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The Best Thanksgiving Centerpieces On Etsy

Don’t we all just love Thanksgiving? The Autumnal colors from the colorful leaves, the lush greenery, and our homes’ festive touch.

Without a doubt, Thanksgiving is the most important feast of the year. It’s Harvest Season! So while you may be more concerned and invested with what you’re feeding your guests (turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie, for example), don’t overlook the table design itself!

Take our word for it: with the correct place cards, tablecloths, burlap table runner, and Thanksgiving centerpieces, you can quickly raise your dinner party to the level of a special occasion.

We’ve got you covered with dozens of easy and economical table decor ideas for your centerpiece that will go well with the rest of your Thanksgiving decorations, whether you favor understated or maximalist table arrangements.

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Floral Arrangement Centerpiece Ideas

thanksgiving centerpiece

Some of the leaf and flower-centered centerpieces may be utilized for any fall event. A few, however, highlight what the November holiday is renowned for. Gobbling turkeys, stunning cornucopias, wheat stalks, and plenty of dried corn. There is no way we can fit everything on the dining room table, along with the floral arrangements, the faux pumpkins, and the votive candles!
To keep your Thanksgiving holiday table decorations easy, think of a simple centerpiece. Opt for a fall color scheme (for that pop of color) with seasonal flowers; line your dinner table with a floral centerpiece and a few pillar candles for that rustic touch.

If you are crazed with pumpkins and feel you must have a few featured in the dining table centerpiece, then grab yourself some mini pumpkins. I’d recommend an artificial pumpkin. Otherwise, you’ll be doing even more cooking after Thanksgiving. You don’t want to let those beautiful orange pumpkins go to waste.

Fake pumpkins are getting really realistic these days. And we recommend these for a miniature pumpkin for that finishing touch! You can also get fake pumpkins in white. We recommend these white pumpkins.

thanksgiving table centerpiece

Fresh Flowers or Faux Flowers?

Having fresh flowers and real oak leaves will without a doubt make your table feel special, but unless your local florist makes them, you’ll be making the rustic centerpiece yourself. And who has the time to make a gorgeous centerpiece when you have to cook!?

Artificial Flowers are a great time-saving solution. You can purchase fake flowers of seasonal blooms already made into a beautiful centerpiece from a great small business that can be used year after year.

Use this center stage and add a different personal touch every year at your thanksgiving party to keep your elegant centerpiece fresh and on-trend.

Our Top Picks for a Colorful Centerpiece

At Pure House, we are a big supporter of small businesses and love to promote them whenever we can. That’s why we are recommending products only made from Etsy for your thanksgiving party this holiday season.


The Classy Fall Centerpiece is perfect for your Thanksgiving table or holiday mantel with its eye-catching white and gold imprints.

The centerpiece can be used as a table decoration, or you can unwind its strands to make an elegant garland. It comes with pumpkins and uses warm colors for delicate flowers and leaves.

The possibilities are endless with this piece! However, even though it’s shown on the mantle, I would run it down the middle of your table!

Fall Floral Centerpiece Arrangement in Wood Dough Bowl

This Sage Green Pumpkin, Cream Seeded Hydrangea, and Berry Large Fall Flower Centerpiece Arrangement in a Wood Dough Bowl will bring vitality to any environment with its fresh-looking floral that never fades!

This design is ideal for a tablescape that requires a little fall color or a dazzling centerpiece. Darby Creek Arrangements are also a wonderful present that may be enjoyed for years.

Thanksgiving Cornucopia

This Cornucopia with Bleached Greenery screams Thanksgiving!

Each Cornucopia is set in a grapevine horn that is approximately 14 inches in diameter. They feature an 11-inch blossom diameter, a 21-inch overall length, and an 18-inch total width.

Each Cornucopia will be filled with a choice of fake fall greenery in neutral tones and fillers of flowers in cream that will last a few years to come.

harvest centerpiece

This Harvest Centerpiece is on a wooden foundation and features a huge fall floral arrangement. Three glass pillar candle holders and three metallic gold pillar candles are included.

The floral arrangement is made up of yellow chrysanthemums, maple leaves, and fall berries.

It’s a big flower centerpiece with a length of 28″ and a width of roughly 12″, perfect for a natural table design.

Copper Peonies + pumpkins, Natural Pine Cones, Berries and leafs

These 17 inch long stems of peonies/pumpkins make this arrangement look elegant and contemporary while also making it feel like an artistic work. The leaves give the arrangement texture, cascading all over in silkiness through each flower, giving it that pop of real organic greens.

Thanksgiving Mantel Box

This hearty fall arrangement will elevate your tablescape while keeping it all looking neat and tidy, with seasonal handcrafted embellishments in neutral tones all conveniently in a box. This item is completely assembled and ready to set on a side table, fireplace mantle, or as the centerpiece of your Thanksgiving dinner. Quick, simple, and long-lasting!

Flower and Pumpkin decoration with candle holder

This centerpiece is produced with excellent silk flowers in various sizes and colors and is handcrafted on a display tray. Velvet pumpkins, sequin glitter pumpkins, daisies, mums, peonies, ferns, dahlias, sunflowers, pumpkins, berries, ranunculus, beautiful grasses, oak leaves, and maple leaves are all included in this arrangement.


Are you looking for something with a lot of lengths to fit that ultra-long table? Then t his stunning extra-large centerpiece is perfect for your Thanksgiving table decor! The centerpiece comprises 5 glass pillar candle holders on a wooden pedestal with beige peonies, pumpkins, and fall photos. The centerpiece is stunning, and it comes with five hand-painted pillar candles.

The centerpiece is 48 inches long, 14 inches wide, and 12 inches tall (tip to tip).

This is a perfect item for adding warmth and sparkle to any room.


What do you call the Thanksgiving centerpiece?

A cornucopia, which is also known as a Horn of Plenty, is a traditional Thanksgiving centerpiece.

How do you set a simple Thanksgiving table?

Setting a beautiful table is as simple as layering dishes with different finishes, colors, or textures. Begin with a charger, then a dinner plate, a folded cloth napkin, and a small bread or dessert dish on top. Finish each place setting with a modest memento for your visitors to take home.

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