How to style & update your home for summer 2021

Seasonal interior design trends

Interior design trends are changing and developing all the time, and the same goes for the way we style our homes for each season. 

A little seasonal accessorizing can go a long way in making our homes feel refreshed and revitalized.

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Autumn Interior Trends

Fall sees us bringing the cozy throws back out of the cupboards and layering on our beds and sofas, and the addition of textured cushions.

Pumpkin spiced scented candles fill the air with familiar, comforting, heady aromas, and dried fallen empty branches and autumn foliage fill our vases.

Hygge lifestyle, cozy autumn mood. Hello autumn. Candle with berries, fall leaves

Tonally, deep burnt oranges, muted yellows, and warm neutrals are favored. Bunches of cinnamon bark and dried pine cones make wonderful additions to shelf styling.

Large stoneware mugs and bowls come out again, ready for spiced latte’s and warming harvest soups. Cinnamon is in the air and also in the color pallet. 

Hygge concept with book and tea

Winter Interior Trends

When winter approaches, we start to think about comfort and warmth in a big way. Chunky knitted blankets come out, fur throws, candles everywhere, and collecting around the fire.

Colder tones are introduced in whites and blues almost to mirror the chilly bite of the air outside and to compliment the warm glow we create with candles, fireplaces, and twinkling lights.

Velvet textures come back into play in the home furnishings, and a little bit of sparkle can be found around our homes as festivities are in the air.

Think warm, sumptuous, decadence for winter styling to remind us that staying inside isn’t too bad at all. Hot chocolate with all the fixings, anyone? 

Spring Interior Trends 

Spring is the start of something new. Fresh, bright colors burst into our living rooms: greens, bright yellows, soft pink, lilacs, and warm blues against white canvas walls and lighter soft furnishings.

Put the blankets away, and bring the vases out to celebrate spring perennial flowers like peonies and daffodils to add a  pop of color.

Spring home decor for the living room

Indoor plant collections start to bloom and thrive, bringing lush green life to our airy spring living space and dressing up the dining room table. Decluttering is on our minds for the spring cleaning to begin, helping to bring clarity back into our homes for the fresh spring season. 


Summer Interior Trends 

And at last, we land in summer. So this is what we are really here to talk about today; The summer season and how to give your home that refreshing touch for the warm weather.

We are looking at bold colors in the summer months—lighter flowing airy fabrics for our upholstery. Large displays of fresh flowers and statement piece throw pillows.

Bright natural light spills through the windows onto white walls, minimal wall art, and natural elements like wheat sheaves and pampas grass. Fresh neutrals, breathable bed linens, and botanical prints are celebrated, bringing life, freshness, and joy into the home.

Lush plants, large white pillar candles, and hurricane vases surround our living rooms and gardens.

Holiday season is in the air, and the atmosphere is infectious. Open windows and french doors with our seasonal decorating spilling out into our window frames and gardens, and the heavenly summer scents of freshly cut grass and roses billows in through the summer breeze and brings us nostalgia. 

What decorating style is in for 2021?

While some timeless seasonal styles and accessories repeat themselves year after year, interior design trends change just like fashion trends.

This article will show you what’s hot and what’s not for summer decorating 2021.

Is 'Modern Farmhouse' going out of style? 

The short answer is yes, finally!

Long gone are the days that we were pining after barn doors, generic farmhouse aesthetic, and “rustic elements.” 

The farmhouse-style kitchen has become a little tired, especially in new build houses and apartments in cities and bustling towns. It just doesn’t fit in with the lifestyle or how modern interior design trends in the modern kitchen have developed over the past ten years. 

Don’t get me wrong, a modern farmhouse kitchen looks beautiful and feels right in a cottage in the Cotswolds, or you know, in a farmhouse! But with our home design becoming more important to us than ever over the past year, it’s time to reflect our personal style and perhaps move forward with some of the chic 2021 decor trends. 

The must-have interior design trends for summer 2021

My Top 3 favorite interior design trends this summer 


What is Japandi design?

In a nutshell, it’s an extremely complementary combination of traditional Japanese and Scandinavian design. 

Both design styles are rooted in simplicity with an earthy color palette. Handmade pieces, natural woods, and neutral tones are used throughout the simple design and one of the key elements being beauty in imperfection.  

Japanese design and Scandinavian style take the idea of form into deep consideration when creating statement accessories. Shapes found in nature are emulated throughout as an appreciation of the world around us.

When you think about it, it makes perfect sense that this design movement has developed and makes you wonder – Why didn’t we see it sooner?

How to decorate in Japandi style?

Now that we have learned a little bit about the Japandi style, it’s time to start talking about incorporating it into our homes this summer. 

We were already starting with an on-trend summer pallet, neutrals, warm muted natural colors, richer tones, whites and blacks, foliage, and exposed, light wood. Clean lines and natural materials are used throughout this design aesthetic which will also work well within your summer interior makeover.

My Top 5 Japandi furniture pieces and accessories for a summer interior update 

Let’s talk about the stunning Clooney Antiqued Mirror. A beautiful sizeable rectangular mirror at 36″X48. This size is ideal for a hallway or large living room.

Detailed with a distressed or “antiqued” look created by hand for an authentic vintage or rustic look, this mirror will make the perfect start or addition to your Japandi home collection with its wabi-sabi appeal and the appreciation of beauty in imperfection.

Straight lines and an industrial-style frame make it an easy fit in any Scandinavian minimalism space or room with Japanese décor, which is why it works so well within Japandi interior design.  


Width: 36″

Depth: 1″

Height: 48″

There is also a round option of this mirror – Clooney Antiqued Mirror Round, which would also look great in Scandinavian or Japanese spaces and, of course, Japandi style rooms.


Depth: 1″

Diameter: 48″

This next piece is a firm favorite of mine for bringing summer into your home in Japandi style, the Noelie Rattan Lounge Chair with White Cushion.

It’s hard not to admire this beautiful craftsmanship, with a solid handcrafted frame in warm Mindi wood, which is very easy on the eye.Natural wood tones help create a calming space in true Japanese design style, and the curved rattan design brings alfresco dining vibes indoors.

This chair has nordic charm in its simplistic design and blends function with style and comfort. An extra plush minimal classic white seat cushion fastens with cleverly hidden velcro to avoid sliding.

Width: 26.75″

Depth: 27.25″

Height: 27.25″

Japandi Style Room Accessories 

When updating your indoor space, we cannot forget about pillows! So here I have included a very stylish 18″ Boundary Ivory Pillow. 

A chic but straightforward statement of bold simplicity with sleek fine black vertical lines running down the luxe Ivory velvet of the upholstery grade pillow cover.

These pillows include a pillow insert of your choice, from feather down to hypoallergenic.

Add a couple of these to a grey sofa to bring elegant minimal Japandi style into your living room.

This next piece has got to be one of the most Japandi Style pieces for me in this selection.

The Leggero Black Pole Wall Sconce has all the minimalist design principles of Scandinavian styling using natural materials for the lampshade in cotton/linen blend and meets Japanese minimalism perfectly in the middle with a black textured finish on a monochromatic metal pole.

Designed by goop with timeless elegance in mind, the wall sconce creates an extra-long silhouette in keeping with Japandi style decor and minimalist styling. 

I love this wall sconce design for the pure appreciation for simplicity and elegant functionality. 

One of my favorite this about this lighting fixture is the ease of installation. No need to call an electrician in for this fitting, all you need to do is plug it in. So wherever you have a plug socket, you can fit this fabulous light. 


Width: 5.75″ Depth: 5″ Height: 59″

SHADE – Height: 5.5″ Diameter: 5″    BRACKET PLATE – Width: 3.5″ Height: 1.75″

Natural stone accent pieces

My final addition to the Japandi styling list is a special one. If you’re anything like me and you can’t stop collecting one-off accent decor pieces, then you’ll love this Carbon Black Travertine Bowl. A striking addition to any room.

Travertine is a naturally porous sedimentary stone that is a form of limestone. Travertine can be found in limestone caves or near hot water springs. The holes you see in the stone occur naturally when hot carbon dioxide-rich water passes through the rock, giving it its name “Carbon Travertine.”

The natural honeycomb pattern and dark almost black coloring of this stone makes it a desirable, fashionable choice for making unique one-off accessories with an edge—a versatile, texture-rich, natural piece, perfect for creating a Japandi space. 

Colors and formations of this bowl may vary from piece to piece, as mineral deposits are part of this stone’s story, and I think this takes the bowl to a whole new level of sophistication and exclusivity. 

I love to incorporate home accessories that celebrate natural materials for what they are rather than perfect or change them, making this final piece on the Japandi list unique. 

The Black and White Living Room

This year, black and white living rooms have become very fashionable, although the argument could be that Monochrome has never really gone out of style. 

Black and white design are timeless, classic, and chic. If you’re looking to make a bold statement with your next living room idea, then this is the color scheme for you.

How do you style a black and white room?

The best thing about a black and white living space is that it doesn’t follow strict rules. Yes, the space will be primarily filled with black and white furniture and decor. However, you can add bright accent colors with accessories to break up the Black and white living room decor while still keeping the theme intact.

Japanese and Scandinavian design both rejoice in including black into white living spaces, throw in some shades of grey and yellow accents as a burst of color, and you’ve got yourself a living room with a real Scandinavian quality. 

The most important thing about styling a black and white living room is balance, much like the ancient Chines philosophy of Yin and Yang. The monochromatic design represents the concept of dualism, balancing light with dark and how opposing forces can actually offset each other and work together harmoniously.

Popular misconceptions in the past have told us that black walls, black furniture, and black spaces are a no-no, considered too dark and gloomy.

Well, I am here to tell you that introducing a little black into your living space can bring brightness, joy, and life to a dull space by it giving style and edge and that all-important balance.  

By picking the right furnishings and considering that these are still livable spaces, we are creating rather than just recreating the pages from an editorial shoot in a high-end magazine.

So you can still enjoy comfort, coziness, elegance, and, yes, summer freshness in your monochrome living room design.

My favorite black and white decor picks this summer 

Editors pick

I have been looking for the perfect boucle style armchair, and I have found it here with the Gwyneth Ivory Boucle Chair – Do you need a minute to sit down? This armchair is EVERYTHING! The perfect accent chair for your chic space. Boucle is so on-trend right now, and there’s an excellent reason for it, it’s beautiful, stylish, comfortable, and just dreamy. 

This boucle armchair is the perfect combination of modern design and pure indulgent luxe furniture. Style and function meet in the middle with minimalist shapes and soft, rich texture—white living on hyperdrive.


Width: 34″   Depth: 32.5″   Height: 29″

Designed by Goop and named after its founder, this cozy chair is “proof that things don’t have to be cold and hard to be chic,” says Gwyneth Paltrow. “We’re taking the compromise out of the equation with chic furniture that’s to be lived in and loved.” 

If you are looking for the perfect white addition to update your living room furniture this summer, look no further than the Gwyneth Ivory Boucle Chair.

White Wall Art

Let’s talk about minimalist wall art. One of my favorite pieces this season is this piece: Cumulus Felt Wall Art.

Handwoven nude/beige felt stretched over canvas displayed in a white mango wood frame. Each piece is slightly different due to the nature of the process of creating the artwork. 


Width: 44  “Depth: 2.5″  Height: 34”

You can expect this wall art to bring balance to any space with its calming neutral tones and organic style, perfect for softening a monochrome living room or even just adding texture to a white color scheme.

Another accent chair?

Yes! Why not? You never have enough seating in your house for when you have guests, and this summer, miss-matched seating is in! To add to your black and white collection with this small but mighty Matador Shearling Chair

Made using Pure supreme New Zealand shearling and inspired by the silhouette of an ox, this accent chair is top of the luxe style list for the year.

Don’t let the strong architectural features of the oxen solid wood frame fool you into thinking this seat won’t give you comfort and support. While its horn-like arms wrap around you, the shearling seat cushion offers comfort, luxury, and leisure. 


Width: 28″ Depth: 26″ Height: 25.25″

White Vase

I can’t believe it’s taken me to mention a vase! Take a look at this handmade stoneware beauty, the Torino White Textured Vase.

The rustic texture on this beautiful white vase is hand applied for a stucco look, with tiny black speckles vary from piece to piece, making this another unique item and the perfect accessory Black and white theme.

Vases are the most popular home accessory at the moment, and in my books, you can never have too many vases, especially vases like this.

This versatile, watertight stoneware vase is so on-trend right now and will make your summer flower or pampas grass arrangements look stunning. It’s such a beautiful piece that it seems good empty as a sculptural element on smart side tables or floors. 

OVERALL DIMENSIONS: Width: 9.25″ Depth: 9.25″ Height: 17.25″

Essential Black and White Living Room Accessories 

I always find that the right rug ties the room together perfectly. Your decor and furnishings need to connect, even more so in black and white space, as they are entirely opposite sides of the color spectrum. The right rug creates a flow of connection for the entire space. 

Introducing the Juno Ivory Boucle Handwoven Rug. Luxe ivory handwoven wool rug with a textured rustic hi/lo pile, super soft and plush with natural tonal variation, not to mention the sensation of walking barefoot on this rug is what dreams are made of.

The Ivory coloring makes this rug a perfect choice for a black and white space to lift your floor as one of your white accents or a bright statement piece and compliment your black details like a coffee table or black fireplace. However, a vivid bright white tone may be a little too harsh for the space and, as such, a large item in the room, so I prefer a more natural white tone for my rugs.

As I mentioned above, the boucle look is super hot right now so it’s hard to get your hands on one of these rugs before they go out of stock in most places, but we have you covered – if it’s not in stock at the moment, you can pre-order for delivery as soon as it comes back in stock. They also offer a 12″x12″ sample of this rug in store for you to take home and see how it looks in your home, with a small fee refundable upon returning the sample.

This rug comes in a satisfying variety of shades and sizes to fit any needs, and even if you want it to arrive faster, you could pick another size currently in stock.


It comes in 5 different sizes:

  • 5’X8′

  • 6’X9′

  • 8’X10′

  • 9’X12′ – 10’X14′

Black Coffee table

When I think about black accents in a room, I think big, bold design pieces, and you can’t get bolder than the Mikos Black Coffee Table. 

This deeply pigmented, blacker than black, bold, blocky monolith of a coffee table is the main event in your black & white living room decor.

Architecture & interior design work together to create this textured concrete brutalist piece which is sure to be a conversation starter in your 

Black design at its best from the inspired designers at Barcelona-based Mermelada Estudio who say this about their modern design creations: “The personality is the result of a dialogue and balance between shapes, finishes, and details.” Using classic design techniques to create memorable one-off pieces that you won’t regret investing in. This black coffee table is a work of art for living room design, but it also doubles as a stylish Mediterranean patio table. 


Width: 45″ Depth: 45″ Height: 40″

Statement Pendant Light

To finish off your black and white living room, you need the right lighting fixture, and I am in love with this  Verner 3-Tiered Pendant Light by London Based Studio Anansi as one of the white elements in my black and white look-book. 

A plaster-like texture on the cast metal finish of this pendant lighting fixture makes it one of the coolest white pieces around and a firm favorite of mine.

Sleek modern design comes together with full-blown minimal style creating this truly special light that screams Scandinavian style glamour.

I love how it looks structural, striking, and bold in the daytime and turns into a bright warm accent, and centerpiece when the light is on. The upward-facing bowl-shaped shades make the visual effect of the lights theatrical but soothing as the light isn’t baring down onto you. This fixture would be perfect for someone who has special ceiling details they wish to showcase. 

Position this light in front of a black feature wall or doorframe to make it sing.

I am completely obsessed with this pendant light, and I think it is the perfect way to round off this bold color duo. 


Width: 45″

Depth: 45″

Height: 40″

Is Grey Still in Style for 2021?

We can’t talk about interior decor trends without mentioning grey. Grey has been the cornerstone of neutral tone rooms for the past century, and ladies and gentlemen, it’s not going anywhere. 

Grey tones still make the perfect neutral backdrop for modern living rooms and are still among the most favored color spectrums for Farrow & Ball customers.

To see more on-trend paint colors from Farrow & Ball this season, you can check out our article on fresh summer paint color trends for 2021.

Grey Living room ideas 

Let’s start with an essential member of the living room furniture family, the king of soft furnishings, the sofa. First, of course, you cannot go wrong with a grey sofa, this versatile shade is not only a safe option for all seasons and a variety of different color pallets, but it’s a timelessly stylish option, too, much like this exclusive Lumin Grey Linen 4-Piece Sectional Sofa.

Another flawless design from Mermelada Estudio, in super-luxe, washed grey 100% linen, which is ideal for a stylish summer living room update. 

To read more about why linen is excellent for a summer refresh just click here: 

Sectional pieces of the sofa are interchangeable to arrange and fit needs for different evenings or events that you hold in your home, using four modular pieces. 

Super low solid wood frame, with deep feather and down-filled pillow-topped cushions, makes this sofa take center stage at cocktail parties over canapés, where your guests can gather together and sink into long conversations.

Lounging in complete luxury is unavoidable with this grey sofa.


Width: 125″ Depth: 84.25″ Height: 25″

Concrete Coffee Table

Now here is something for those of you with contemporary schemes: Matter Grey Cement Rectangle Coffee Table. It is made from cement, natural fiber, and a stone powder blend and suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces.

A minimalist dream in raw cold grey tones, which creates a perfect backdrop for drinks and snacks for guests or perhaps a decorative statement vase. 

Concrete is fast becoming one of the most trendy materials for interior design. Items made in concrete cleverly take center stage, but never steal focus from other statement pieces in your room.

Designed by Mermelada Estudio to “create a basic shape with a strong visual identity.”

There’s no other way to say it, and this concrete grey coffee table is Instagram-ready and able to fit into any neutral scheme with its effortless charm and sophistication. 


Width: 60″ Depth: 31.5″  Height: 15″

Dining Chair Turned Accent Chair

Do you ever think to yourself that your carefully chosen dining room chairs are rarely noticed? Or maybe you’ve seen a dining chair on sale and thought, I to have it, but where do I put it?

After the past year we’ve had without being able to entertain as much as we’d like to, or at all, I say throw the “rulebook” out of the window!

I like to take one or two of my dining chairs out from hiding under the table to sitting next to a side table or joining in around the coffee table with my sofa.

This Lisette Grey Dining Chair is a prime example of sophisticated architectural design that needs to be noticed. 

From the fashion-savvy mind of Brett Beldock, we have an updated version of the traditional barrel chair. Upholstered in 100% soft grey linen, another bright and airy fit as an addition to your summer living room update. 

It’s so chic, and I feel it would be a crime to tuck it away. Who said a dining chair couldn’t be your feature chair in your living room? 


Width: 22″

Depth: 20.75″

Height: 27.5″

FAQ's on Interior Design Trends for 2021

What's the best shade of white for paint? 

This all depends on the style you are creating and personal taste but to stay ahead of the curve and for this season’s styles that we have been talking about; Japandi, Black and White, and Grey.

I personally love Farrow & Ball’s All White which is their purest shade, without any other pigment.

This means it works very well with neutral tones as it doesn’t contain the blue pigments of the colder, more dramatic Bright White, making it a perfect fit for our three design styles.

Farrow & Ball suggest pairing with a couple of other shades with All White, which works very well with this summer’s interior design trends – in their  “White Paint with a Hint of Grey” section Strong White. A Strong complimentary, urban neutral, which of course also suits grey living room designs very well. And Pitch Black a striking, dramatic true black with an almost velvety finish and depth. 

What is the most popular wall color for 2021?

Believe it or not, this year’s most popular color is Black, or almost black – I love it. Teenage me is very happy to hear this news and say to my parents, “See, I was just ahead of the curve!”

What are the furniture trends for 2021?

Natural materials and sculptured architectural pieces are coming into our living spaces in a big way.

Exposed wood, stone, and ceramic designs are very on-trend this year. Layer up your space by combing different natural materials for a texture-rich Uber-stylish space.