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Scandi Style Bathroom Spa – Easy tips & tricks

The Scandinavian bathroom is one that has a complete absence of clutter and everything has its place. Minimalist color schemes are used, often using black and white bathroom decor as a base.There are plenty of storage options in this style of bathroom because items need to be kept out of sight when not in use. Bathroom fittings such as taps, wet-room shower heads etc, need to complement the minimalist feel and look of a Scandinavian bathroom rather than detract from it.

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Scandinavian interior decorating is based on four simple design principles:

    1. Keep things simple: Sweeping changes are not necessary. The design principles are based on logical adjustments and a focus on simplicity.


    1. Minimalism: This is achieved through the use of light colors and basic shapes. Functional things such as appliances and bath fittings need to be kept out of sight when not in use or stored away in as simple a manner as possible.


    1. Nature: Combining nature with the home creates an atmosphere which is both relaxing and invigorating at the same time, effectively creating a peaceful oasis from everyday stresses. It might involve incorporating moss plants into the overall interior design scheme or using natural stone for counters, bathrooms etc., instead of concrete or other solid materials that can get damaged easily or look messy over time. A good example of Scandinavian interior decorating is the use of wood and plants in a bathroom design. The wood tone can be used for the flooring, white tile and wall covering to give a tree-house like feel to the room even though it is indoors. Distinctive wooden bathtubs, along with other natural stone pieces such as sinks made from granite are just some of many examples which will create an easy living space where everything feels harmonious.


  1. Organization: Everything must have its own place even if there is limited storage space available in Scandinavian bathrooms. Offices are also based on this principle because they do not want to clutter their desktops with items left lying around when they are no longer being used or needed.

Scandinavian Minimalist Design

The Scandinavian bathroom is one which is functional and does not detract from the overall interior design scheme of the house. The focus is on basic shapes and light colors which are both simple and pleasing to the eye at the same time to create a bright bathroom in this aesthetic bathroom style.

scandinavian bathroom
scandinavian bathroom

Scandinavian Design trends all over Europe

Examples of modern chic Scandinavian-Style bathroom design can be seen in many houses around Europe where minimalism has come into vogue, thanks to a lot of people embracing natural living spaces, especially because there are quite a few health benefits when these principles are applied successfully. Modern interiors also reflect how space should be used for optimum cultural performance: why have useless ornamental objects and furniture when they only clutter up or spoil the surroundings? Instead, focus on the essentials: a bathroom built from materials that can be easily maintained and which look more like natural wood than concrete.

Material choice for bathrooms with Nordic influences

The way that modern Scandinavian decorators have emphasized simplicity is reflected in the Scandinavian bathrooms they create. Wooden Floors are regularly used instead of tiled with matching wooden bathtubs, showers and cabinetry. White walls or neutral colored walls are usually used and there is not much use of complicated mosaic work; some artistic touches might be introduced over time but this does not happen initially because it is easy to get carried away when designing interior spaces. Neutral colors were chosen because it allows people to make their own choice about how they want to live in an environment instead of being dictated to by others. Natural Stone sinks are introduced to bring in grey colors and bold natural textures.

black and white bathroom decor

Nordic Bathroom tips

There are some rules when it comes to Scandinavian bathrooms but they primarily focus on making the design easy to maintain and simple in nature. The first step is deciding whether you want your bathroom to be completely airy or whether a little bit of privacy needs to be incorporated into the overall layout. If natural light is being allowed into the room then the  large window for it should have an unobstructed view in order for sunlight to contribute positively towards wellness. Dark elements can also be used in small quantities to provide balance to the bright neutral pallet.

Using Black elements as an accent color for bold bathroom decor additions lend to moody spaces.

Scandinavian bathroom designs

The other steps involve choosing materials that can easily blend with the surroundings such as wood, stone, ceramic tiles and fabrics; anything that has been designed using man made substances ends up looking artificial and does not go well within an all-natural environment. You also need to decide what kind of inner design you want to use, such as shelves or drawers, while keeping in mind that too many cabinets can ruin the aesthetic balance.

Contemporary Bathroom Design ideas

The last step is choosing a focal point for your Scandinavian bathroom and this usually involves installing plenty of mirrors; they not only reflect light but also create an illusion of spaciousness so it does not feel cramped inside. Mirrors are perfect if used correctly because they reflect natural light with natural touches and divert the eye towards them instead of letting it wander back into the room with distractions such as clothes left lying around on the floor. The result is a space which feels open and airy but at the same time relaxing without clutter getting in the way.

The neutral colors used when creating Scandinavian white bathroom should present little problem because you will be able to play with them using different textures and shapes. This is especially true if you are working on an open floor plan where the bathtub or shower has been installed in a space that does not have any walls attached to it; this way, you will be able to create your own little corner of paradise for rejuvenation purposes.

Scandinavian style bathroom designs are often quite minimalist and simple in terms of the design. They aim to provide a clean lines and sleek look, with their base colors such as white or cream, and the focus on featuring natural materials such as wood.

How to design and create your own Scandinavian spa-like bathroom


It’s time to escape into a luxurious spa without the effort of packing and travelling. The sok bath is perfect for partners looking to indulge in some long-awaited togetherness at home. A continuous flow of water cascading over the sides creates a private oasis where every inch of your skin can be softly scrubbed by abundant bubbles. Plus, effervescence ports release thousands of tiny champagne-like bubbles that gently caress your skin and aching muscles.

Soak away all your weekday worries as well as those pesky travel aches while warming up in this hydrotherapy haven.

Invigorating bubbles and a deep slope make this the perfect escape for anyone wanting to get serious as they savor. Filled with minimal light, nooks for snuggling, and an ultra-deep bath with a unique overflow channel for deep soak and unique infinity pool effect, It’s sure to dress up any bathroom retreat.


  • 13 effervescence ports deliver gentle, caressing bubbles.
  • Variable-speed pump for adjusting hydromassage intensity.
  • Built-in heater.
  • Remote control.
  • Overflow channel for deep soak and unique infinity pool effect.
  • Spacious design accommodates up to two bathers.
  • Center drain


  • Acrylic


  • Effervescence


  • Drop-in

The Veil freestanding bath with center toe-tap drain is the epitome of contemporary style.

The Veil Freestanding Bath is made from durable KOHLER Lithocast® material and features a rich, glossy finish that’s easy to clean and looks great for years to come.

Our KOHLER Lithocast® freestanding bath is made from high-quality material that will never be scratched by metal in your plumbing.

With a luxuriously deep bathing experience, supportive contours to cradle your body and rich hand-finished detail with character, you’ll never want to get out of this bathtub! Watch water roll off the glossy surface without leaving behind any residue.


  • Freestanding design creates a striking focal point in your bathing area.
  • 16″ soaking depth.
  • Integral lumbar support.
  • Slotted overflow allows for deep soaking.
  • Center toe-tap drain with KOHLER Lithocast cover.
  • Coordinates with other products in the Veil collection.


  • KOHLER Lithocast® Gloss cast resin


  • Freestanding


Honesty®10″ 2.5 gpm rainhead

The Honesty® rainhead is unsurpassed with its creative and innovative design, perfect for a variety of settings. The smooth square features bring modernity into your style with exceptional affordability and durability. Best part? It’s available in 3 designer finishes to compliment any decor. Strong but flexible, this ergonomic rainhead lasts the test of time while looking sleek and refined.

You’ll never have to worry about leaks or clogs again, thanks to the integrated aerator that provides you with precise temperature control during each showering session. This shower head will make you feel like you’re walking in an endless tropical thunderstorm.

Rainheads are a must-have contemporary bathroom accessory for creating a Scandinavian bathroom experience.

The KOHLER® Elate shower door showcases a sleek, minimalist design.

If you’re looking for quality, style, and affordable function, KOHLER’s Elate shower door has got your back. Its CleanCoat® glass treatment needs very little maintenance, while the oversized rollers mean easy sliding action that’s gentle.

This elegant but approachable shower door is available in a range of shapes- including framed- and sizes to suit any bathroom layout or need; as well as glass types like ClearGlide™ for maximum light transmission and privacy or ActuatorClear.

The low-maintenance CleanCoat™ glass treatment on the 600x1200mm, 800x1200mm or 1000x1600mm frameless design makes it perfect for new constructions and renovations. It also offers 3/8″ out-of-plumb adjustment on either side to accommodate any layout and can be installed as a left or right opening model. All of this is available in sizes ranging from 400x800mm to 1600×2601200 mm so that you will find your perfect fit within every budget and every bathroom.


  • Frameless design emphasizes glass and creates a sleek, minimalist look.
  • Vertical handle with inside knob on moving panel.
  • Gently-curved towel bar provides integrated storage on fixed panel.
  • Tempered glass ensures maximum safety and durability.
  • CleanCoat® technology creates a protective barrier that repels water, prevents dirt and minerals from collecting, and makes it easier to remove hard water spots.
  • Smooth, easy-to-clean wall jambs.
    Full-length moving panel seal provides excellent water containment.
  • Coordinates with other items in the Elate collection.


  • Frameless, heavy 5/16″ (8 mm) thick Crystal Clear tempered glass with privacy band.
  • Anodized aluminum prevents rust and corrosion.


  • Fits opening widths 44-1/4″ – 47-5/8″ (1124 mm –1210 mm).
  • Shower door is 75-1/2″ (1918 mm) tall, with a lofty 72-11/16″ (1846 mm) of walk-through height.
  • 3-3/8″ (86 mm) width adjustment.
  • Out-of-plumb adjustability simplifies installation.
  • Door can be installed to open to the left or right to suit your bathroom layout.
  • For residential use only.
  • Not for use in hospitality.


A standout among contemporary fixtures, the Simpalo exemplifies sleek sophistication. With a dimmable LED light system and minimalist style, this model will be an essential addition to your décor.

No home is too small or too large to make a statement with the sleek and sophisticated LED lighting of the Simpalo chandelier. With its affinity for contemporary style, this stylish fixture will effortlessly bring light and life into any room.

George Kovacs Lift Off Bathroom Vanity Light

This modern bathroom light is an accent piece that will make the place you go to get ready, look and feel like a spa.

The bright, clear illumination makes it easy for you apply your skincare routine, to comb out cowlicks, pluck perfectly shaped eyebrows or shave without nicking yourself in the process.

No more dim overhead lights barely illuminating your hairline before rushing off to work!

This vanity light is available in either a nickel or coal finish and includes 8 dust-free Etched White glass shades that come standard with lift off mounting rings and polished nickel arms so you can choose how.

George Kovacs Star Gate LED Pendant

The George Kovacs Star Gate LED Pendant is a design piece you can depend on for high quality and sleek, modern style. This fan-favorite fixture features a generous 1 1/8″ glass shade with clean finishes that perfectly showcase the efficient 13W LEDs. Its warm flattering white light will cast just enough natural yet vibrant illumination to create dramatic atmosphere in any room of your home, especially in your bathroom.

The Fresnel lens spreads an even weight of light over the circular surface area which throws up a shimmering starlight pattern when it’s installed with multiple fixtures.

The Geo Kovacs Star Gate LED Pendant has an unmistakable decorative charm that’s sure to captivate your family or guests.


Stadler Form Jasmine Aroma Diffuser

Sleek, sophisticated, and smooth. The Jasmine aroma diffuser looks like nothing you’ve ever seen before in a diffuser.

Both an act of creative expression for the eyes and a dose of well-being for your senses, Jasmine infuses every moment with a sense of elegance.

Designed by Fabian Zimmerli, creator of Versatile™ tableware, Stadler Form has once again created something new, innovative and fresh that will leave those awful boxy looking diffusers out on the curb while this sleek beauty sparkles into life on your bedside table or in your bathroom.

Bathroom Accessories

The Ferm Living Herman Laundry Stand provides a stylish way to dry your freshly laundered clothes.

This handy device provides a drying rack for wet, damp items that can then be hung from the walls or draped on the ground surrounding it. It’s also fun to use this functional piece as an accent piece in almost any room of your home!

You’ll love how simple and convenient this stand is for keeping your space orderly

– with one less thing that might just be hiding in the dark corner you never want guests to see…

A piece that is both functional and beautiful. The Climb ladder in Rattan rustles with a sound indicative of its natural, subtle material. With many different applications for any modern interior decoration space, the Cane-Line Climb Ladder comes in three colors: White, Black and Brown, all suitable to go in a Scandinavian style white bathroom.

The Lucas Bench was built to stay, and its timeless beauty is sure to make you fall in love. Combining unique reclaimed teak from old houses and fishing boats with a comfortable sitting surface, the Lucas Bench makes room for life’s finest qualities: durability, simplicity, and humility.

This understated piece offers a quaint seat that will blend seamlessly into your existing decor- but don’t be fooled by its simplistic charm; this bench packs some serious staying power.

Designed with high levels of natural oils naturally protecting against staining or wear and tear, the Lucas bench promises excellent longevity while housing enduring characteristics like water resistance making it the perfect addition to you Scandinavian bathroom remodel.
Indeed, every single detail about the construction of this lavish piece hints at one thing: it was made to last through decades.

The portable floor-length mirror, with its protective rubber rim detail, stays safely on the ground as it offers an incredible amount of space and increased visibility.
Part easel, part luggage rack for your clothes and accessories while you get dressed!
Super stylish and a welcome addition to any nordic bathroom designs, this practical space saving mirror is a must for your Scandinavian bathroom decor collection.

Looking seriously for style and function? The Sono Storage Canister Bathroom Set offered by Blomus will have you covered.
This complete luxurious set includes a soap pump, tumbler, and storage canister. Crafted out of ceramic, plastic, silicone it is both beautiful and easy to clean.

This decorative wall mirror doubles as a practical storage unit. The shelves are hidden on the back, maximizing its space-saving potential and in keeping with minimalist Scandinavian design.

With its large circular design, it effortlessly draws in light and opens up any space you put it in.


What is a Scandinavian style bathroom?

The Scandinavian-style bathroom is a timeless design that combines simplicity, functionality, and comfort. The space must be inviting and relaxing. It has to make you feel comfortable and offer all the comforts of modern living.

How do I get the Scandinavian look?

To achieve this style you have to master the basics which include sticking to neutral colors and white tile or wood flooring. Each country has its own unique touch but when it comes to design the main features are similar – simplicity, efficiency in space, elegant functionality, natural materials, minimal decorative elements.

What is a Scandi bathroom?

The term Scandi has become a buzzword to describe the modern Scandinavian style that is currently trendy. In fact, this name was coined by two British designers Thomas Sandell and Tord Boontje who toured Scandinavia taking pictures of these beautiful bathrooms. They coined the term Scandi since they wanted a moniker that would be understood internationally and by the furniture industry. The word Scandinavian was too broad and would include everything from Danish design to Swedish kitchens, whereas Scandi is more specific and refers to the simplicity of the Scandinavian bathroom.

Why is Scandinavian design so popular?

These bathrooms are simple and elegant which makes them appealing to a wide variety of people. If you have a spare space in your home that is not used for anything, why not give it some purpose by redesigning it into an intimate, inviting and beautiful small bathroom? Scaninavian design makes for a perfect small bathroom design as it calls for an efficient use of space.

What is the difference between Nordic and Scandinavian design?

Nordic design is often confused with Scandinavian and they are quite similar. However, Nordic has more rustic elements than clean lines which define classical Scandinavian bathrooms. Scandinavian features a modern touch while Nordic includes some traditional designs and decorative items.

What are the 5 Scandinavian countries?

Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, and Finland are the 5 countries that are often associated with Scandinavian design. These countries have had a long tradition when it comes to furniture and interior design. Their style is similar but each country has its own unique touch.