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One of a Kind Christmas Gift Ideas from Etsy

At Pure House, we love a small business! We’ve promoted them since the start. We love that they are handmade, and every item is unique and made with love.

Plus, you can get the perfect birthday gift or holiday gift!

So do you want to give someone something special but don’t know where to start? Well, look no further! Etsy has hundreds of unique gifts that would make wonderful presents. From handmade cards to handcrafted jewelry to a personalized gift. You’ll find the perfect gift for everyone.

Here is our gift guide for some thoughtful gift ideas from Etsy.

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What is Etsy?

small business christmas gifts
Etsy Christmas
etsy gift ideas
etsy christmas gift ideas

Etsy is a global marketplace where independent artists, designers, and small businesses get discovered and sell their goods directly to customers.

This platform is absolutely brilliant for the Holiday Season! You’ll find home tree decor and holiday decor, wrapping paper, and gift cards, as well as some amazing gifts that are usually handmade and not just for humans! Our furry friend is catered for too.

So if you have the choosiest friend, want unusual gifts for kids, or want to give something with a touch of special this year, Etsy is a great place to start looking.


A throw is a blanket or rug made from wool or cotton. It is traditionally given at Christmas as a present for someone who has just moved into their own home. But they’re also extremely thoughtful as it is a present they will use a lot if they’re anything like me who love to snuggle up on the sofa in a blanket.

Chunky Knit Merino Wool Throw

This Chunky Knit Blanket in Dark Grey/ Charcoal is composed of incredibly silky merino. The hand-knit blanket is a beautiful Christmas Gift as it will keep the receiver warm this winter, and it’s super stylish. Snuggle up in it or drape it over any chair, bed, or sofa like a decorative touch.

Nordic Heart Wool Throw

A ‘cream-on-cream’ variant of the Heart Blanket is created by combining conventional and Aran motifs. Any house will benefit from a neutral palette and subtle charm.

The softest wool for the blanket comes from the broad Karoo area, which is home to wide-open spaces where sheep are free to wander, graze, and offer the finest wool for the blankets.

Wall Art

Wall art is a lovely idea for a Christmas gift. It’s a piece of home decor that will hang pride of place in their home, and every time they walk by it or catch a glimpse of it in their eye, they will remember you and when they opened it.

Ukiyo Art Print

A design inspired by nature excursions and the Japanese way of life. Ukiyo translates to “transient universe” or “floating world.” Being disengaged from the stresses of life and living in the moment.

All of the prints are based on hand-painted watercolor artwork.

Each print is a high-end fine art giclée print on 270gsm Fine Art Velvet Etching Paper. It is packaged in a biodegradable, environmentally friendly transparent sleeve. The recyclable protective packaging guarantees the artwork arrives undamaged.


Quote from the Artist – “Nature is an infinite source of inspiration and energy for me. The fascinating wealth of detail that I find in Nature is not comparable to anything. In the Nature Haiku series, I focus on these details, and I discover everywhere the inconspicuous beauty of the simple. The little things in which I see the special magic and poetry of Nature.”

How wonderful would it be to have a capture of that in the home!?


Sculptures are a wonderful gift, as when the Artist made them, they have a vision or an emotion when creating them. Giving someone a gift that is not only beautiful but emotional is priceless.

statue decor

Fall in love with this unusually shaped sculpture. With their lovely lines and designs, Nordic-style sculptures are a simple and clean way to add a touch of fresh, elegant, and soft-touch feeling to your home.

Porcelain white Knot

This is constructed of polymer clay, which makes it a lot smoother and precise in appearance. It’s also waterproof and robust, so it won’t shatter easily and will last a long time as house décor.

The Knot is completely handmade and can also come in black.


Candles are one of the go-to gift ideas for Christmas, as everyone loves a scented candle.

But you are after something different and unique! So check out these candles.

Soy wax arch candle

These are decorative candles that serve as a gentle reminder to look after your mind, body, and spirit. If they decide to light them, tell them to make sure they’re placed over a dish or tray to catch any leaking wax.

For the candles, they exclusively use vegan-friendly, high-quality organic wicks. Because these wicks feature structured cotton threads, they produce less smoke. It also aids in the smooth and gradual burning of candles.

Funny Aesthetic Candle

For the bestie with a cheeky side, these humorous candles are a great gift!

This peace sign and middle finger candles come in a beautiful box with acid-free white tissue paper, making them the ideal gift.

The Humble Tea Towel

small business christmas gifts

Now you may think that a tea towel for a Christmas gift sounds a little naff. But think about the recipient! What if they are an avid baker? Perhaps mum would like some new tea towels. (As you know, they only want practical gifts. Unless that’s just mine?)

Japanese Gongfu tea towels

These tea towels are made from such a beautiful cloth and come in various colors.

Use them every day, and they will get softer, and due to them being extremely high quality, they will also last for a long, long time.

Handwritten Recipe Tea Towel

Introducing e.b.home’s flour sack tea towel collection. These tea towels are the perfect accessory to give lovely flair to any kitchen with their neutral patterns!

Water-based inks are used to print the designs directly into the fabric, guaranteeing no textured vinyl peels or cracks over time.


Coffee Mugs, Sushi Plates, and Vases are all part of the ceramics family, and they are the most popular gifts to give, not just at Christmas.

And Etsy is a great place to shop for a mug that’s completely unique, a vase that can have an unusual design, or dinner plates that have a touch of quirky.

White Ceramic Mugs

Two white coffee cups with an ear-shaped handle in a set of two.

The mugs are created of speckled clay on the potter’s wheel, then glazed inside and out in the upper section. This is to give them a half-and-half appearance (bottom is natural clay unglazed).

Handmade stoneware Mug

By gifting this beautiful handmade coffee mug will aid your loved ones to drink their morning coffee in style!

A large iron speckle and textural decoration across the top and bottom of a wheel-thrown porcelain cup.

From the creator – “I make everything in my studio in the beautiful Peak District. My pieces are thrown on the wheel, trimmed, and fired to bisque in the kiln to 1000 degrees. I then glaze the pieces before firing them again to 1250 degrees.”

Handmade Ceramic Vase

This beautiful vase has taken inspiration from the Traditional Japanese Green Vintage Style.

The green tint of each vase will vary somewhat depending on where it was placed in the kiln when it was fired. A real one-of-a-kind, handmade Christmas present.

Handmade Minimalist Grey Ceramic Vase

This vase was created by hand using stoneware clay and traditional hand-building techniques. Only natural textured clay is utilized.

Sculptural works may vary somewhat due to the nature and one-of-a-kind character of the items, as each is unique with minor variations in shape.

Handmade bowl with chopsticks

These handcrafted bowls were produced without the use of a pottery wheel. As a result, they are all distinct and slightly different from one another. Their design, which includes a chopstick rest, is both attractive and enjoyable to use.

I prefer crafting imperfect ceramics to emphasize the fact that they are handmade.

You may use them to serve spaghetti, desserts, noodles or rice meals, salads, or ice cream at any time of day.

Ceramic Set of 4 Bowls, Speckled Serving Bowls

A lovely ceramic bowl set constructed of speckled stoneware and plated in a semi-matte white finish emphasizes the clay’s rustic texture.

In this porcelain handmade pottery dish, morning cereal, ice cream, dessert, or fruit salad will be presented nicely.

Gift Baskets

Etsy Christmas

If you are still completely stumped on what to get someone, then a gift basket is the lifesaver.

They can be filled with anything! So why not grab one from Etsy that is full of local or handmade products?

Clay Face Mask Gift Set

This eco-friendly vegan spa pamper kit would make a wonderful Christmas gift. Give your pals a well-deserved day of rest and pampering.

2 x 50g facial grains in burlap bags (about 20 face masks), 1 spa headband, a composting palm leaf bowl, a wooden spoon/scoop, and an application brush are included in the present package.

Personalized Christmas Winter Holiday Gift Box

Three winter teas are included in this package, and tea basics such as honey, honey dipper, tea infuser, and biscotti. Comes with your choice of candle and a personalized card.

This box is personalizable. So you can make sure that you give your loved ones products that are suited to them personally and their lifestyle.


What is the 5 gift rules for Christmas?

It starts with 4 gifts: something they desire, something they need, something to wear, and something to read.

The fifth is the true hero. It’s something they require or desire but are unaware of. It’s the X-Factor present that completely astounds them, shocks them, and completely fills a hole to the point of tears.