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Most Stunning Christmas Wreaths & Garlands

Christmas garlands and a simple wreath are lovely ways to add a festive touch to your home. Various designs with lovely fake flowers, greenery, and glittering lights are frequently available, and they may really enable you to bring your holiday decorating together.

No matter what your decorating styles are, this article will help you find your perfect holiday style garland and wreaths decoration to get your home into the holiday spirit!

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Where to use a Gorgeous Garland?

stair garland

There are many ways to use lush garlands around the home during Christmas time. Some examples include using a faux garland on your stairs for a cozy and warm feeling or purchasing a pre-lit garland with white lights so that it creates an even more magical atmosphere throughout your entire house!

There’s also something special about laying stringed strands across fireplace mantels. Faux greenery with perhaps little white berries or fairy lights is the perfect holiday decor to accompany your existing design while making it extra cozy for when friends and family are over this festive season.

Or what about the new trend that is a garland made from little baubles? If faux green leaves are not for you, you should look at these designs too.

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Our Favorite Garlands

christmas garland for stairs

Whether you’re looking for a Christmas garland for your stairs or a Christmas garland for your mantle, I am positive you’ll love the collection below!

Succulent & Eucalyptus Garland

The subtle elegance of this botanical garland, which is full and rich with succulents nestled amongst eucalyptus, will highlight your Christmas décor and create a tranquil, balanced look.

faux gold magnolia garland

This Artificial Gold Magnolia Garland is constructed with lifelike blooms and lush faux foliage and finished in a beautiful metallic finish, giving conventional holiday décor pieces an enhanced appeal.

faux golden mix garland

This Imitation Golden Mix Garland, made of genuine faux eucalyptus gold leaves and magnolia boughs with clusters of faux pinecones, adds festive appeal to doors, walls, and banisters.

Ultimate garland

This gorgeous, fashionable garland will make your home look like it has come straight out of the pages of a luxury magazine. It is woven with luxurious materials and can wrap around doorways, staircases, mantle pieces, or anywhere you decide to create some festive cheer. Its easy-to-use length means that no matter what size your home may be, there’ll always be room for this stylish Christmas decoration!

White Eucalyptus Garland

With its diverse coloring, this lovely 1.8m battery-operated illuminated garland will go with a variety of house decors. These lights will provide a luxury sense to your house with their white imitation eucalyptus flower design and 20 LEDs.

Tula Garland

These charming garlands are made of superbly handmade metal leaves and berries, delicately placed around a brass wireframe, and are rustically lovely.

What is a Holiday Wreath?

A holiday wreath is a decorative arrangement made from evergreen branches, greenery, flowers, ribbons, and other seasonal decorations. It was originally a Christmas tradition dating back hundreds of years. Today, however, holiday wreaths can be found at any time of year, and they are often sold at local stores and craft fairs during the holidays.

We don’t just get ordinary wreaths of natural elements like lush greenery and holly leaves with a sprinkle of pine cone accents anymore. We can get one made out of pom-poms for that pop of color if you love to be more bold and colorful with your holiday decorations.

Where to use a Festive Wreath?

The best place to use a holiday wreath is your beautiful front door for the holiday season.

Wreaths are traditionally placed on doors during the Christmas season to welcome visitors. They add a personal touch that symbolizes the holiday cheer with peace and goodwill toward others. Plus, they do make our porches look stunning.

But you could, for a modern design, have the wreath inside your home. Why not try hanging a berry wreath above the fireplace mantle?

Now you can make your own wreaths, with many florists offering courses and classes to make your own, but there are some beautiful wreaths from the high street this year – so why not make life easier and grab one online?

christmas garland for stairs

Our Favorite Christmas Wreaths

stair garland

Whether you’re looking for a christmas wreath for your front door or a christmas wreath for indoors, you’ll love and find the perfect wreath from the collection featured.

Gypsophila Lit Wreath

The Gypsophila Lit Wreath features a basic, circular design, a total of 15 steady warm white micro LED lights, and is covered with small white imitation flowers with a glitter finish. Making it ideal for hanging on your front door to set the ambiance for a fun and festive season.

Mistletoe Wreath

With delicate stalks, characterful small berries, and realistic detail, this lovely mistletoe wreath may have been foraged and prepared for the season.

A lovely way to welcome your guests into your house every year from the start of the holidays to New Year’s Eve, without having to worry about it drying out.

Light Up Honesty Wreath

With this lovely Light Up Honesty Wreath, you may create a peaceful atmosphere in your house this holiday season. This piece, which is covered with white petal-like artificial leaves and contains LED bulbs hidden inside its leaves, seems fairies are snuggled there when illuminated.

winter’s bloom metal wreath

The Winter’s Bloom Metal Wreath has handcrafted blooms with a brass finish. This Christmas centerpiece, a weathered patina, is a contemporary and rustic addition to any festive display.

Feather-embellished Christmas wreath

Let this feather-embellished Christmas wreath set your home alight with festive style. The luxurious faux-snow-inspired centerpiece is adorned with feathers providing soft fluffy textures.

Pussy Willow Wreath

When hung on doors and walls around the house, the pussy willow wreath appears wonderfully lifelike and elegant. For a pleasantly toned natural feel, each branch is hand-painted and finished with speckles of soft-textured white buds, much like the real thing. It’s a simple upgrade for any house, hand-woven and fashioned like a classic wreath. This is a great pick for all seasons.


What is a Christmas wreath called?

It’s generally known as the Christmas wreath, but it’s also known as a Christmas crown or an advent crown. A Christmas wreath provides tremendous aesthetic appeal when hanging on a door by creating a warm and festive vibe.

When should you hang Christmas wreaths?

In a study, it was found that most people put their door wreaths up on December 1st. For the remainder, it appears that time varies depending on when the main decorations are put up, with most people reporting that their door wreath is up approximately two weeks before Christmas Day.