Cheap Halloween Decorations

Neutral Halloween Decor Treats You Need To Buy!

Halloween is almost here, which means it’s time to dust off those decorations, buy new, or perhaps prepare your home for a halloween party.

Part of the appeal of Halloween is that it is all about fun: plenty of the best Halloween sweets, lots of frivolity and Halloween jokes, and lots of wonderful decorations for your home and garden!

You can always wow your neighbors by having the most haunted house in the neighborhood. And this Halloween, go all out!

We’ve included ideas for inside your home, but most can be used outside too. 

Decorate your porch with spooky Halloween wreaths, witch brooms on the door, or gigantic spiders to impress your party attendees and the trick or treaters.

If you don’t want to take on the work alone, enlist the help of your young ghouls and goblins in decorating! There are many simple Halloween chores for kids, so be ready to be the ghostess with the mostess this year by decorating your home with one or more of these Halloween party supplies.

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Top 3 Halloween Decor Items

Neutral Halloween Home Decor!

Indoor Halloween Decorations

We may all not be having a party this year for Halloween, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t put up the odd spooky decoration and watch some scary movies. Here are some of my favourite decoration ideas for Halloween 2021.

These ghost plates are super cute and yet super stylish! I love the look of the cracked black pepper in the ceramic. 

I love that these 2 plates could sit on your coffee table holding all your bits and pieces or some Halloween candy or cakes.

A trio of flocked pumpkins is the ideal accent to any fall and Halloween décor.

The textured pumpkins are available in rust, pumpkin spice, and moss green and will look great on mantles and tables throughout the house.

Tis The Season To Be Spooky is a humorous twist on the traditional Tis The Season To Be Jolly. Perfect for all of our October 31st enthusiasts.

I’m sure you’ll be tempted to keep this up during the Christmas season as well!

This Boo print doormat is the ideal Halloween decoration for your front entrance!

This doormat may be used both indoors and in a protected outdoor setting.

The rich printing was hand sprayed, with black spray paint, onto a high-quality tufted coconut fiber mat using professional exterior paints designed to be long-lasting and adhere to the material.

These candles will make a creepy touch to your home. They’re as close to the real thing as you can get, combining hand-poured real wax and revolutionary technology to exactly imitate the appearance of a real flame!

At 15cm, 12.5cm, and 10cm in height, this trio is both attractive and safe since the LED lights remain cold. Simply insert the batteries (not supplied), and you’re good to go! You may expect up to 600 hours of ambiance before the batteries need to be replaced.

With these small pumpkin string lights, you can add a trendy fall atmosphere to your house. Each of the ten pumpkins has an antique white finish and two warm white LEDs inside for a cozy light. 

Each pumpkin measures 6cm in diameter and is equally spaced along 2.3m of wire for additional charm!

This pillowcase is 100% linen and 100% beautiful! Place this cushion anywhere in your home for an instant touch of fall. 

I love this cushion as it has a subtle touch of Halloween.

Taking Instagram by storm, these paper bats are the most sought-after Halloween decoration this year!

I just had my delivery of them yesterday, and they’re fantastic! I can’t wait to put them up and have them flying across the chimney breast.

If you don’t fancy bats and want something softer, these Butterflies/Moths would look just as beautiful. 

Just like Lauren Conrad has

A great idea to subtly spook up your home is to switch out your coffee table books. Think of scary novels like Frankenstein and Dracula for that instant slice of freight.

We could all choose a witch wreath, but that would mean having a few weeks of the fall wreath and a week of the Halloween wreath. Which, to me, is silly.

I love this wreath as you can use it as soon as autumn starts to appear. The cute little pumpkins look beautiful next to the maple leaves. 

This Scandi Halloween Garland is an elegant way to decorate for Halloween. Hang above the fireplace, on the wall behind your sofa or dining table.

Halloween decals are ideal for adorning your pumpkins this year and making your festivities that much more memorable! Plus, painting them white and adding a sticker is far less hassle than carving a pumpkin. It is also a great crafty DIY activity for your kids to do.

Halloween Table Decor

If you’re having a dinner party to celebrate this Halloween, you will want to create the most spooktacular tablescape for your party guests. Remember to have dim lights, so fairy lights and candles might be ideal for creating the perfect ambiance.

Wow, your dinner guests with a Menu! It’s the ultimate luxury for a dinner party and even more extravagant for Halloween.

These Halloween place name sets are ideal for a frightening dinner party and can also be used as party favors that your guests can take home and cherish. Choose from a white ghost, a black bat, a white pumpkin, and a black gravestone. All are strung with black and white twine and may be wrapped around napkins or hung.

Add a rustic flair with material texture, like a witches cauldron, with these candlesticks. I think these will be perfect for your tablescape. Pop in any color candle you want with too!

These Cheers Witches Glass has a scary message and is perfect for Halloween gatherings! It matches the party theme wonderfully and provides a fun way to serve drinks and refreshments!

I love the thought of these witch hats draped across the length of the table! It’s important to decorate the space around you as well as what is in front of you. 

This is a great idea to use instead of a black balloon hung to the chair’s back. I’d still get spooky balloons to dot about the room, though!


Use your old wine bottles to hold your candles if you don’t want to purchase new candlesticks.

You can use black paint to change the color of the bottles and black paper to create potion labels.

These can look super spooky with wax dripping down them. And it’s a great cheap Halloween decoration!

Haunted House Party!

Halloween Decorations

Now let us talk about all things PARTY DECORATION. We need paper cups and straws, paper plates, garlands, and banners. As well as food and Special Cakes.

These straws are so flipping cool that you just must have them! Super stylish and ultra matt black, these paper straws are going to look fabulous in that spooky drink.

Cover a doorway to use as a curtain or to make a backdrop for selfie moments. The bat curtain is definitely a put-in-the-basket item.

Display sweet treats in style with the coffin-shaped donut stand. I 100% believe that this will impress your party guests.

Although they are for the wall, pop these spiders crawling up any surface in your home. What about crawling up the sink in the bathroom?

Have your guests turn up to your home and make them walk through a balloon arch. This will instantly get them in the mood for a fun party!

Decorate anywhere in your home or on your lawn with some fake spiders and web. 

Plastic spiders can be used anywhere. Hot glue gun them to cups, your Halloween costume, or simply place them on the table. There is no limit on what you can do with a couple of faux spiders.

Or what about getting a giant spider to really scare your guests as they approach your house?

Food & Drink

Now let us talk about what we can do to spruce up the food & drink to make it all Halloween-y.

Take a look at these Food & Cake Ideas from Pinterest

If you want to make your own cakes with the kids or you’re a natural baker, then you’ll need some cake decorations and biscuit cutters!

This incredibly charming collection of four small cake toppers in the shape of scary spiderwebs, along with a spider or two, will add a sinister touch to your Halloween celebrations! Make a scenario on a bigger cake or use it alone with cupcakes for a unique, creative, and elegant Halloween appearance. Perhaps you pair it with a little black spider on the side of the cupcake?

Each topper is designed with a spike to allow you to effortlessly slide the cake topper onto the top of the cake.

Before and after usage, just clean with soapy water.

This metal Halloween cutter set features 18 ghoulish patterns, providing you with everything you need to make terrifyingly delectable goodies!

This collection contains a witch’s hat, a pumpkin, a tombstone, a cauldron, vampire fangs, a cat, a ghost, a bone, and various other eerie forms.

It’s also great for cutting out sugar paste forms, like black fondant, for bigger cake projects, allowing you to make an eye-catching centerpiece for any Halloween party or get-together.

The topper has the words ‘Trick or Treat’ in a colorful, frightening typeface, as well as a scary carved pumpkin – the perfect topper for any Halloween cake and gigantic cupcakes, and it also makes a fantastic souvenir to remember the event.

As the perfect finishing touch, eyeball sprinkles maybe your greatest ally at any Halloween event. They may be used with any type of party food. Why not put a couple of them on other food platters?


When is Halloween?

Halloween day falls on 31st October.

When Should Halloween decorations be put up?

The first two weeks of October are the most popular times to start decorating for Halloween. You may, however, start putting up hairy spiders and other decorations as early as late September.

Who invented Halloween?

The origins of Halloween may be traced back to the ancient Celtic celebration of Samhain (pronounced sow-in).