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Furniture to create a Scandinavian home office

Nordic and Scandi design in Office space has become a massive trend over the past year. The pandemic has meant that people now have to work from home, which has caused the problem that there isn’t the space to set yourself up to work comfortably from home.

So, the public has been searching and investing in their homes to make their homes work for them.

It’s been fascinating to see, all over Instagram, people being creative with their spaces and coming up with solutions to their problems using Scandinavian style Design or scandinavian home office. 

I’m going to show you some of the best pieces of office furniture out there that aren’t from Ikea so that your beautifully clean workspace design of an office can be your new favorite space.

Scandinavian decor or scandinavian home office is one of the most popular styles in the world. It’s interesting to see how it has been embraced by so many different cultures and places around the globe, but still holds its original roots. 

Scandinavian decor is a subset of design that has been popularized in recent years. It is often characterized by natural materials and neutral colors, but there are many variations on this theme.

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Look at the space you have to work with. Does it feel dark, or does it have a reasonable amount of natural light or artificial light?

Natural light is brilliant for productivity and creativity, but sometimes, we don’t have the luxury floor-to-ceiling window in the office. 

So by painting and decorating your walls with natural materials is a great idea to substitute the natural light element you are missing.

Painted wall colors, for a Scandi design, are usually earthy tones. So a lot of black and white walls, mixed with a bit of a muted green. As they believe that a White Space will create a clean lines space that feels airy and breathable.

But lately, we’ve seen more and more Scandi prints on wallpapers, which are being used in Offices. This is a revelation as the Scandinavian style have some great traditional, simple, repeating patterns.

Which does involve a little bit of color here and there. This is all great news as emitting fun and joy and color into your room is definitely going to lift your spirits and make you more creative. 

The black and white photography of Scandinavia is a favorite for many people. The neutral colors or light colors allow the viewer to enjoy the raw beauty of nature without distraction. In this blog post, we will be looking at some Scandinavian decor homes that have been turned into offices with an emphasis on simplicity and minimalism.

Design Ideas for Home Office

The most productive color is blue. So painting your office a nice blue color would be a great idea! We have a whole article on Fresh Summer paint color trends for 2021 which I think would be perfect for you. They are all uplifting tones and hues, and I do mention my favorite shade of blue. 


When looking at Pinterest and seeing what you can achieve with a small space, the Scandinavian style is the best way to go. Because the design of the furniture is simple, plain, and doesn’t cost the earth to purchase.

It easily slots into the background, which creates this illusion of space. But also because there is actual floor space, as Scandi Styles of furniture is not bulky and chunky. It’s all quite streamlined and practical. Not only making it less hazardous, but it is also improving productivity and motivation. 

Two Level Apartment
Scandinavian Style Modern Home Office Interior.

One thing that Scandinavian design has introduced is the focal point of making use of ample wall space. This is such a good solution if you don’t have a great deal of space on the floor. Hanging floating shelves is a great way to increase your storage and for keeping a clean home workspace for your work from home.

This organizational element is a highlight of the Scandi nature. Everything has a place, and everything is placed neatly on the shelf next to other things that bring you joy, like a family photo that makes you smile.

Scandi style has also flourished when it comes to storage, like the little boxes. Everyone is obsessed with the little pattern, full of color boxes. It’s easy to see why they hide all the nasty paperwork from your work from home or the items you need but don’t want on show.

Wilson Quad Shelf

The Wilson Quad Shelf is the perfect example of this. 3 shelves in one bracket. Perfect for storing your books and items, possibly an air-purifying plant. 

The Trio Quad Shelf has a contemporary, modern industrial style with a black metal frame and natural wood tones to highlight your living area with more storage and display space.

Wilson Quad floating shelves are a great way to add storage space in small spaces.

Dimensions: 57″ W X 5.1″ D X 32″ H

String Wall Shelving

But if you are after a more practical solution instead of more design-based. Then the String Wall Shelving unit is an excellent contender.

String Shelving (1949) is an easy-to-install, elegantly finished shelving system designed by Swedish architect and designer Nils Strinning. You can easily move the shelves around, and you can always add more units if you need more space. 

Dimensions: 29.53″ H 31.1″ W 11.8″ D

Artifacts Rattan Storage Box with Lid Letter File

This Rattan Storage Box is perfect for hiding all the wires and paperwork that doesn’t need to be taking space on your desk.

The basket is hand-weaved and weighs around 5lbs. This Burmese rattan storage box will offer organization and charm to your office while adding beauty and utility to your life.

Dimension – 14″ L x 12″ W x 10″ H


The desk is the most important part of your office to get right.

I’ve found some great options for you to kit yourself out in no time and have a stylish room in which you want to turn up every day to work.

Nyhavn Desk

The Nyhavn Desk is just what you need to place your computer on. 

It features a hand-burnished steel base with little wooden feet to not scratch the metal along your floors.

A Walnut Veneer top is placed over the MDF cabinetry. Making the top of the desk extremely durable and hard-wearing. And each of the drawers has been lacquered for easy sliding out.

The inspiration behind the design of this desk was taken from a man called Finn Juhl. He wanted to set up an office space that addressed a streamlined aesthetic. The desk he produced was slim and simple, with steel legs and walnut toes. Each drawer had 3 colorful sliding trays built into a box frame that looked as if the box was floating.  

So this Nyhavn desk is extremely similar. It has a box of colorful drawers, which appear to look floating, and a steel-legged frame with wooden feet. 

You might be pleased to know that this desk comes fully assembled. So no flatpack drama will occur purchasing this desk. 

Dimensions: 28.35″ H 33.07″ W 66.54″ D

Sullivan Writing Desk

The Sullivan Writing Desk is artisan-crafted to frame with a design to ground your area in a contemporary appearance.

Each hand-stained surface boasts a smooth finish that accentuates the inherent character of the salvaged wood, which is made from sustainably sourced, reclaimed European oak wood. Natural weathering, unique cracks, joint lines, and saw marks characterize reclaimed European oak, seen in the cabinet doors and drawers, making each desk one-of-a-kind.

The two drawers that adjust to support both legal and standard-size files have pulls that are forged, large iron hardware.

This desk is functional, Scandinavian style design at its finest.

Dimensions: 52″ W X 27.5″ D X 30″ H

2021 Apple iMac

If you’re looking for a new computer to adorn the new desk, I cannot recommend the 2021 Apple iMac enough! I love this computer, it’s absolutely brilliant, and my efficiency levels have sored.

Also, coming in that lovely shade of blue, the color blue that increases your productivity!


When it comes to an office chair, you’ll want something that will keep you comfy for around 9 hours a day. You’ll want something that provides plenty of support while also allowing you to sink into it.

Eames Executive chair

That’s where the Eames Executive chair comes in.

As a statement of professionalism and design, this chair is a must-have.

Not only is this black office chair stunning, but it is also ultra-comfortable. You can sit in this chair for hours without feeling like you might have a bad back in the morning.

This chair has been given the name of the ‘Time-Life Chair.’ It’s an iconic piece as Herman Miller originally designed it for the executive floors of New York City’s Time-Life Building. 

It is over-generous in its sizing, tilts, and swivels for your comfort and has a height-adjustable seat with a thick, plush cushion for the bottom and back. With the bonus of some plushness on the armrests. They really did think of everything when designing this chair. But to top this design off, they have chosen leather for the upholstery. Completely making it ooze with sophistication, professionalism, and that ultra-lux scandi style.

Dimensions: 38.5″ H 26.5″ W 29.5″ D

Yoshiko Office Chair

If you are after a little more space-conscious chair, then this Yoshiko Office Chair is the one. 

Its excellent streamlined design is perfect for your office with its smooth, wooden, curved back piece that will let the feng shui move with ease around your creative office space.

It features a Swivel Seat of 360 Degrees with adjustable height. You’ll be comfy sitting in this, too, with its padded seat and back support made from faux leather. And to top it off, they added Chrome casters to finish.

Dimensions: 21″L x 20″W x 34″H


A bookcase is an essential design must-have. You need somewhere to hold all those files and folders so that it’s not only neat and tidy, but it is practical too. 

Kai Shelving Bookcase

The Kai Shelving Bookcase is just what you’re looking for. It will hold whatever you need it to hold, and it will do so in a stylish manner. You could obtain a few thousand Instagram followers with the perfect styling!

Jean Louis Iratzoki designed it. Who has brought a playful twist on the new trend of open shelving. 

The bookcase here is black and comes with 2 moveable oak dividers. (If you decide that you want the black and white version, the dividers will be walnut). It also arrives with a storage box. Great for hiding away those extra hard drives and memory sticks.

The finish has been completed on both sides of this bookshelf due to its exceptional quality. So you can use it as a room divider, or have it looking backward or forwards, or anything you like. 

Honestly, this design is so chic; it’s almost baffling how it can be so practical too.

Dimensions: 76.4″ H 46.06″ W 15.7″ D

The Divya 2 Door Cabinet

I wanted to show you a bookcase design that was low instead of tall, as you might just be running out of space for a tall one. You really don’t want any pieces of furniture to block the window.

Each cabinet door took ten days to finish. The artisans select and shape each bone by hand. The artisans are non-violent and strict vegetarians. The bone is humanely sourced from naturally deceased water buffalo that roam the streets and countryside of India.

So the Divya Cabinet is a prime example of a space solution. It’ll sit comfortably under the window with extra display options on top.

Traditional designs and genuine creativity have inspired the Divya, passed down from generation to generation. These contemporary handcrafted pieces include hand-drawn mosaic floral motifs reminiscent of the naturally exquisite jasmine seen growing among the palaces and lakes of Udaipur.

I loved the design on the front. It was calming and stylish and added the idea of some fun to a home office. Also, I loved that it had cabinet doors! It can hide away all those ugly folders with ease. It will look good on your Scandinavian offices design or Scandinavian interior design

Dimensions: 43″ W X 18″ D X 31.5″ H


To add some extra design flair, we need to add luxuries. This comes in the form of accessories to boost your environment, like Lamps and lighting, lighting is essential to creating a fantastic atmosphere.

Posters in natural home office

Beat Table Light

I suggest to you the Beat Table Light.

It comes fully assembled, so no frustration with instructions. It is made from cast iron and solid brass. Which will give your room a glowing, warm light.

Artisans inspired Tom Dixon’s design in Northern India by its sculptural simplicity.  

This lamp combines everything that you need in a lamp, plus it looks great with the Kai Bookcase!

Halogen 20W/T3/E12

Kellen Antique Brass Floor Lamp

This traditional floor lamp is made of solid iron and features a unique circular base.

A black cloth shade hangs from an adjustable arm that tilts and pivots to suit your favorite angle, complementing the base’s antiqued brass-plated finish.

I fell for this lamp hard. It is beautiful. I loved the shape and the fact that even though it’s a floor-standing lamp with a slight overhang, it doesn’t overtake the space, unlike others.

If you don’t want a lamp on the desk, taking up precious space, this lamp is a super chic, Japandi light source to add to the room. 


Why is Scandinavian design so good?

Scandinavian style design is timeless because it is simple, attractive, expertly produced, and made with natural materials that appeal to the human spirit on a fundamental level.

What defines Scandinavian design?

Scandinavian design is a design style characterized by simplicity, minimalism, and functionality that began in the early twentieth century and flourished in the 1950s in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland.

What is the difference between Scandinavian and Nordic design?

There is one significant difference between Nordic design, and that is the level of comfort. While many minimalist rooms can appear excessively stark or cold, Scandinavian homes are warm and inviting.