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The 5 elements of Scandi Style

Many people have a sense of what Scandi style means, but they don’t know the term or how it came to be. In this post, I want to focus on the Scandi style in general and look at the 5 key elements for you to consider if you’re going to re-create this style in your home.

By reading this article, I hope you will gain insight into the world of Scandi and help you design your home.

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Scandi Style and Light

The Scandinavian style is openness, natural light, and natural materials. This is primarily due to the location of the country.

Natural light is significantly different in Scandinavian countries, and therefore, Scandinavian homes are built to let as much natural light in as possible and retain it. As a result, rather than utilizing paint colors, flooring, and furnishings that absorb light, every component within the interior design scheme is carefully curated to ensure that natural light bounces all around the space.

Because during the harsh Scandinavian winter months, natural sunlight is a rare commodity for residents of Sweden. Even in the Summer, the sun does not have the same brightness the rest of the world gets.

Therefore lighting is essential in a scandi design. You need lots of little pops of light, whether natural light from windows or artificial light from lamps, sconces, or candlelight. P.s This is how to get their Hygge vibe instantly in your home.

scandi style bedrooms


When considering lamps in your scheme for mood lighting, try using a variety of dimmable LED downlights.

Wall lights are great for ambiance,, and a tabletop lamp is excellent for highlighting a zone.
You won’t use them all at once, but they will all have an important role at some time. Remember that a layered lighting setup is always preferable to a single source.

Bloomingville table lamp

Seize the day with this stylish table lamp, bringing wealth and beauty into your space. This luminary effortlessly imbues any living space with natural wisdom and gorgeously ethereal light with its linen fabric screen. The lamp’s rough surface is perfect for playing up sophistication in your modern Scandinavian-inspired home with accents like sleek stainless steel appliances or clean marble countertops.

Precise wall lamp

The design of this brass lamp is so practical it’s rendered elegant. The iron body ensures serious durability, while the top-rated lighting technology casts direct, beautifully crisp light with an aesthetic style all its own. Set it by the bed as a stylish reading lamp or as a decorative spotlight over the side table; let nighttime become less about darkness and instead grant your senses with pleasant warmth.

Hashira floor lamp

Danish Menu’s Hashira floor lamp is a cylindrical lamp with a gorgeous shade made from high-quality linen fabric. The screen has a semi-transparent material that creates a stunning effect when the light is shining through it. Put this lamp next to your sofa or in your hallway and let its delicate, timeless beauty illuminate both your home decor and the room while also providing you with ample lighting.

Colour Palette for a Scandi Style

scandi home

Scandinavian style has a distinctly white or light color palette. These are usually gentle greyed down colors with soft duck egg blues, gentle grey greens, or pale neutral greys; earthy tones.

The Scandi style can be achieved without white walls, but the key element brings simplicity into the interior design scheme. Paint color in Scandinavian decor ranges from subtle, pale hues to very bold, bright shades in statement pieces such as artwork.

The decision of which color depends on the amount of natural light the space has and is centrally located. If your home is filled with natural light, you can opt for brighter colors to appear more vibrant.

If your windows don’t bring in natural light, you can opt for more creamer tones of white. This will keep your room feeling warm instead of cold.
Otherwise, it is best to stay with the classic greys and whites that will work well with any color scheme and help create a calm living environment.

Strong White

Introducing strong white, the chicest and trendy color of the season. A pretty pale white with a touch of grey undertones.

Strong white is perfect for minimalist spaces or boho tastes. Its natural properties pair well with dark wood and crisp linens to create a comforting and refreshing living environment for your home this autumn. For an iconic aesthetic yet never goes out of style, look no further than this shade.
I just want to add that this shade is an excellent backdrop for a bright color.

if you want that pop of something bold.

Drop Cloth

Remove the uncertainty from interior decoration with this classic color.
Drop Cloth is a beautifully simple color that can go unnoticed or provide contrast for other bold colors to create stunning environments.

Create an open feel in your home with this easy-on-the-eye design, or set your dining table against Drop Cloth for an elegant but unpretentious look.

Whether you favor minimalist designs or curated décor, there’s something here to suit all tastes and style preferences. Let Drop Cloth seamlessly blend into any space, so no matter what direction you take with your home, it will always work flawlessly, every time.

Lamp Room Gray

Offering a soft, rustic style for bathrooms and kitchens, this shade of blue-grey instantly transports you to a time when luxuries were few and far between. Soft yet timeless in design with an unexpected charm that is perfect for smaller spaces where chunky molding doesn’t have the necessary texture.

This paint color also looks flawless with house plant greenery. So if you are someone who loves to be surrounded by plants, this is the shade for you!

Natural finishes for Scandi Style

One of the key elements of Scandi Style is the use of natural materials such as wood and vintage textiles. This creates a sense of calm and serenity that many people find relaxing and calming. You can add more natural elements to your home by choosing furniture made from natural wood such as oak, mahogany, or teak; soft furnishings with organic cotton; and wooden floors in stained colors.

Choosing the Correct Wood

The tones in wood create different atmospheres and colorings. So choose your wood tone wisely as you can’t really mix and match this natural material in your home.


Oak furnishings can offer a rugged yet classic feel. This material is often associated with traditional homes and formal design styles, making it a good choice for those who choose an old-fashioned or rustic look.

It is important to remember that pure oak will be cheaper than anything veneered. Cheaper oak is made of more inferior timber and will not last as long. For this reason, I recommend spending a little extra money and choosing solid oak furniture, which will be more attractive and more hard-wearing.


If you want your Scandi style to have a more formal feel, mahogany may be a better choice for you. This classic material is rich and warm with smooth finishes and is often used in traditional homes and larger rooms to create a sense of luxury. You can find mahogany furniture and furnishings in most large home stores these days, making it an accessible option for any budget.


Teak is a great choice of wood for Scandinavian style, and I am sure you will be familiar with it from your local coffee shops. It is known for its golden-colored, smooth grain and its resistance to scratching and damage. Teak can be pricey, but it is an excellent option if you want your Scandi decorating style to be both sophisticated and natural.

scandi home

Fabrics & Textiles

Textile is another word for fabrics, and we all know how important it is for Scandi style homes! Natural textiles such as wool, cotton, and linen are great choices because they combine comfort with a sense of calm and serenity. They look fantastic, draped over the back of sofas or chairs or hung as curtains.

You can find some fantastic Scandinavian textiles in most home stores these days, with the very best being those that are handwoven.


Cotton In general, natural materials such as cotton and linen are a great choice for Scandi style. They will give your interiors a fresh, soft, and dreamy feel which is one of the most important elements of this interior design style. Natural textiles can be used in all rooms, but I would particularly recommend them for the bedroom.

scandi style

I love using linen in my own home, and I think it looks amazing when combined with other natural materials like reclaimed wood.
Linens also come in many beautiful patterns and designs, making them perfect for adding interest and texture to your room without much visual clutter.

I suggest you look at our article all about Linen Bedsheets as these will be a staple to your Scandi Design.
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How to Introduce Natural Elements

Here are some ways in which you can add natural simplicity to your home design.


Wooden flooring is one of my favorite ways to bring Scandi style into any space. There are many benefits to using wooden flooring, including its durability, warmth, and style. Wood can be used all over your home to create a calm feel, but it can also be combined with other floors to create an interesting contrast. For example, wooden floors can be used in the kitchen next to tiled walls.

You can choose from different types of wood, including softwood such as pine or fir, and hardwoods like oak or mahogany. Darker woods tend to give a warmer feel, so bear this in mind when choosing which wood to use.

Remember that you can also add touches of wood via photo frames. So if you are thinking of a gallery wall, perhaps use some wooden frames.


With its neutral colors and smooth surfaces, the stone is a great choice of material for Scandi style because it complements so many other options. You can use stone as flooring in the kitchen, which creates a nice contrast to wooden flooring. It can also be used as tiles on walls or as benchtops in kitchens and bathrooms.


Concrete is similar to stone, but it can be used in many ways. Think about using a simple skimmed concrete floor, or how about for a kitchen worktop. This is especially useful material if you are having a bespoke kitchen or want that true raw finish to the room.




The appeal of the Scandinavian style as a whole is that it is free from clutter. The simple design focuses on what you want to be seen and not drawing attention to what isn’t important.

The simplicity principle can be applied to all areas of your home. Still, the most commonplace for simplicity is the living and dining room and used as a way for your guests to interact and relax with one another without any distractions.

A typical Scandinavian living room would not have many items displayed on display units or shelves. These small pieces would then be tucked away into drawers or cupboards, removing them from your guests’ vision. Your furniture would then be arranged according to size and function, favoring a long sofa against a wall, for example.


This style doesn’t use decorative features that aren’t necessary. Good workmanship is essential, which is why it’s more about the piece than the design. For this reason, these retro pieces are as relevant today as they were 70 years ago.


In Scandinavian interiors, balance and proportion are everything.
The size of the furniture you choose is a key element in this style because it will dictate how that particular space feels. Smaller furniture items such as quirky stools allow for balancing the walls to the floor length of your room, whereas larger pieces such as large coffee tables will create one or two dominant features in your room.

When balancing out your furniture pieces in Scandinavian interiors, you should avoid placing items of the same proportions together in any one area. For example, if you have built a large coffee table with matching side tables, try adding an ottoman to one side, creating another point of interest and balancing out the room.


Scandinavians place a great deal of value on and understand the significance of a statement piece of furniture with a simple color palette and sharp, clean lines. Instead of cramming several chairs and sofas into a space, careful planning is given to just a few beautiful items. An entire month’s salary might be spent on an iconic armchair that will be the center of your home’s visual interest.


This style doesn’t use decorative features that aren’t necessary. Good workmanship is essential, which is why it’s more about the piece than the design. For this reason, these retro pieces are as relevant today as they were 70 years ago.

Warner Sofa

Warner is an industrial yet soft statement piece of furniture perfect for whatever space you need to fill. Though simple in its origami style, Warner can be your home’s focal point. Surprise guests by unfolding the modern design into a bed at night, so they have somewhere comfortable to rest after long hours of activities.

Sharma Coffee Table

A coffee table in a walnut finish, curved silhouette, and chunky base. It’s a piece of furniture that is not only functional for your living room but also modern without being too overtly “in your face.”


Liana Woven Cabinet

With its modern, clean lines and curves, this woven cabinet is the perfect statement piece. Its light wood body pulls minimalist style into your home for an elegant twist on a timeless design.


Manu is a place to hang your coats in style. This single wood coat stand can be used anywhere in your home, so you’ve always got a free hand for whatever life throws at you. And when it comes time for cleaning up, just use Manu’s woven seagrass basket to tidy up all those loose bits and bobs that have been lurking behind the sofa armchair or under the bed.



The Pavia Compact Highboard in natural rattan and black wood effect finish is perfect for small-space living dominated by minimalism. It’s finished with vintage-style cane doors, and the highboard has enough storage to hold plates, glassware, and mugs in style. It boasts in scandi/modern design fused with global influences, and the compact size features a bold black wood-effect finish that will stand out in any kitchen or dining room.

Edelweiss Dining Set

Relive those cocoons of warmth, the efficiency of a walk-in pantry, and overflowing with comfort. With six seats, you can fit your whole family around a hearty meal – no fussing about who’s going to do dishes afterward! Comfortably seating up to ten people, this beautiful bench will bring joy to any formal dining occasion.



Tacoma’s an example of expert craftsmanship. Just look at the joint detailing and subtly curved shape. This oak bed is the key to realizing your Scandi styling dreams.

I highly recommend that you pair this bed with Piglet in Bed’s Burnt Orange Bedtime Bundle to create that cozy bedroom you’ve always dreamed of having.

Kalyan Stool

This creative stool is perfect for any space. It can be used as a functional storage unit in the bedroom or an excellent place to sit in the kitchen with your children pre-mealtime. Alternatively, position it by your hallway door with a potted plant to create the right ambiance. The creative Kalyan has many uses!

Pavia Wardrobe

This wardrobe would look great in either your bedroom or your bathroom. Imagine a couple of pairs of shoes in the cubby holes or a couple of beauty products for the bathroom. The Pavia is the wardrobe you’ve been looking for.

It has a classy vintage design and its compact size. The finish on the doors is a sleek white with dark handles that contribute to an elegant modern feel comparable with New York style.


Why are Scandinavian homes White?

Before the lamp, people used to make their own light by reflecting natural sunlight. The trend evolved from needing clarity and simplicity in a room. It also reflects Scandi’s trait of ‘less is more – when you see things suffused with less but good quality design, it feels quite refreshing both mental stately and aesthetically speaking.

What are Hygge colors?

Hygge colors are the perfect balance of light and dark – they’re whites, grays, neutrals, or greys with hints of taupe. They do not have a lot going on in terms of patterns, so it’s easy to create your own cozy room using textiles in these hues!