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Nordic Interior Design – Never Go Out Of Style

Why Nordic design is unlikely to go out of style any time soon

There is a perception that Scandinavian design & Nordic design is all about simplicity and minimalist design. While this is mostly true, the Scandinavian people love natural wood and warm textiles, which have been passed down by their ancestors, who have lived with it in their homes since time immemorial.

Scandinavian interior design is also progressive – you might not note this when looking at traditional Norwegian interiors. Still, plenty of modern Scandinavians live in cozy log cabins or family houses where they’ve mixed old and new to create a home filled with personality.

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This article will explore some of these traits and highlight the best ways to incorporate them into your own space.

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What is Scandinavian Design?

Scandinavian design is a style of interior design that embodies Scandinavian values, and it has been popular for many decades. The first examples of this style date back as early as the 16th century, and since then, it has evolved to become something more modern.

It’s a curation of simple design ideas, such as mid-century modern pieces of furniture and possibly pops of color, but mainly white, that is brought together with lots of natural elements representing the Nordic country.

They Use a lot of Wood.

One unique aspect of Scandinavian design is the use of natural wood. Norway, in particular, has a long history with natural wood, which makes creating furniture easy because they can use their resources.

Another characteristic is that the living room is designed so that few walls divide up the Scandinavian spaces between rooms, which prevents them from feeling claustrophobic.

Scandinavians also like to use natural materials, such as wool and cotton, and often incorporate nature into their designs with a lot of glass.

Does it work with an Urban Style Living Space?

The urban style also plays a big part in Scandinavian Interior Design, with people’s living rooms being primarily used as an area for socializing and entertaining guests. This is why the living room is usually separated from other areas of the house using only doors.

Using all-natural materials can make interior design expensive, though many Scandinavian designers merge contemporary design with traditional styles to keep costs minimum.

For example, A living room design staple would be a wooden, mid-century modern design coffee table. A wooden coffee table adds balance and is functional. The Mid-Century Modern style of simple lines and wood elements is an excellent choice if you are looking for more contemporary spaces.

Scandinavia has a long history of Natural Wood.

Scandinavian countries consist of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. There are many similarities between the governments of Scandinavia.

All of them enjoy long summer days, snow in winter, and the beauty that comes with their large coastal regions. However, it is essential to remember that each of these countries has its own distinctive qualities.

For example, the Scandinavian design would not be complete without mentioning that Norway has a long history of natural wood.


Norway began developing its style nearly 100 years ago with the Functionalist movement. The Functionalist movement in Scandinavia was marked by the idea of “less is more” and minimalism.

The design is more about simplicity than it is about grandeur. It’s a lot of white-on-white and clean lines, e.g., white walls. The furniture is also kept to a minimum – think of the living room as an unobstructed space with nothing to take away from the natural light, instead of being partitioned into separate rooms for different functions.

This can be seen throughout Scandinavia, especially in Norway, where it has been used extensively in public buildings and private homes.

Difference between Scandinavian Interior Design and Norwegian Interiors

The Scandinavian interior design is very modern and mainly consists of natural wood. On the other hand, Norwegian interior design is more traditional and uses a lot of cozy accents in rich colors like blue, gold, or gray.

Scandinavian design is more about blending in with your surroundings rather than bringing attention to itself. Norwegian design can be pretty bold and stand out from its surroundings.

Norway also has a reputation for being progressive as its design has evolved into more futuristic.

What is a Nordic Look?

Nordic interiors have many colors mixed with wooden elements, such as light wood, making them romantic and cozy. You can incorporate this style into your home by incorporating one or more of the following:

The sofa should be included in your design and should be placed low for maximum comfort, which means that it will face the TV to create a cozy living room. The wall design will consist of Scandinavian prints, abstract paintings, and sometimes leather strips used as wall decorations.

Designer items are not a must to make this style work for you. You can find Nordic design furniture in many major department stores and online trends that are affordable to give your home a Scandinavian look for less.

As stated earlier, wood is an essential material in Scandinavian designs; therefore, pay special attention to your choice of wood if you’re going to use it in your home. Try to include as much wood as you can in the walls, floors, ceilings, and trimming to achieve a unique Scandinavian look that will give your home character.

If you are planning on using Scandi design for your entire house interior, then here are some other ideas of what you can do with your space:

How to add some Classic Norwegian Style to your Home

The best way to add this timeless style to your home is to incorporate wooden furniture

The simplest way to add Nordic living style to your home decor is to choose furniture pieces made from natural wood like oak, bamboo, or hemp rope. Scandinavian living rooms are simple, sophisticated, and understated.

This does not mean that they have to lack personality or style. You can add a unique touch by getting a pop of color from accent pieces like cushions made with light fabrics like linen or cotton to compliment the neutral color palette used throughout the interior design of your home.

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Decorative accents like handmade bowls and sculptures or even pieces of driftwood found from your beach travels are perfect for creating a timeless design as your home is full of memories.

What Colors are Scandinavian Decor Colors?

The palette for Scandinavian interior design style is starkly different from that of other designs. Traditional colors are faded greens, blues, and beige. Scandinavian interior design hues are natural and organic, which helps the home radiate with comfort.

One of the Scandinavian homes most iconic color combinations are a simple grey, white, and black scheme. These colors are very neutral, so they can be used well to compliment any other piece of furniture or art from another culture.

A lot of the Scandinavian design items have a rustic feel, making your home feel more inviting.

For example, spread out some rugs across an uneven floor and bring in some natural elements, such as plants or flowers,that will help to brighten up the space.

Adding a fireplace or a stove is one of the best ways to achieve that warming feeling to your home.

The roaring fire not only makes a room warm, but the glow from the fire will add a warm light to your room. Instantly giving you cozy vibes.

To make the room extra hygge, grab some fur throws and light candles!

For a sleek, modern finish, try combining different types of wood in your Scandinavian living room design.

For example, you could have a solid oak table with matching shelves and stools made from dark hardwood that complements the overall look and feel.

Remember that Scandi design is all about simplicity and practicality too. So sleek edges do play a part. Making it a perfect design for modern homes.


What is Modern Nordic style?

Modern Nordic style is defined by clean lines, practical furnishings, and a neutral palette. Similar to Scandinavian style.

What is the term for the Stark Nordic Design?

Stark simply means no clutter. Achieve this with clean lines and fresh surroundings.

What is Scandinavian Design?

Clean, primary lines, minimalism, and functionality without sacrificing beauty are hallmarks of Scandinavian design. It rose to prominence in the 1950s, around the same time as the modern design style was gaining traction in the United States and Europe. Its absence of clutter is one of the things that makes it so appealing.