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Modern Crystal Wine Glasses Buying Guide


It’s a question that’s been around for a long time. Is it better to choose Crystal Wine Glasses or Glass Wine Glasses? Everyone has an opinion about it. And it all relies on your specific requirements.

Fundamentally, Crystal outperforms Glass. I thought I wouldn’t ever have to purchase Crystal Wine Glasses, as I couldn’t see why there was an extra expense. But after falling in love with some wine glasses, around Christmas time, and sneakily treating myself, that happened to be crystal glass. I will never go back to standard glass. 

Not only are my new wine glasses excellent to drink from due to the thin rim on the glass. The sparkle that came from them from the Christmas tree lights, bouncing from one glass to the next, just gave the Christmas dinner table a warm Christmassy feel. And you know what? The wine did taste better!

The instant thought of Crystal Wine glasses is that they look pretty all fashioned. Well, they don’t look like that now! There are some fantastic modern glasses out there, and I’m going to show you and walk you through the best ones and why you would be missing out on not having Crystal Wine glasses in your life.

Champagne pouring into glasses and Christmas decorations

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After figuring out that Crystal glasses are the only type of wine glass I’m purchasing, I went on a hunt to find the best.

A lot of Crystal glasses were really traditional looking. And as much as I liked them, as they reminded me of Gran’s house, they just didn’t go with my decor. I was looking for something a little more modern, and simple. A little more Japandi.

Here is what I found. 



Gabriel Glas Set of 6

I fell in LOVE with the Gabriel Glas Set of 6. Firstly there are 6 of them. In most listings, there was only a choice of a maximum of 4. But that’s no good if you have all the girls over. 

The box that they arrive in is an elegant matt black. So this company knows how to promote packaging. But it also means that this would make a perfect gift!  

Okay back to the glasses. They hold 8 ounces and are dishwasher safe! BONUS. 

The stem on the wine glass is thin and leads to a beautiful-shaped 66mm bowl, a thin line of crystal glass perfect for any kind of wine. Which is excellent, you don’t have to buy lots of different glasses. 



The design of the bowl was produced to allow the wine to flow freely onto the palette for a more focused direction, rather than a guzzled mouthful. This isn’t bad to do, it’s just this style of the bowl gives a balance between the acidity and the sweetness even from the most delicate of wines. 

I also thought the price for the 6 was a great option if you are looking for the best affordable wine glass, especially as they’re good all-purpose wine glasses.

Belgravia Red Wine Glasses

I found the Belgravia Red Wine Glasses I was drawn to them as they have a little touch of the traditional wine glass element. They also reminded me of what my father has, but his are just glass. So I thought that these might make a good gift for father’s day, Christmas or his birthday. Or just for your everyday option.

They’re made from High-quality crystals with a modest stem, which is great if you have trouble storing tall glasses in the kitchen cabinet. 

I also loved the bottom of the bowl. It’s pretty wide, which allows the wine to gain more oxygen. When Red Wine is left to breathe before you drink it, it has a different taste. It’ll be truer to the grape and ultimately a moreish drink. So if you like to swivel the glass to see the wine leave a silky residue around the elegant bowl shape, these are the glasses for you!


I came across the Waterford Tonn Crystal Wine Glasses. 

I just thought that they were beautiful. I loved the shape of the design as it reminded me of leaves. And who doesn’t love the notion of drinking wine in the garden surrounded by greenery!

The glasses are perfect for any wine drinker. White wine, Red Wine, or Rosé. All will be an exceptional glass of wine from this beautiful glassware.

They come in a set of 2, so you will have to purchase a couple more if you want a set of 6. 

They can hold  350 ml and have a height of 24.4cm. Making them quite a tall wine glass which is exactly what we want! And they are not suitable for the dishwasher, which tells us that they are the real deal, proper crystal. 

Waterford has a whole range to match these exquisite wine glasses for your wine enjoyment. Have a look and get the set!

JoyJolt Black Swan Red Wine Glasses

The Black Swan Series by JoyJolt is made of high-quality crystal artisan glass. It is ideal for any event because of its immaculate design of grace and elegance.

I instantly fell for the sleek design or the stem and the bowl size. That features the very popular colored glass. Colored glass is great for preventing discoloration, as the lead-free glasses do prefer to be hand washed but they can go in the dishwasher. Making these an excellent option for the wine drinker who hates doing the washing up.

These excellent quality glasses come in a lovely gift box, which will make the perfect present.

Black Swan is a collection, so there are plenty of other options to choose from such as White Wine Glasses, tumblers, and Champagne Glasses.

Dimensions – 4″ L x 4″ W x 10″ H – 26.8oz x2

Stemless Wine Glasses

Chalone Stemless Wine Glass

If you don’t have enough space in your cupboard or are wary of knocking over stemmed wine glasses, stemless wine glasses are a terrific option and probably why they are trendy at the moment.

The Chalone Stemless Wine Glasses are of beautiful and excellent quality. They will complement your dinnerware effortlessly, even without the traditional stem.

The glassware is made in Germany and features Tritan® crystal, made from natural minerals and devoid of lead and other heavy metals.

Each scratch- and chip-resistant glass is meticulously designed for unsurpassed brilliance and durability. In addition, the glasses are properly tempered to avoid breaking.

Dimensions: 3.75″ W X 3.75″ D X 5″ H


Karen MacNeil Flavor First White Wine Glasses

I really liked the Karen MacNeil Flavor First White Wine Glasses. It’s a mixed set of 6 glasses, 2 of each. I thought that this was a great idea! If you are a wine connoisseur, or you just want to be, then you can taste the difference for yourself about what shape of wine glass suits the wine. 

The set includes 2 Crisp & Fresh Wine Glasses, 2 Bold & Powerful Wine Glasses, and 2 Creamy and Silky Wine Glasses. Made from high-quality lead-free crystal and they all feature a wide foot to create excellent balance and stability. Making swirling and the enjoyment of the glass safer.  And all the glasses have an etching on the name of the glass. Just in case you forget. 

It does say that they can go in the dishwasher, which is handy if you thought that you’d rather not have to hand wash them. But there are a few instructions as to how you place them and to what temperature, which can all be found on the listing. 

You can tell that Karen MacNeil is an avid wine lover as she has poured her heart into stating all the benefits of these glasses. 



The biggest difference between Glass and Crystal is that Crystal contains around 2-30% minerals. Why is this important? Because the minerals make the crystal glasses stronger and more durable.

Crystal wine glasses can be spun really thin to make intricate, beautiful patterns and shapes while maintaining their strength and durability.


Crystal can be expensive, but not so much anymore. Which is great because we can get all the benefits of having Crystal for slightly cheaper.

Crystal glass was so expensive because of the materials used and the amount of effort and craftsmanship that went into making such beautiful, high-quality glassware.

Remember, you’re paying only ever so slightly more for a whole range of benefits.

Let’s make a list.

  • Its stronger and more durable than standard glass
  • It can be shaped into delicate and beautiful patterns
  • It gives a feeling of elegance and class
  • It can be spun to be super thin yet super strong
  • It adds the wow factor to your table setting 
  • It has more brilliance and clarity than standard glass so it catches candle lighting, etc.
  • Most modern crystal is now dishwasher safe.
  • They look stunning!

When you purchase this sort of wine glass you are purchasing a new lifestyle. A new experience for you. Exposing yourself to new surroundings and taste things like never before!


Imagine this. You’re sitting at home after a long day of work, and you just want to put your feet up and have a lovely cold glass of chardonnay and relax. Perhaps in the tub?

Now, look at that glass you’re drinking from. How does that glass look? Is it heavy? Does it feel quite clunky in your hand?

After taking a sip from the glass, have you realized that this wine doesn’t taste as good as it did before?

All these are factors of a cheap glass. It’s not super luxurious and the candlelight that surrounds you in the tub makes the glass look cloudy and dull. 

Drinking wine from a high-end glass will completely lift your spirits. It can make you feel special, beautiful, and classy. Giving you that boost of confidence to achieve the impossible tomorrow. And your favorite wine will taste as good as it has ever been due to the thin rim on the glass and the swirl you’ll be able to perform with the glass. 

Take another situation. You’re having a dinner party. You have all your friends coming and you’ve spent hours cooking the most delicious meal for them. But you’ve forgotten to buy wine! So in a panic, you go to the local corner shop, grab the best-looking wine bottles on the shelf, and pray that it tastes good.

Well that won’t even matter. Your guests will feel completely spoiled just drinking from your dazzling wine glasses that they won’t even notice what they’re drinking. (Plus that corner shop wine will also taste the best it has ever tasted from Crystal Glass.) You’ll be receiving compliments all night long.