Kitchen Island Cabinets

Stunning Simple Kitchen Island Cabinet Ideas

The kitchen island is a great addition to any home. It can be used for many different purposes, and it’s the perfect place to entertain guests or just relax with your family after dinner. Kitchen islands are also beneficial when cooking because they provide extra counter space that makes preparing food more accessible. If you want to add an island into your own kitchen but don’t know where to start, this article will help you find some ideas on making one work in your house.

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Advantages of Freestanding Kitchen Cabinets

There are a number of advantages to freestanding cabinets:

A Classic Style

Freestanding cabinets come in all shapes and sizes which means they can cater to different styles and needs. Kitchen cabinets in old kitchens would have been freestanding, so for those that want a vintage or classic farmhouse cottage look, a freestanding kitchen island cabinet is perfect.

Easy Cleaning

Because you don’t have to worry about the toe kick space you get with normal kitchen cabinets, these freestanding islands make it possible to mop or dust beneath the cabinet. Some of these even have wheels! Just push it aside to hoover.

Flexible Kitchen Work Space

Many manufacturers finish these cabinets as true pieces of furniture. This means that you can either put them in the center of the room or back them up against the wall. Conventional cabinets, by contrast, have particleboard or thin plywood backing that is not suitable for viewing. Should you ever desire to change the layout of your kitchen, these cabinets can be moved about. When revising a freestanding kitchen, it is sometimes possible to reuse the existing cabinets.

Immediate Extra Storage

Having an Island will give you extra storage like drawers, wine rack & towel rack, and extra prep space and provide you with a breakfast bar.

Chic Design

You can add another level of design with the base cabinets. Change the color or style. You could even choose open shelving on your island to display your pots and pans. One popular design style is to have butcher block tops on the island.

Best Kitchen Islands For Small Spaces

A small kitchen doesn’t have to mean cramped quarters. With clever design choices, you can have that dream island too. If you have a small kitchen space, take a look at these for a kitchen island idea.

Hodedah Kitchen Island

Get all the utility you could want from this sleek wood island that has space for storing your pots and pans, dishware, kitchen utensils, dinnerware, and even small appliances. With a black finish with beech throughout the cabinet door pull handles and drawer handles, finished with silver ring pulls.

The top of this island is designed to add convenience by providing a multi-use surface area, including a spice rack design to create flavorful dishes without searching for spices, losing countertop or a highly necessary storage place to hand out groceries.

Easy-rolling casters allow it to move around your kitchen while locking them into place when the need arises since they also have an adjustable width for different situations, such as when cooking on stovetop surfaces or preparing cheese boards like a pro chef.

H Black Wooden Basic Kitchen Island

The H Black Wooden Basic Kitchen Island is perfect for any kitchen looking for additional space to store necessities.

This island is a beautiful addition and the perfect size for any kitchen; this island features one drawer and one cabinet with enough storage space for your favorite items. Along the side-facing shelves, you have ample room to store a variety of ingredients, while the towel bar allows you to hang towels effortlessly. With this attractive cart, feeling good about all of your cooking has never been easier!

This is also perfect if you are looking at an affordable kitchen island cost.

Corning Rolling Kitchen Island

Put a new spin on your kitchen with Corning’s Rolling Kitchen Island. This multifunctional piece of furniture is made from natural and cement-gray recycled wood with environmentally sustainable materials that will not chip or crack over time.

Use this island for different purposes in various rooms – position it in the kitchen to take advantage of its ample counter space, set up as a rolling bar cart in the living room, put additional tableware storage on top, stack dishes inside for dishwashing efficacy, or roll it into any other room where you need more counter space momentarily.

This versatile product can be customized to fit any design scheme and paring beautifully well with stainless steel appliances while remaining environmentally friendly!

Our Favorite Kitchen Islands

Here are our favorite Islands that not only look stunning but are highly practical and full of storage.

Tali Reclaimed Wood Extendable Kitchen Island

The Tali kitchen island by iNSPIRE Q is perfect for those looking to add some much-needed breathing room in their kitchen; it can slide out the hidden leaf extension from the pocket to create additional surface space, then push it back in when you’re ready to use your extra cabinet or countertop storage.

Slide different surfaces onto the tabletop depending on your style (easy-to-clean stainless steel, classic reclaimed pine, or industrial concrete), and preoccupy yourself with packing up that leftover wine. At the same time, you regain a ton of unused square footage in your home.

Elena Two-tone Antique Kitchen Island Buffet

Grandeur in design and rugged construction combine to create a perfect product, where style can meet necessity. A robust look highlighted with your choice of rich finishes will make any kitchen a standout home. With its abundance of storage spaces, it’s the perfect accessory for any budding chef looking to store their necessities – food-wise or cooking utensils. Let the Elena Two-tone Antique Kitchen Island Buffet serve as your helper through these hectic times we call life!

Copper Grove Berhill Transitional Black Wood Expandable Kitchen Island

The Copper Grove Berhill Transitional Black Wood Expandable Kitchen Island is perfect for any space in the home, catering to every need with sleek and stylish versatility! The transitional look pairs well with most design styles, from modern to traditional.

With two drawers and two shelves on each side of this valuable addition to your kitchen, you have ample functional storage and won’t take up all of your countertop space. Put copper pots away in the lower drawer while placing cooking utensils out on the upper shelf so you can grab what you need quickly when preparing meals nearby! And with a drop leaf worktop, you can have a breakfast bar whenever you choose.

Trahern Rolling Kitchen Island

From the dark antique chestnut finish to its restrained curves, the Trahern Rolling Kitchen Island reflects an aura of refinement and traditional elegance. It stores as many supplies as a standard island countertop with lovely glass inserts in the drawers for glimpses into your colorful array of plates.

The healthy space on top is stocked with two slotted steel shelves for impeccable organization, whether you’re preparing breakfast or cooking up dinner. Place towels within easy reach by mounting them to either side at a perfect height. This rolling kitchen island has a style that never goes out of fashion, so what are you waiting for? Get one now!

You're going to NEED Bar Stools!

We’ve got some great options here, but check out our list of best bar stools if you want something more unique than our other picks. They’ll be sure to add character to your dining area and give everyone else around you a good laugh too.

Landon Bar Stool

This barstool is full of lifestyle and elegance – a chic opportunity for those with discerning tastes. It features a creative and multi-dimensional design, an inlaid cane, a fabric seat for hours of comfortable sitting while maintaining its durability.

Kandra Counter Stool

Trendy and contemporary, the Kandra Counter Stool is an incredible option for your kitchen that will not disappoint. This counter stool features a modern take on traditional Windsor seating and provides you with the perfect place to sit while preparing dinner.

With its durable construction made from solid wood, this adjustable stool brings a vibrant addition to your table or countertop space in either matte black or warm white finish.

Henry Counter Stool

A subtle yet contemporary update to a classic design, the Henry Dining Chair is crafted by an artisan skilled in the age-old tradition of weaving.

The seat’s clean lines and modern upholstery gradient combine for a sleek yet comfortable seating experience. Fitted with durable leather strapping on both outside surfaces, this chair will undoubtedly be as chic as it is tough – you’ll want one in every room!


Can a kitchen island have different cabinets?

Yes! If you have a built-in kitchen island, the island’s cabinets do not have to match, whether the style of the cupboard or the color.

Should a kitchen island be darker than cabinets?

It is entirely up to you! Generally, most people have a darker island to the wall cabinets. But people are getting creative now, and we even see bright hot pink for kitchen islands.