Retro Interior design house and modern wooden chair

Retro Interior Design

Trends That Are Making a Comeback into the Interior Decorating World

Retro designs are an eclectic mix of old styles and new forms, or new forms with old materials and finishes. Any era can be tapped into here, from the 50s to the 70s. Retro designs embrace a kaleidoscope of contrasting features like color schemes, shapes, textures- it’s all about contrast!

You can see elements of retro design coming back into fashion in the clothes we wear and the music we listen to but retro design doesn’t have to stop at your outfit. Now more than ever it’s easier to bring retro interior design into your home.

With retro interior design, you’ll have access to endless possibilities that will make your home feel fresh and exciting again. You’re not limited by what’s on-trend right now – instead, you get to choose what feels good for you and fits the style of your home! And because there are so many different options and eras to choose from, there is something for everyone no matter the style preference in mind (wink, and retro design never goes out of style). 

Below we have highlighted our editors top 3 retro interior design ideas and trends that we have seen making a comeback.

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Home Design Ideas To Capture The Eye

Bold botanical and leaf-patterned wallpaper designs are coming back into fashion and the interior design world, but did they ever leave?

The iconic banana leaf wallpaper was designed specifically by artist Albert Stockdale who was a close friend of Lucile and Remy Chatain. The Chatains were a couple who had taken over famous Californian wall coverings and fabrics manufacturer, CW Stockwell. In 1941, Lucile and Remy took a trip to the Bahamas where they were blown away and inspired by the scale of the leaves that the idea for banana leaf wallpaper was born. This very design and wallpaper was such a hit that it was used to decorate the interiors of the Beverly Hills “pink palace” hotel and has been seen in fashion ever since.

Adaptations of the banana leaf wallpaper have been seen throughout the years with more botanical elements added but still, the iconic wallpaper will always remain the best of its kind.

An ageless interior design and fashion statement.

Floral & Botanical Wallpapers - The Ultimate Retro Interior

Wallpaper, you either love it or you hate it and while there are hundreds of thousands of designs and variations to choose from, we often find ourselves admiring retro interior designs. 

If you are looking to create a beautiful space in your home, wallpaper is an excellent way to lift your interior design style and add that retro flare to it. Floral & botanical wallpaper will make any room feel more romantic and inviting, and it’s perfect for creating a feature wall. 

Whether you’re looking for something bright or something dark, this collection from Graham & Brown covers your every desire. 

Brass fittings for your kitchen and bathroom interiors

Brass is pure class when it comes to interior design. It’s easy to work with, versatile and luxurious without breaking the bank. From taps, faucets to home accessories, we can’t get enough of this fabulous material for your retro interior design inspiration. 


Stainless steel and rose gold have both previously enjoyed the spotlight, but now it’s time for brass to take center stage once more! This gold-colored metal brings life and energy to a kitchen, bathroom, or even a living room or outdoor apartment when used for appliances, equipment, or accessories.

Kohler has a wide range of taps but I absolutely love the simple elegance of The Purist tap. Its understated style with its combination of architectural forms, illuminates the sensual design of the high gooseneck spout and high cross handles. This tap is easy to install with Leak-free Valves, providing you with the confidence of the longevity of use. It also supports laminar flow; the conservation of water and prevention of splashes.

Shower Trim Design Ideas

Splash a little retro interior design into your bathroom

An elegant shower trim style will go a long way with the new bronze color palette trend. Gold and copper-colored bronze taps, shower knobs, and handles are a great option to direct focus to your bathroom furnishings. And once again I’m promoting The Purist range at Kohler, with this Shower Trim.

Pairing the 2 products together will give your bathroom harmony, with the same sensual, architectural design. The minimalist shower valve trim is high quality with a water-saving shower head. And because it is paired with the RiteTemp pressure-balancing valve, you can know for sure that your shower will be nothing less than luxurious. 

Your shower will be complete with these picturesque and chic pieces. 

This trendy tapware is also a great opportunity for your home to stand out, and to put an end to the otherwise monochrome decoration.

Art Decor Design

The retro style statement of the century

The Lapierre Tiled Beveled Accent Mirror from Wayfair is a bold statement that is sure to impress your guests when placed above your sink in your art deco bathroom. Antique brass finished metal sheeting accents the sleek black mirror tiles adorning the outside. 

This mirror boasts a generous 1 1/4″ bevel on the inner ring, combining premium quality materials with a high style design.

Art Deco is a timeless design style from the 1920s and ’30s. You can see its inspiration everywhere in modern-day design. The style is made up using stylized and geometric forms to form sleek shapes and repeating patterns and can be characterized by the use of man-made materials. Dark colors are often used with flashes of gold and brass tones as highlights. 

Art deco oozes glamour and sophistication and if this is what vibe you are missing in your home, bringing in just one or two statement pieces like this stunning accent mirror can really do the trick. This mirror is bursting with undeniable retro fashion, but would also work in a more modern or minimal space. It’s versatile, chic and decadent. 

But snap this piece up quickly as there’s only 8 left and it’s on sale now with over 20% off.