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How to Design a Nordic Living Room

Even the most beautiful things in life are frequently the most straightforward, as the clean aesthetic of Scandinavian interior design demonstrates.

The design concept is popping up worldwide, and it’s not hard to see why.

However, there is an art to making clean, minimal style feel warm and inviting without overdone. The idea is to incorporate a variety of textures and a muted color palette while adhering to the hygge philosophy of cosiness.

Suppose you are interested in Scandinavian interior design. Therefore, you are probably well aware that this type of Nordic décor is influenced by minimalism and practicality.

Scandi decor is characterized by furniture with a straightforward design and ornamental accessories that are also extremely practical. There is little room for frivolity in nordic design homes — everything is straightforward and has a specific purpose.

Do you want to create a Scandi-inspired calming atmosphere in your living room? Continue reading for our suggestions…

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Textures to Create a Hygge Vibe

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Scandinavians are recognized for keeping their living rooms as plain and uncluttered as possible. In addition, they have mastered the art of incorporating just the appropriate amount of roughness to keep things from getting too cold and clinical.

Embrace the use of wooden floors. This is the perfect choice for grounding your design and creating an inviting atmosphere, which the Danish refer to as ‘hygge’ (pronounced hue-guh).

What is Hygge?

The phrase does not have a direct translation, but it refers to a general feeling of contentment and cosiness.

To add an instant layer of warmth to your home, think thick knit blankets, sheepskin throw, soft pillows, and rugs strewn around your home’s interior.

Opt for Natural Shades

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If you want to achieve the simple Scandinavian design in your living space, go to nature for inspiration in terms of colour. Mother Nature never makes a mistake. Therefore following her lead is the most effective method to get a visually peaceful and harmonious impact.

Start with white or grey walls (to bring in natural light) and add a few decorative objects in a restrained palette of natural elements like dusty pink, ice blue tones, forest green, or darker shades like moss, mustard, or amber to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Bringing in house plants and fresh flowers as decorative accents from the outdoors will continue to bring the outside in.

Improve the Lighting

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Many homes are now opting for an open-plan living space to get the most use of natural light. This means that you can let light bounce all around your home as there are no walls to block the light in another zone.

But it is also because of the long, dark winters in Scandinavia. Scandinavian interiors are designed to be as light as possible. Huge windows (with contemporary blinds instead of heavy curtains) and white living room walls are helpful, but adding the correct artificial lighting is also essential to creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Pendant clusters provide gentle, multi-directional lighting; try group shades in tonal hues with wooden elements for a soft effect. An angled floor or table lamp can create a cosy reading area. In addition, an abundance of candles arranged in front of a standard fireplace creates a genuinely hygge living area.

Invest in Well-Made Modern Furniture

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Scandinavian living room furniture design is renowned for its clean, simple lines and ingenious craftsmanship. It is aesthetically beautiful and extremely functional. Not only does the landscape serve as inspiration for the color palettes, but it also serves as inspiration for the natural materials used and works exceptionally well in contemporary spaces.

Consider materials such as leather, wood, wool, and linen, which hold up well over time, if not improve in appearance.

Invest in the furniture you will regularly use, such as sofas, accent chairs, tables, sideboards, and rugs. What is the key to achieving Scandinavian Style success? Keep the pieces as minimal and streamlined as possible.


What is Nordic Inspired Living Room?

Scandinavian interior design is distinguished by its simplicity, neutral hues, natural materials, and simple lines, which combine to create a clean, modern, easily recognizable style. Style-wise, it is not a cookie-cutter approach. There is room for you to make decisions that will allow you to express your individuality.

How do you eat like a Scandinavian?

The Nordic diet is characterised by the consumption of vegetables (especially cabbage and root vegetables such as potatoes and carrots); fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel, and herring; and legumes (beans and peas).