Spring Bedroom Ideas

Spring Bedroom Refresh – All You Need To Know

Spring is approaching, and we are feeling its warmth already! So, let’s adorn our houses according to the upcoming season, starting with bedroom decor.

This particular room influences your mood that will usually see you through the day. Everyone wants to open their eyes to warm sunlight beaming in and in springtime, lighting up the bouquet of tulips on the dresser.

To achieve a spring mood in the bedroom, you will need flowers. Whether that’s real spring flowers or a botanical print on the bedding or wallpaper. Or go for the full maximalist look of floral patterns everywhere. Vivid colors, dazzling accessories, cool fabric, and textures – utilize everything that brings you freshness and makes your mood spring-like. Let’s take a deeper look at some spring bedroom ideas you’ll love for your bedroom makeover, from floral wallpaper for an accent wall to lots of greenery and bedding.

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Patterns And Bright Decorative Accents

You don’t have to spend a fortune on a piece of furniture to instantly brighten up your master bedroom. An idea for spring decorating is to reupholster your bedroom chair to a floral print. Or paint your walls in soft pink pastel colors, or grab some beautiful cushions to place on the bed.

But the simplest and most cost-effective way to transform your modern bedroom for spring is with soft throws, throw pillows and bedding. Whether that’s a floral pattern, botanical, a blush pink pastel, or just simple spring pops of color.


Bedding is one of the biggest ways to update your bedroom instantly with very little effort. To make your bed, the statement piece of furniture in a bedroom, sing spring bedding opt for floral designs with beautiful flowers or a natural material like linen in a green. This will give you a charming bedroom that pairs beautifully with faux florals.


If you’re not quite a bold lines and bold pattern kind of person, then a simple patterned throw can bring the element of spring into your neutral bedroom. Pick something mint green to achieve a natural, earthy color scheme.

Throw Pillow

I don’t know about everyone else, but I am obsessed with throw cushions. Accent pillows are perfect for holding a floral motif and a spring color palette. Which is ideal if you don’t want to change your neutral bedding. For example, simply swapping out the decorative pillows on your white bedding can help you achieve spring season decor.

Greenery and Floral Arrangements

Adding greenery and blooms to your room will instantly make it feel more like spring. If you want decor that will survive for a long time, opt for artificial flowers and potted greenery like a faux fern. If not, fresh flowers and foliage in vases are an excellent choice. Plus, flowers look excellent in a room with white walls.

I’d choose botanical and floral bedding to go with flowers and plants to create a refined style. Take a look at some suggestions for stems and vases below!

Flowers & Plants

If you feel that you have a blank wall, I suggest getting a console table and popping a vase of flowers on there. Flowers are a beautiful, timeless bedroom remodel feature. Most contemporary bedrooms have a signature style, so adding colorful tulips means that you can create a bold statement that spring is here.


Vases are essential when you’re thinking of a bedroom makeover. A textured vase with some white flowers will instantly give you the spring element you’re looking for, even if you have an industrial bedroom style.

Permanent Spring Fixtures

If you love spring and want the vibe all year round in your home, then you should have a statement piece of furniture. Like an accent chair! A bold, botanical print in a cheery color will give you a colorful bedroom with a touch of spring all year.

When we think of spring furniture, it can look like Cottagecore. If you have grandparents like mine, it’s their traditional bedroom idea go to! Keep your furniture simple so that all the floral decorating ideas like the throw’s and the cushions can bring the element of spring.


A floral wall isn’t just for spring. Many people think a botanical wallpaper won’t work in a contemporary bedroom, but it will! And because this is a permanent, classic bedroom design, you could opt for dark florals to make the room feel sumptuous. 

Wall Art

Another option instead of wallpaper is wall art. It’s a fabulous way of getting a pattern on the wall without the commitment. Plus, it can make for a more comfortable sleeping experience by having a simple picture on the wall.


If you have white walls, yellow walls any color of walls, an easy way to bring spring into your bedroom is via curtains. They have a big impact on a room. You could opt for a white linen curtain, for when the windows are open, they will flow softly with the breeze.


How to spring clean your bedroom?

The first thing you need to do is have a good declutter. You can start by cleaning all surfaces in the bedroom, then dusting and vacuuming carpets or rugs before spring-cleaning window sills. Last but not least, open up every door/blind window to let the fresh spring air flow in.