The Best Diffusers for a Fragrant Home

We have everything you need to scent your home with beautiful aromas, from reeds to oil and electric diffusers.

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Benefits of Reed Diffusers and Electric Diffusers


With a diffuser, you can easily fill your home with fragrances without having to spend a lot of time or money. Consider a diffuser to be a subtle yet continuous version of your favourite scented candle. It provides a lovely burst of pleasure every time you pass past it, just like a candle.

Diffusers are not only useful for creating a welcoming atmosphere in your hallway or enriching your self-care routine with spa-worthy vibes in your bathroom, but they are also a stylish addition to your house.

While your new diffuser will add that luxurious feel to your desk, coffee table, or mantelpiece, the appropriate smell at the right moment can even improve your mood. It can even assist you in falling asleep more quickly.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional reed diffuser, an essential oil diffuser, or a cutting-edge electronic diffuser, there are a variety of alternatives to suit all preferences and budgets.

Hopefully, our selection of the greatest diffusers available to buy right now will help you locate the perfect one for you. Using our top recommendations, you may find the ideal diffuser for your home.

Seychelles Diffuser

There’s just something so ultra-luxurious about The White Company’s simple and uncomplicated approach to their design style. And this diffuser is a very stylish option!

The perfume of Seychelles, which is characterised as a “Warm Indian Ocean Breeze,” is one of the brand’s most popular fragrances.

It is a subtle scent that includes notes of coconut, creamy vanilla, and fresh bergamot oil.

You must have this scent in your home if you are after subtle feelings of calm in your bathroom!

Grey Essential Oil Electric Aroma Diffuser

Oliver Bonas’ ceramic diffuser is quite popular because of its simplicity and functionality. It will look stunning in a minimalist space as it will blend into the background visually but hit you with a cool mist of fragrance that will lighten your mood.

The Ceramic Aroma Diffuser mists and infuses a room with relaxing and peaceful fragrance oil scents. Its design incorporates a ceramic cover to conceal the diffuser in a neutral grey tone with a ridged pattern for an unobtrusive contemporary finish.

This electric diffuser may be programmed to be a continuous mist. Depending on your needs, it can run for 30 minutes, an hour, two hours, or three hours. It also features colour light options, allowing you to achieve the desired ambience. Simply select from different colour options such as white, blue, green, yellow, and many others.

spring bouquet diffuser

A flowery fusion of crisp, green notes with rhubarb, bay, and cedarwood pockets. A fresh, mood-lifting fragrance that is appropriate for company yet was created specifically for you. It smells just like home.

In-Keeping with their commitment to environmentally friendly scent, it’s also packaged in an industry-first pulp carton. It’s a sustainable smell without the environmental compromise because it’s fully composting, reusable, vegan and recyclable.

NEOM Wellbeing Pod Mini Essential Oil Diffuser

The NEOM Wellbeing Pod Mini Essential Oil Diffuser, ideal for tight areas, welcomes scents with the touch of a button.

The small, battery-powered diffuser is designed with NEOM’s essential oil mixes. It is ideal for locations such as your bathroom, home office, and even your car, with the oil vaporising directly from the bottle without the need for heat or water.

The easy-to-use dial allows you to pick the level of your fragrance, whether you need a strong smell that is stimulating or you just need a sense of something soothing. This is such a great little diffuser!

APOTHECARY Calm Diffuser

After a hard day, unwind by returning home to the delicate perfume of this Calm diffuser from the Apothecary collection.

This reed diffuser is a lovely way to fragrance any space. It gently releases the aromas of lavender, sweet orange, clary sage, and cedarwood to help you anchor yourself at home. This diffuser, built with a glass container and gorgeous wooden reeds, creates a pleasantly fragranced area and looks stunning exhibited in any room.

It’s the best-selling fragrance in M&S’s super-affordable Apothecary range, and it’s only £5 for 30ml or £15 for 100ml. You can also buy refill bottles to reduce waste.

Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin Scent Surround™ Diffuser

This brand best-seller fragrance wonderfully mixes aromatic and peppery basil with faint citrus notes from lime and mandarin, warmed by rich amber wood. It’s a mature but light alternative that can significantly improve the mood in your daily life.

It provides a calming environment that is neither overly sweet nor very heady but smells tranquil and natural, with an uplifting pleasant vibe.

Ten rattan reeds are included to continuously emit perfume. Use all ten simultaneously for the best impact so you can float away on a refreshing tropical atmosphere.

Cowshed Indulge Diffuser

With the Indulge diffuser, you can embrace romance, perfect for creating the perfect aromas for Valentines Day. The uplifting aroma of Madagascan Ylang Ylang, Moroccan Rose, and Indian Palmarosa creates a sumptuous ambience when combined with the relaxing properties of French Lavender.

Spa-originated brand Cowshed makes all of its diffusers with a combination of wildcrafted essential oils and organic botanicals. And it’s not hard to see why this one is their biggest seller.


This diffuser checks all of our boxes: it’s eco-friendly, stylish, and aromatic.

The herbal blend of rosemary and lavender, boosted with geranium, will fill your home with the scent of Bamford’s lovely Cotswolds spa.

Get the Biggest bottle, as I can guarantee that you will never want this scent to end.

Rituals: The Ritual of Sakura

Use the Rituals: The Ritual of Sakura Mini Fragrance Sticks to fill your home with a sweet and creamy perfume. The elegant and attractive diffuser will complement and improve any room.

The scent sticks are packaged in a thin white jar of recyclable glass. Inspired by rice milk and cherry blossom, the natural sticks consistently give a refined aroma for up to 3 months. This diffuser is perfect for usage in the living room, bathroom, or kitchen.

ASAKUKI Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Scented Oil Diffuser

You can set the mood in your home with this affordable diffuser from Amazon.

Creating a fragrant, pleasant, and healthy environment has never been easier. Just 5-10 drops of your preferred essential oil into the diffuser, add water and turn it on.

Your home will be flooded with a pleasant aroma that will improve your mood and ease the stress!

Amazon offers same-day delivery on this item too!

DIPTYQUE Electric Wall Diffuser

The design of this revolutionary home fragrance device reflects the long history of the French fragrance house. Diptyque scents are delivered in a continuous stream using modern, portable technology, making it easy to maintain a consistent fragrance in any interior space.

When activated by a simple touch, it emits a pleasant aroma that may be changed at will from a rotating selection of fragrance cartridges. With three various plugs, it is the ideal light option for travelling.

Dunelm Electronic Diffuser with USB Cable

Looking for a luxurious way to mask any unwanted odours in your home? Look no further than the Dunelm Electronic Diffuser with USB Cord. This discreet diffuser is perfect for any room in your home and comes with timer settings and light and mist functions. Plus, it’s USB powered, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

Orange & Bergamot Aroma Reeds

The trademark blend of Sevillian orange, ginger, and Neroli from Molton Brown has been incorporated into a diffuser to help you relax in your own home.

Orange oil, bergamot, lemon, and mandarin are the top notes. But with a centre of petitgrain, galbanum, cardamom, and then Neroli, ylang-ylang, and musk make up the fragrance’s base.

Scents and Their Health Claims


Here’s a list of prominent essential oils and the health claims linked with them:

Lavender: used to reduce stress.
Sandalwood: soothes nerves and helps with concentration.
Bergamot: stress-reducing and can heal skin problems such as eczema.
Rose: Mood-boosting and can alleviate anxiety.
Chamomile: used to boost mood and relaxation.
Tea Tree: can combat infections and increase immunity.
Lemon: used to assist digestion, mood, headaches, and more.
Koyama: May help restore a sense of smell.


How to use a Reed Diffuser?

Fill the bottle halfway with the sticks that came with your reed diffuser. They will absorb the diffuser oil.

Flip the sticks over every few days. So the “dry” side of the sticks is in the bottle, and the saturated end is in the air.

Where should Reed Diffusers be placed in a room?

It is ideal for placing it in a high traffic area so that the scent may be circulated and dispersed more effectively. Stay away from air conditioning units and doors that lead outside, as the scent will be lost if you place it in those areas.

How long should you run a Diffuser?

In addition, there is no conventional suggestion for how long to diffuse your essential oils. As a general guideline, diffuse for 15 to 20 minutes at a time, which is more than enough time to completely saturate a standard-size space with fragrance molecules.