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I spent 10 years working in tattoo and piercing studios, and worked my way up to finally being able to open a studio of my own. When Covid struck in 2020 I had to make the difficult decision to close my studio, like many people had to last year due to complicated circumstances. 

I saw this as an opportunity to adapt to the changing world and decided to support my partner in her new business which she started during the pandemic. 

This opened me up to a world I always wanted to explore further, the world of interior design. 

My first real taste of renovation came with my studio. The space I had to work with was small, rundown and lime green, and not just a little lime green, almost everything was lime green! 

I had a small budget, very little knowledge but a HUGE pinterest board and a fantastic network of family and friends (and youtube) to help me. 

The space I created had to be perfect for what I needed as a piercing studio concerning hygiene and regulations, but as a highly brand driven creative person, I couldn’t let function completely over rule style. 

My studio was lucky enough to be situated within a gorgeous Victorian building with high ceilings. I took full advantage of this extra height, creating a deep and what seemed like an endless black hole using matte black paint to create a sumptuous black ceiling which came down into the walls just past the ceiling dado rail. The walls were a shocking white and met more deep black in the furnishings. 

I also tried my hand at upcycling a large old french style filigree mirror which started out in  dark cream, and transformed into a glossy, gothic, baronial black (nobody warned me as to how difficult it is to hand paint gloss into filigree!)  

A white marble countertop cut through the matte black cupboards and furnishings, and matching white marble cupboard door handles…  Needless to say, it was a minimalist monochrome dream and brought many new customers to my door, just to have a look at the decor. 

I still feel incredibly sad to have had to leave that space of mine, that mark that I made of my own, but I love the quote from ‘Eat Pray Love’ – “Ruin is the road to transformation” and have use it as my mantra whenever the (you know what) hits the fan… in this instance it couldn’t be more true. 

Last year my partner and I were able to move out of a busy noisy town that we were sorely unhappy in, and into a rural quiet space in our favourite country. It was always in our plan, but on the back burner – the ups and downs of 2020 made this possible for us sooner than we could have ever imagined and we could not be more grateful. 

I am an avid learner of interior design skills, and a homeware and wellbeing shopping addict! My journey to this moment has made me an expert in my likes and dislikes when it comes to home design, and I hope to guide those of you who feel like minded to the same methods of shopping and styling your home. 

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My first passion in life was music. From a young age I knew I wanted to have music play a strong part in my life. Singing and songwriting is my vice and my family were a huge support network in making my dreams come true. I studied music hard at school and continued on to study it at college, getting involved in musicals whenever I could. I even went on to teach singing and in my late teens I got a band together, which is where I met my partner.  Throughout my early 20’s our band became very successful and we toured, doing countless packed out gigs and festivals all over the country. It was a fast paced and exciting world and I loved every minute of it. 

Being creative I always loved to make any space around me unique and represent my own personal style, interior design is something that comes naturally to me.

I think my love of interiors was sparked when we moved into our home. It was outdated and needed so much love. Everything had to be done as cheaply as possible (I’m sure that relates to everyone).  As the money just wasn’t there and I was extremely impatient about wanting to do something about it.

So I was shopping, and shopping. But never buying much. Everything in the price range was flat packed. My house is a small late Victorian. I could not be putting cheap flat pack into this quaint home. Even though it would’ve been better for getting it up the stairs. Therefore most of my home is furnished with Second Hand furniture that I’ve up-cycled. Mainly sourced from Auctions. I was worried about the overall look of my house just looking, well, a little over painted. 

But with learning about colours, textures and warmth. I think I’ve managed a happy, cohesive balance. The Old furniture has given this home character, while my love of colour has brought the whole feel into the modern day.

My favourite up-cycle has to be my dining room table. It was the first room of the house that I really wanted to nail. As both of us, myself and my partner, love having people around the house. Whether that be for family dinners or those parties that just get too out of hand. 

I believe that the dining table connects everyone together. You can all be around the table for hours, talking and drinking far too much wine. And I wasn’t happy being embarrassed by the room. 

When I mentioned taking on board, to my dad, about giving the table a new lease of life, he was a bit dubious. – (He just likes varnished wood).

But after he saw the sanded back, wax pale pine top and the black underneath – with chairs to match, plus this quirky, industrial piped leg bench. I think he was quite impressed. I know I was!

I finished the room by painting it a dark blue, almost black. Giving the view of green from the garden a frame. 

I bet you’re all thinking ‘A black dining room?!’ Don’t worry, I have an awful lot of windows in my dining room. So this helped dull down the brightness, (which was much needed). And now it looks and feels so Hygge when I light candles down the middle of the table.

The most important feeling I wanted out of the home was that I didn’t want to create a space that looked like I’d picked safe options. That’s not me. I love the richness of colour and the texture from a wallpaper pattern. 

I even painted the kitchen cabinets. Cream cabinets were just not going to cut it for us. So I painted them a dark teal. After I’d finished, I could see (imagine) that it needed a white, almost grey tile backsplash to really uplift the teal. So I painted them too. Then stupidly decided to hand draw the pattern on the tiles. I love it. I really do. I wouldn’t do it another way. But, what a mission that was! Since then I, with no workers involved, have just taken on every other room with as much passion and desire to create a home that not only looks beautiful, but feels like everything in it makes us smile. That everything has a memory and a story attached.

I am hoping with my back catalogue of renovation, upcycling and savvy shopping skills to help anyone who needs tips. 

I am completely self taught so there’s no stopping anyone from taking their home design into their own hands. In my books, you can never learn too much, so on this journey with you I will be picking up new tips and tricks and developing new skills which I am very excited about. Sometimes we just need a little inspiration, and I am confident that we can help you with that here at pure house.

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