Shake Up Christmas

Shake Up Your Old Christmas Decor Style

I tried really hard to get into the festive spirit when the Instagram push arrived on November 1st. However, I still had the Halloween Party Decor up from the weekend, and I’d worked so hard on it this year I was loathed to take it down.

But then, when I started to see some of the new Christmas Decor trends roll out (especially the Nordic Christmas decorations), that holiday cheer started to hit me. Plus, some of the Christmas movies had been released on Netflix, and I was itching to watch ‘Klaus’ again.

This article isn’t intended to make you feel pressured to deck the halls this weekend or start making a gingerbread house “or else.” If you don’t want to, don’t!

However, if you’ve been circling the notion of wanting a few festive season bliss moments or merely starting to plan for them, this article can definitely help.

Some fresh decoration ideas, some old ideas you may have forgotten about, and a few trends to help you create the holiday/Christmas of your dreams. Let’s begin with an unexpected one.

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Tree Trends Decor Ideas

old christmas decorations
christmas living room decor

The Christmas Tree has been at the forefront of the Christmas must-have decor forever, and rightly so! Where else are we to put our gifts and place our white lights!? And there has always been the debate of is a Real Tree better than an Artificial one. But there are a few huge trends that have arisen all about Tree Decoration. And some are unexpected but totally beautiful.

Christmas Decor Trends

Undecorated, Bare Christmas Trees

You’re probably thinking, “Why are you attempting to extinguish the spirit of Christmas?” No. I swear I’m not a reincarnation of The Grinch. However, you have to agree that these trees are really trendy, incredibly attractive, and are certain to be 50% of the stress of the holiday season decorating. (I believe tree lights are at least half the battle!). Even though a Tree with lights is so beautiful.

A Beautiful Fir Tree or any Sparse Trees are perfect for this design concept. It is just truly appreciating the tree’s natural look replacing the need for wires or sparkly tree ornaments. It’s a very wabi-sabi Christmas concept.

This is an alternative and a simple, no-hassle-free pass if you just don’t have the stamina to deal with the tree decorating this year. OR it’s a great way to ease into decorating without going overboard!

Check out our range of Artificial Trees if you want to try this concept!

Bottom of the Tree Ideas

scandinavian christmas decor

We don’t pay much attention to the bottom of the tree until the presents go there, of course!

The Basket Style

Shake Up Christmas
scandinavian christmas decor

We all usually look for a Tree Skirt when trying to hide the stands. But there’s a new craze of putting the tree in a basket or a ‘bin.’

Simply select your preferred (big enough) container and place your tree inside. If you need to weigh it down as you have bought a real tree, simply add a few rocks to the waterproof basket.

It’s even simpler if you have an artificial tree as you just pop the stand inside it!

I think this is a great way to hide the stand, and it gives your living room, or wherever you place your tree, look super stylish! Remember, this would also work if you have a smaller Christmas Tree in the bedroom or hallway.

The Cushions

scandinavian christmas decor

Baskets are excellent for hiding the stand, but I offer you the “Rug Pillow Skirt,” which is very unusual and involves almost no work. It’s warm, provides a lot of texture, and it’s quite simple to make. Simply place some small rugs and pillows around the foot of the tree and turn on a Christmas song to complete the look.

Plus, it is a great excuse to buy more cushions! As who doesn’t love purchasing cushions!?

Mix Kitsch with Nordic Style

scandinavian christmas decor

Kitsch Christmas decor has made a massive comeback this year, with everyone wanting to feel cozy house vibes and nostalgia. But it’s not just full-on Kitsch; it’s balanced, minimal. And looks beautiful with natural Scandinavian Christmas decor.

So set up your Vintage Reindeer scene and add a couple of sleek candles, or grab your tree ornaments and keep the colors all in the same tone for that Scandinavian style.

I love this idea because it means that you can have Grandma’s treasured angel on the side, and it does not look tacky. Really making Christmas feel like home this year.

Natural Elements & Tones

old christmas decorations
Christmas Decor Trends

With minimalism becoming ever more popular and everyone loving the idea of a White Christmas, but only ever achievable by having white decor, it was a surprise to see colors like Olive and Natural, Dried Grasses being used as decorative elements for Christmas. But I have to say that it looks flawless!

The green tones are a beautiful pairing with the Holiday Tree and all the natural wood textures in our homes. It makes the transition into Christmas seamless and comforting.


christmas living room decor

We’ve all been using Garlands in our homes at Christmas; they’re nothing new. But instead of using a garland to frame the whole doorway, why not place one just on top of the door frame? It’s just a nice touch instead of something that can be quite invasive?

Check out our favorite garlands and wreaths here.

Present Baskets

Shake Up Christmas

If you are like me and you go slightly overboard with presents. Once you start placing them under the tree and find that they are not quite fitting under there, then a Present Basket is exactly what you are looking for.

Simply place a gorgeous basket next to the tree and fill it full of your gifts. Plus it stops everyone’s temptation to shake the present.

Here are some of our favorite baskets that will do the job perfectly.

Handcrafted Scandi

christmas living room decor

This trend has been going on for a few years and shows no signs of slowing down. It’s all about light wood accents, a light-moody balance, and plenty of handcrafted-looking things.

Ornaments, intricate wooden Scandinavian cottages, cut-out paper tabletop trees, and stars are just a few examples.

Just make sure there’s a lot of texture rather than a lot of colors.

Fun Floor Decor Accents

scandinavian christmas decor

You’ve definitely seen the Scandinavian concept of a fairy door on the skirting in the homes, so why not make a Christmas scene on the floor?

Obviously, don’t put it somewhere where it will get in the way, but it is a fun idea that is great for getting the kids involved!


Let’s discuss Christmas flowers next. We love Dried Flowers at Pure House, and we love that they can be used as Holiday Decor. It’s moody yet festive, and you won’t have to bother about watering them (aka less stress).

If dried flowers aren’t your thing, you may make a bundle out of tree scraps (which you can acquire for free at your local tree lot) and drape it over a shelf or table. It’s a little organic, but it’s beautiful if you love natural holiday decoration.

Check out our article on Dried Flowers

Asymmetrical Garlands and Stockings

scandinavian christmas decor

Styling your fireplace with a garland and lining it with Stockings is a tradition we all love. But have you seen people using the garland differently?

It’s where you pull one side down further than the other. I don’t know about you, but I think it would drive me crazy if it was not perfect. But maybe that’s the point?

When it comes to stockings, designers are placing them all at one end of the fireplace. I do quite like this idea; it draws your eye to a different area and will make you appreciate all the other decor accents that you’ve chosen.

Well, happy holidays, merry Christmas, and happy holiday decorating whenever you decide to begin. I hope these suggestions inspire some excitement and get you even more pumped to start decorating.


What is Nordic Christmas decor?

The Nordic design incorporates natural characteristics such as stags and a color palette of white, cream, pastel blue, green, and reds, which are popular in Nordic Christmas decor. Some of the most creative decorating ideas may be made using stuff you already have around the house.

What is the Christmas color for 2021?

Designers are trying to push out a little more color this year with magenta and blue. But it’s not sticking. It is still White. So don’t put away your white ornaments ever.

How do you do a Christmas Hygge?

Everything should be extremely soft and fluffy since hygge is all about that elusive sensation of warmth and comfort. To maximize your interior area for relaxation, cover your regular furniture in layers of warm blankets, soft cushions, and rustic furs.