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If you’re looking for the best low maintenance balcony plants and need a few ideas to transform your outdoor space, you’ve come to the right place.

No back garden? No problem! We believe that these low maintenance balcony plants are a fantastic way to transform your outdoor space and really add a wow factor to the area.

Think about your balcony and outdoor plants. It’s a space that you spend time on, but it doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. Here are some low maintenance new plants that will keep your balcony looking fresh and inviting all year round!

Balcony with outdoor furniture, tomato plants and flowers

The convenience of a balcony

Let’s face it, balconies are trending. They are wonderful uses of space that don’t come with the burden of having to cut the grass or trim the hedges.

You can just have all your pots and seating area (if you can) looking exactly how you like all year round. 

When it comes to plants or perennial plants for the balcony, there are so many options you can choose plants from! From vertical plants to pots that can be hung on the grills of your balcony. It all sounds really boho, right?

There are so many benefits to having a balcony and one of the biggest ones is how easy it can be to care for your plants. It takes minimal effort and time, making it an excellent option for those who want to take on more responsibility in caring for their home while still enjoying themselves. 

The main thing you will need when taking care of your balcony plants is water. You can get this by filling up a bucket with warm water and dumping the entire thing over the plant or using a watering can that has been filled with room temperature water from the tap. This should be done every day; however, do not overwater because this will cause root rot which could kill off your plant! Another way to keep up with watering your best plants is through the use of a soaker hose.

Balconies are a great way to enjoy the outdoors with outdoor plants without being too far from home. With balcony plants, you don’t even need to worry about watering them as they can thrive on rainfall and natural light or indirect light!

Balcony plants are a great way to make your balcony feel like home. They allow you to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine without having to go outside, or be bothered by pesky bugs such as mosquitoes. The only problem with balconies is that they don’t provide much space for plants due to their size, but there are some ways around this issue. One idea is using pots instead of full container plants because they take up less room and can still hold a good amount of soil and water. Another option would be getting smaller plants that grow well in small space such as tomatoes or herbs- both of which come in many varieties so you’ll never get bored!

Transform your space with

low maintenance balcony plants

The dream of having a balcony filled with plants and textures. But, with the nature of a balcony being on the smaller side, it does limit us as there is little room on a balcony, so we need to be smart with what plant label we choose.

My first thought is that we don’t want to have to tend to the balcony every day so having a selection of low-maintenance balcony plants is starting to sound ideal.

Having a balcony garden would suggest that you live in a city with quite a demanding job. Now you probably don’t have an awful lot of time if this is the case and therefore I don’t want to add a lot of stress on top of what you already have tending to this garden. So therefore I suggest that we need to look at low maintenance plants for your balcony.

If you’re looking for an easy way to add a bit of greenery to your balcony, why not try some low-maintenance plants. With the right plant and care, you can have a lush green space that will make it feel like summer all year round. There are plenty of plants out there that only need watering every week or two and they grow well in containers so don’t worry about them taking up too much room on your balcony. The best part is these plants work great as decor too or best display!

Do you need a quick, best low maintenance solution to spruce up your space? Your balcony is the perfect place for plants! Not only will it make your home feel more like a home, but plants can also help clean your air and provide some much-needed greenery. When deciding which plants to choose, consider those that are low maintenance and easy to care for. It’s no secret that we’re living in an age of convenience: why not take advantage of what nature has already provided us with?

Get Started with these Low Maintenance Balcony Plants!

We need low maintenance balcony plants to start with as our lifestyles may not be equipped for looking after a whole bunch of young plants. So when deciding on what plants, we need to think about the plants individually, such as how they will grow. For instance, there are vertical plants, plants that climb and plants that need a lot of space. So you will need to plan out where all the plants will go.

You will also need to think about how much sunlight you need for each plant. If one plant doesn’t like too much sunlight, you will need to have it in a place where it gets a little full part shade throughout the day…

A balcony can be a simple space to have plants in, but not every plant is low maintenance. Here are some suggestions for plants that require little care and provide maximum beauty.

The balcony plants or flowering plants in your life need not be a source of frustration and despair. Well, maybe just a little bit of despair because most plants are alive and they don’t want to die so you’ll need to spend some time watering them. But if you can keep up with their basic needs, then you will have an amazing space that is green and vibrant all year round! You could even say it’s the perfect choice spot for a date night or a place to take your kids when they’re bored.

Here are a few examples of what I know works best and will flourish on a balcony.

Check out my top low maintenance balcony plants below!

The Aloe Vera is probably in your home already, if not, get one! It does wonders for your hair and skin and being able to treat minor grazes the kids come home crying about or you come home crying about.

This Aloe Vera plant will only need attention when the soil gets dry.

Once dry, give it a drink of water and then you can leave it until the next time. Therefore making the Aloe Vera a low maintenance plant and low attention needed

The Devils Ivy is somehow known as the money plant.

It might be the old wives tale. ‘If you have this plant in your home, there will never be a financial crisis’. It is a pretty plant and will need to stay out of the direct sunlight on your balcony, to stop its gorgeous heart like shaped leaves from drying out.

You will literally only have to water it once a week. But be smart with where you place The Devils Ivy, growing it vertically can also work for you if you have limited space.

Spider Plants! These plants do look wild and untamed and can add that texture to your balcony. You’re going to want to get the soil damp during the summer months and refrain from watering it in the winter, until the soil is dry.

Spider Plants get their name from the long, slender plant growths that come from the main plant like tiny spiders.

These mini-plants are known as spiderettes. You can identify them from the light green edges and cream white center. Which is such a cool way to add colour to your balcony

Basil. Another great use of space on your balcony is herbs! Useful, tasty and they smell delicious. Basil plants need sunlight, but not too much. They don’t require watering too often either. If you are thinking about having a Basil plant, I’d start with seeds. With Basil seeds you will need to start their life indoors, until the soil reaches 70 degrees. After that they can go outdoors and flourish.

You can definitely plant other herbs as well as basil. Mint is also a great choice.

Did you know that the Indian Variant of Basil has medicinal benefits? 

Our top pick low maintenance balcony plant

Jade Plant. The Ultimate plant for your balcony. It’s so pretty in the summer as the deep green leaves or frilly leaves will feature a magenta edge. Just like a sunset. The Maintenance on this plant is also great and low. You will not have to water the Jade Plant very often and it loves the full sun, so it does not burn in sunlight. Which is great for when the other plants, you have eventually decided upon, need a little shade.

They can be placed more towards the back and this beautiful jade plant can come up front and centre stage. The Jade Plant has been given the name of ‘the friendship tree’. As it can stand the roughest of situations, just like that rocky patch you went through with your best friend last month.

The Jade Plant is also an air purifying plant or air plants; it will clean the pollutants from the air!

The Jade plant, also called “money tree” or “lucky plant” in the East Asian countries like China and Japan, is one such example. This beautiful green leafy plant thrive best in an environment with indirect sunlight; it needs warmth and humidity to grow well. It has been used as a talisman for luck because it is believed that if jade plants are grown indoors they bring good fortune into your home.

When it comes to drought tolerant plants, there are many options available. One of the most popular is the jade plant. The Jade plant thrives in low light and keeps add color year-round which makes it a great choice for those who have little time to care for their plants.

Collection of various cactus and succulent plants in different pots.

choosing pet SAFE plants

There are other conditions that you will need to think about when having this chic balcony garden. And that is if you have a pet. Pets are such wonderful additions to our homes, and we don’t want them getting sick. It is well known that Dogs and Cats like to have a good munch on plants every now and then. Now that’s where PET SAFE PLANTS come in. There is a great list of plants that are pet safe in that article, which will help you in deciding what you want for your balcony.

Now go forth and design that balcony garden that you have always wanted. Now that you are equipped with the knowledge that these plants will be low Maintenance, useful and also beautiful.

Choosing pet SAFE plants or flowering plants for your balcony is a daunting task. There are so many different types, and it’s hard to know which ones will thrive in the conditions you provide them with. This post will help you make an informed decision on what type of plant would be best for your space! 

What kind of plants do you like? Do they need lots of light or not as much? Answering these questions can help narrow down the selection process. If you’re looking for something that needs more sun, we recommend cacti or succulents. These types aren’t picky about soil quality and can handle less water than other plants because they store moisture in their deep green leaves or shaped leaves and stems. They also require little attention and won’t die if you forget to water them for a week (or more).

Two things are dear to us: pets and plants. Unfortunately, many common plants can be dangerous for pets. Some plants can cause seizures, tremors or other serious health problems for pets if they are ingested. Even the best-behaved pets will take a bite out of some houseplants at one point or another. Judy Morgan, a New Jersey veterinarian, offered her guidance on choosing plants that are safe for our four-legged friends. We strongly recommend adding greenery to your home. This will clean your air, improve your mood, and keep your furry friend safe. 

How not to kill your low maintenance balcony plant

Worried about keeping your plants alive? Check out our article on how not to kill your plants!