumptuous addition to the Christmas tree! I mean, why would you need to look anywhere else? This Tree skirt is absolutely gorgeous!


window christmas candles

I love that dried flowers are big in home decor, but what I love even more is that they are now being incorporated into Christmas! Check out these beautiful baubles below!

Dried Flower Filled Glass Baubles

Instead of bright colors and glitter, this winter draws inspiration from nature. It creates a festive season centered on peace and mindfulness. This is where this collection of Six Dried Flower Filled Glass Baubles comes in. They’re a lovely alternative to the standard adornment.

Dried Grasses Glass Baubles

If you prefer dried grasses instead of dried flowers, then these are so cute. You can always go for this option.

Four Dried Flower Baubles

If you want a mixture of both! Utilizing natural materials and neutral colors to create a festive scheme promotes calm and awareness of your surroundings – very Wabi-Sabi.

Pinecone glass Christmas decoration

These champagne-colored Pine glass ornaments will add all the natural vibes, adding that extra twinkle and sparkle to your tree.

Glitter Acorn Tree Decorations

Or if you’re more of an acorn so of person, then these Glittery Acorns will be perfect! These are made from cherry wood and embellished with gleaming gold-toned accents that twinkle from the white lights on the tree, like sparkling fairy lights.

Handblown Glass Baubles

For something a little plainer to make the other baubles sing, but to not let your tree look bare, then these glass baubles in the cream will do the job wonderfully.

This set of six miniature cream baubles, made of hand-blown glass, are a delicate touch to any festive design. This complementary pair has a pristine matte surface and a gold metal cap to give depth to your tree.

Pearl & Gold Ornament versions are also available.

To Top The Tree

christmas window candles

You just need something simple to adorn the tops of your tree. But I’ve always found it quite hard; everything is glittery or too heavy for the tree. But I think I’ve cracked it this year.

Bakara Star Tree Topper

At the top of your tree, this magnificent Bakara Star tree topper will look stunning. The exquisite star pattern is hand forged from brass, and the mirrored glass lends a charming antique touch.

Add Something Meaningful to Your Tree

window lights christmas

Baby Fox bristle tree decoration

On your tree, you can dedicate an ornament to someone who is not here to share Christmas with you. I love this baby fox as it’s an instant reminder to someone the Pure House family lost. This little decoration is definitely going to be on my tree this year.

Festive Candle Lights!

christmas window candles

The only other piece of holiday decor you need to make this Christmas warm, and cozy is the use of the winter candle.

Candles will give your home instant hygge vibes, and the scented candles, like notes of cinnamon, will fill the room, creating a smile like a warm glow across your face. Plus, they also make the perfect gifts.

You can opt for traditional candles and the pillar candle, both I would have in the home anyway. But you can also get battery-operated candles (flameless candles) if you are worried about pets, children or if you just don’t like a real flame.

Advent Candle

This Advent calendar candle is a traditional Danish Christmas ritual. The days running up to Christmas Eve are counted down.

The 24 days leading up to Christmas Eve are recorded on the long candle. As a result, the candle should be lit for a few minutes every evening in December: it’s a fun, joyful family tradition. It’s often up to the kids to snuff out the candle before it goes out completely.

The longer the candle burns, the closer the big night becomes! 50 hours of burn time.

The White Company, Winter Candle

This delicately fragrant, three-wick botanical candle is infused with spicy cinnamon sticks, orange slices, and red holly berries. It smells as good as it looks! Only the inside of the candle burns down, leaving the outside intact because they contain a soft wax core and a hard wax outer.

SKANDINAVISK Scented Mini Candle – Skog

SKOG is a Norwegian and Swedish word that means “forest.” Boreal woods range from the extreme south to the Arctic Circle, covering half of Scandinavia. Spruce and pine needles, forest flower of the valley, musk, and old leather in a morning mist.

The aroma lasts up to 16 hours in a medium-sized room, and the painted glass votive lights brightly when lighted.

Nobili candle holder

You might’ve seen the little tea lighthouses popping up on your Instagram feed. And they are so cute and very nordic. Everything we love here at Pure House HQ.

So when I saw this tree-shaped one, I loved it. It’s something a little out of the ordinary but definitely brings out the holiday cheer. I’d grab all the sizes to have a cluster of them on the bookshelf or dining table.

Trapp candle arch

With the Trapp electric advent candle holder from Star Trading, you can have a classic Scandinavian Christmas. This painted wood candle holder has seven arms, each with taper candles flameless. The classic and timeless candle comes in various colors and may be used in both modern and traditional settings!

This electric candle is perfect if you are looking for Christmas window candles.

christmas window candles

Keep an eye out for loads of other Christmas-related posts coming soon. Such as

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How to make Christmas centerpieces with candles

It’s easy to create a simple centerpiece by clustering together 3 Pillar candles in the center of the table. You can then drape a garland over them or place pine cones around them. Wreath versions are available, but sometimes they look a little chunky. This way, you’ll still have a visual in the center and leave plenty of room for the Christmas dinner.

What is the meaning of candles in windows at Christmas?

When a family member was gone, the candle was frequently put in the window. The lit candle was also put in the window to symbolize good news or serve as a beacon for tired travelers. Candles were also a symbol of friendship and a statement of welcome to others.