Artificial Plants

Stunning Realistic Artificial Plants You Need

Artificial plants are a great option if you enjoy having plants in your house but find it difficult to keep them alive. With no watering or light requirements, fake plants don’t require you to have green thumbs to maintain them looking their best.

Leave behind the panic of browning leaves or even dead leaves for the always fresh leaves on an artificial plant.

I have to admit that some faux plants didn’t weren’t the finest quality. But artificial leaves are now stunning. The details on leaves are nothing but exceptional – if you’re willing to spend a little more.

And there is an array of styles to choose from! From succulents to artificial apple trees. There a range of options that will help you to achieve an attractive space.

Below is some tips and advice on artificial plants. Whether you want to turn your house into an a jungle or just add some colour. Take a look at our selection of artificial house plants to get an idea of the wide range you could put in your home for an affordable price.

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artificial indoor plants

Faux Succulents

Modern artificial succulents plants come in all forms and sizes, making them a popular choice as a houseplant. Bathrooms, desks, and coffee tables are all good places to put them, while windowsills and coffee tables can benefit from larger ones. Succulents in Tray is a terrific option if you’re looking for a more Scandinavian-inspired aesthetic in your house. The Aloe Vera Plant, perhaps in a trendy two-tone pot, is a great choice if you like a more minimalist look.

Hanging plants

For individuals who want to bring a lot of nature into their homes, hanging plants are a terrific option. There’s a hanging plant for every area thanks to a wide variety of options. Something like the a Hanging Eucalyptus Ball or even a Hanging Ivy Bush would look lovely in a bathroom or draped elegantly over shelves or drawers.

Cheese Plants

The very popular Monstera has taken over the design world because of its beautiful big, green leaves. But they can get unruly when they’ve grown to big or don’t have the support of a moss pole. And they are hazardous to our pets. So a Cheese Faux Plant is the perfect alternative.

Palm Trees

Palm trees are becoming extremely popular options for faux indoor plants. They make a for brilliant decorative plants and are a wonderful addition to any room that needs a little something extra. A palm tree in a kitchen will brighten up the space, while one in a living room will give the room a tropical feel.

Cactus Plants

The Artificial greenery and spikeyness of a Cactus plant makes a fantastic addition to any interior. It adds a touch of color and texture to any room. Due to the wide array of quality artificial cacti available, and you’re looking for a unique faux plant for your home, a collection of cacti might be the way to go.

Trailing Plants

Get yourself an indoor plant pot and a faux house plant that trails to lead your eye across your space. Placing a trailing artificial plant on a bookcase or on top of the fridge is not only a good way to add the green plant colour and texture but also less hassle than real life plants, so they won’t ruin your books etc.

Outdoor Plant

You might be thinking that faux plants have no place outside it’s where real plants thrive. But Artificial garden plants can be a lovely addition to your outside space, too. They’re the perfect solution if you don’t have the time to garden.

It’s common to place two plants, one on either side of your entry, to serve as a welcoming focal point. As it is excellent for adding a more opulent touch to your front door. You could opt for something hanging down rather than a potted plant.


For a splash of colour in your house, opt for silk or faux floral arrangements. Dining tables, dressing tables, and bedroom tables all benefit from their presence. All of these artificial flower arrangements will look stunning in a vase. The best part is that you’ll creating your own arrangement by picking and choosing from an assortment of single-stem artificial flowers. Making sure that this floral arrangement will work perfectly in your home.  

Care Tips for Artificial Plastic Plants

Caring for your artificial plant is ever so simple. All you have to do is dust from time to time.

Get a damp cloth and wipe away the dust or any dirt. This works with any type of plant too, except you don’t have to worry about watering or any extra feeding. Dusting any plant help with allergies and allergic reactions to other types of dirt.

The only other thing I’d like to mention is that you need to check whether you’re fake plant is UV Ray resistant. As they might change colour if you place in a window that receives a lot of sunlight.


How to secure artificial plants in pots?

If you want to keep your fake plants in place, you’ll need a larger pot than a starting pot. The pot is held in place by sand, ornamental stones, slate, bark, or other similar materials.
If you are using faux flower stems and your vase is opaque then you could use polystyrene. Delicately push the stem into the foam and it will secure them in place.

How to protect artificial plants outside?

An untreated artificial plant in direct sunlight will fade and crack over time if not properly cared for and maintained. UV-treated fake plants, on the other hand, have the best chance of surviving the hot, dry summers ahead. Spray a can of UV protection spray on the leaves, stems, blossoms, and other elements of the plant to do this.