Scandi Toys

Scandi Baby & Toddler Toys To Fall In Love With

Are you looking for Scandi toys for kids? Or maybe you want to buy some baby toys for your newborn? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. We have compiled a list of top brands that offer high-quality products at affordable prices.

The Scandinavian countries are known for their design and innovation. They are also known for their love of nature and sustainability. In fact, they have been named the happiest country in the world. This has led to a thriving culture of creativity and entrepreneurship. Perfect for creating toys that bring joy!

I’ve been a fan of Scandi toys for years, and I love how they combine practicality with style. The designs are often simple but striking, and the quality is high. Plus, they’re usually plastic-free. 

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Natural Wood Toys

Baby wooden toys are perfect if you look for sustainability with traditional charm. Your baby will be having hours of fun with any wooden baby toy in the fantastic range below.

Little Dutch Baby Gym Ocean Mint

The Little Dutch baby gym natural is an essential baby toy. It’s a great way for your little one to play and learn at the same time! It has a solid light wood frame and 3 soft toys included in this set. It is all painted with child-friendly water-based paint in the colour of mint which makes it ungendered. Perfect for any little one.

Stacking Toy Teddy

The stacking toy bear is a classic must-have for all baby’s that boosts their understanding of shape, colour and size differentiation. With its bendable pole, this toy will also develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, which can be stacked up safely by tiny hands! The wooden rings are perfectly shaped, so kids have no problem grasping them. This version has a bendable stacking pole, so it’s super safe too.

Wooden Rattle Ring

Introducing the newest addition to your baby’s playroom! The Wooden Rattle Ring is made from natural FSC beech wood and uses safety certified MDF. It features a durable shaking mechanism so you can stimulate all five senses while encouraging fine motor skills. It’s designed so that it is easy for small hands.

Grey Wooden Baby Walker With Blocks

This Stoy baby walker will make taking their first steps easy and fun. With an adjustable handle, hard wearing rubber rim plus letters or numbers on the blocks for the added incentive – this is one toy that’s sure not going anywhere! The grey colour matches almost any nursery decor, so it’ll be right at home there too. A walker with blocks will help develop fine motor skills while your little one plays with their favourite toys inside. A perfect toddler toy!

Soft Toys

Every baby needs a soft, cuddly toy to hold when they are a little upset or want a snuggle buddy at bedtime. These soft toys are perfect for any age, so they can start making memories early on.

Little Dutch Cuddly Toy Little Goose

The cuddly Little Dutch large soft toy goose is the ideal gift for your child. He’s super-soft and huggable, with an independent sitting posture and will grow with them into toddlerhood! Plus, he makes a great decoration in any room of home or nursery.

Miffy Corduroy

Cute and adorable, this mega large white Corduroy Miffy is based on the classic story rabbit book character by Dick Bruna. The ribbed textured cotton makes her lovely to cuddle, but she also makes a fabulous shelf toy or statement piece in their bedroom! There are other sizes of Miffy available for you to choose from too.

Maileg Medium Panda Soft Toy

The Maileg Medium Panda Soft Toy is a perfect toy for any child’s playroom or nursery. Made from 100% recycled materials; linen. This panda will be loved by babies and children alike due to its adorable features. It includes beans inside, enabling him to sit up straight, perfect for when your little one is pouring his tea at the tea party!

Brown Florian the Fox Soft Toy

Brown Florian, the clever and adorable fox from Elodie’s line of soft toys. He can be your best friend or just sit on a shelf! With his 20 x 12 cm size, he’ll fit in any bag without feeling too heavy for you to carry around. Perfect when your all are going out on a family adventure together. Exploration (aka everyday chores) is easy with this little guy around! Plus, he’s machine washable if he gets dropped on the ground.

Bath Toys

Do you struggle with bath time? Well, not anymore! These toys will have your baby laughing throughout by splashing in the water and being surrounded by colour and play.

Cuddledry Baby Bath Toy & Teether – Cuddleduck

These adorable little ducks will delight your baby or toddler. It’s a perfect gift for any child who loves bath time, and this Cuddleduck is the best toy ever as it doesn’t have a hole in the bottom. Meaning no mould inside! 

The ducks in this design are so cute that they will delight any baby; a beautiful, colourful polka dot pattern makes for an interesting and vibrant image.

Octopus Bath Squirters

The Octopus Bath Squirters from Sunnylife are a great way for your baby or toddler to have some fun in the bath. The soft head and dangly tentacles make them feel like they are on an adventure at sea.

As this is a 2 pack, you can join in the play with the squirting feature, or siblings can play together in the bath.

Sailing Boat Penguin Bath Toy

The Plan Toys Sailing Boat Penguin Bath Toy is the perfect way to ensure bath time will always be fun! This environmentally friendly toy encourages hand-eye coordination and motor skills through play. On dry land or in water, this boat never fails its passengers’ needs for exploration while also providing hours of entertainment.

3-Pack Rose David Bath Toys

Want to entertain your kids while they soak in the tub? Look no further than Liewood’s Rose David Bath Toys! These adorable animal-shaped bath toys float in water and are made from natural rubber, so they’re free from BPA and phthalates. Plus, the hole-free design prevents the build-up of mould.

Scandi Kids Toys

Scandi kids toys have become extremely popular over the last decade. These toys are designed to appeal to young children between the ages of two and twelve. They are colourful, fun, and extremely educational by helping them develop key skills and problem-solving skills. Check out the wide range of toys listed below.

Imaginative Play

Kids absolutely love playtime and creating stories with their friends. So why not encourage that with the use of props? One day they might want to be a doctor solving dear Mr Rabbit flu symptoms to pretending to run a restaurant. The stories they could create are endless!

Doctors Case in White

Is there a doctor in the house? With this Doctor Case in White from Scandiborn, your little one can play doctor and help cure everyone’s ills. This fun set includes wooden instruments with a traditional feel, perfect for encouraging imagination and creativity. So stock up on Band-Aids and prepare for lots of pretend play!

Coffee Machine

Brew up a fresh cup of coffee with this Wooden Coffee Machine. This wooden machine is perfect for imaginative play and the full barista experience at home. With high-design cups and all the necessary coffee pods, milk cartons and sugar, your kid will love bringing you the brew of your choice.

Natural/White Wooden Play Kitchen

This stunning Scandi Style play kitchen is perfect for children who love to role play cooking food for their friends and family. The beautiful wooden construction is handmade and finished in a natural white, giving it a crisp and contemporary look. Plus, the pots and pans accessories are included, so your little one can start cooking up a storm right away! You can also purchase the fridge freezer to pair with the kitchenette for even more hours of fun.

Kids Concept Tool Box

With this toolbox for kids, everything is possible. The box is made of wood and has beautiful dovetail joints, making it extremely durable without the use of any screws. The toolbox contains toy nails and toy screws. There are threaded holes in the short side of the box where you can screw in your screws and fasten with nuts like a real carpenter. There are also holes that you can use for nails on the long side. Or why not build an exciting shape with the building plates? But what would the little builder want to build first?


These scandi games have been designed to appeal to the world market, and they have done so with great success. The range includes a wide variety of products, including board games, puzzles, role-playing games, card games, dice. You’ll definitely find something to play together on wet, rainy afternoons.

Penguin Rocker

Introducing the Penguin Rocker – a new balancing game from Janod that’s perfect for kids of all ages! This cool toy comes with an ice floe and 15 lively penguins, and the objective is to get them all on board. It’s a lot of fun to play by yourself or with a sibling or friend, and plus, it’s great for developing hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills. Plus, it looks amazing on display too!

Little Dutch Board Game – Game of the Goose

The Little Dutch Board Game – Game of the Goose is a classic board game perfect for all the family! Kids and grown-ups alike will love following Little Goose on his exciting adventure through the countryside. But watch out for the traps along the way! Roll the dice and be the first to reach the pond at number 63. This board game will stimulate your child’s concentration and sense of observation and is lots of fun too! The playboard is made of sturdy cardboard and includes two dice and 6 geese playing pieces.

Gary puzzle cube Safari/golden caramel multi mix

Gary is the best wooden puzzle cube around! He comes with 12 safari animals that are each a different colour and made of solid wood. This wooden activity cube is the perfect puzzle friend for ages 4 and up. He makes a great wooden shape sorter learning tool for counting, colours, and animal names.

Dodo Domino Set – Khaki Multi Mix

LIEWOOD’s Dodo Domino Set is the perfect way for your child to have hours of fun with you! These dominoes are made from silicone, giving them a great grip and safe for small fingers. The box even doubles as storage and organization, so you can keep everything together and tidy.


When you need 5 minutes to do the laundry or kids are bored during the half term, why not get them something to occupy them? Activity toys are great for sparking a new hobby like gardening or getting them to learn new skills, like riding a bike? You’ll find a huge range of activities below.

Trybike Steel 2 in 1 Balance Bike / Trike

The Trybike 2 in 1 Balance Bike is perfect for young children starting out on their walking and riding skills with its stylish design and adaptability. The tricycle mode offers lots of support and stability. In contrast, the bicycle mode introduces more challenges for children up to six years old. Plus, each bike comes with everything you need to make the transition, including a wicker basket for collecting treasures on their adventures.

Small Tote Bag with Tools

Introducing the Small Tote Bag with Tools is the perfect toy for kids for budding gardeners of all ages! This brightly coloured bag comes with a spade, trowel, rake, watering can and gardening gloves, making it the ultimate toolkit for anyone who loves getting their hands dirty. The kid-sized tools have smooth wooden handles, and the watering can has a top and side handle, making it easier to hold and pour from. Let your little one’s green fingers do all the work while you sit back and enjoy watching them grow!

Plum Play Discovery Mud Pie Kitchen

Garden toys for kids are a great way to remove them from screens, and The Plum Play Discovery Mud Pie Kitchen is the perfect way for your little one to get stuck in and enjoy the great outdoors. This eco kitchen is made from durable materials that can stand up to rain or shine, and it includes handy shelves to store all of your child’s goodies. With this toy, your child will learn about nature and have hours of fun playing in the mud.

Bowling Play Set

Introducing the Bowling Play Set by Stoy – the perfect way for your child to have hours of fun and develop essential skills simultaneously! This creative and engaging playset encourages imagination and social interaction while helping to improve coordination and motor skills. What’s included? 1 x ball, 6 x pins, and a whole lot of fun! Suitable for 3+ years and up, this set meets or exceeds all safety standards. So get ready to take your bowling game to the next level with the Bowling Play Set by Stoy.


How to clean baby toys?

In a large bowl, combine 10-15 drops of natural dish soap and hot water to wash baby toys by hand. Scrub the toys well with a clean microfiber cloth dipped in this solution. Each should be rinsed with hot water to remove any soapy residue. Allow them to air dry or wipe them clean with a clean towel.

How to declutter Kids toys?

You know your kid inside and out, and when it comes to cleaning the toys up, you’ll soon see a pattern of what toys are played with most and which ones have been in the toy box for months.
Now you could sift these out without your kids noticing, or you could talk to them about which toys they would like to send to other children if they are finished with them.

Where can I donate kids toys?

There are actually quite a few places to donate unwanted toys. Ask your child’s playschool, the library, children’s homes, hospitals and the charity shop.