How to Choose The Best Linen Bedsheets For Your Home

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Keep Cool & Make The Perfect Bed for Summer

If you have recently decorated your bedroom or you’re looking for something a little lighter to help you sleep through the warmer, hot summer nights, then linen sheets might be exactly what you need.

As a fabric Linen is about 30 percent more durable than cotton, it has the best temperature regulating qualities that helps to keep you nice and cool during the warm months and toasty during the colder months, so whether you sleep hot or cold, these sheets have actually got you covered (see what I did there?)

It’s not unheard of to change your bedding materials and styles to suit different seasons. Just like you have a winter and summer wardrobe, it actually makes complete sense if you think about it.

Editors Pick

Luna Stripe is a pale cream colour with a delicate charcoal stripe that delivers an elegant, modern feeling. Their signature fabric made from 100% natural stonewashed French flax gets softer and softer after being worn in for awhile; ironing isn’t necessary as its crumpled texture looks great straight off the line or out of the dryer! Linen provides warmth during winter months but can also be fresh and cool when temperatures rise to keep you comfortable all year round. I love this set so much and I know you’ll love everything about his range just how they come!

What is the best linen for summer?

Linen has a unique weave and its fibers allow more airflow than other fabrics. What’s more, its stiff structure makes it less likely to cling to your skin – ensuring you remain cool. In this article discusses how we think Piglet in Bed is our best linen choice for summer bed sheets.

Keeping it fresh

Your room can start to feel a little stagnant if you keep the same design in there for too long, so swapping accessories in and out is a great way to freshen up your decor.

Changing the bedsheets is one of the easiest ways to freshen up your room, after all, your bed is the biggest piece of furniture in your room, so just by changing the sheets, you can make a drastic difference.

Get ready for a great, refreshing night’s sleep in these breathable sheets.

Perfect for Hot Sleepers

If you have a high body temperature, the weave in linen sheets allows for more airflow, which ultimately will keep you cooler than other fabrics, as it is breathable. This is perfect if you have allergies or sensitive skin as when you move around in your sleep, these ultra-soft fibers will cause less friction on your skin, giving you a peaceful night.

A guide to buying Linen sheets

A Bit of Background

To give you a little background or history, (the best sourced) linen comes from a temperature-controlled climate and optimal soil. By having these properties it will create linen with long-staple fibers. This will ensure that the threads never poke out and will give you that softer feel to touch.

Something to be mindful of, the shorter the fibers, the poorer quality of linen you will have. It’s definitely noticeable. The quality will feel slightly itchy, a bit rougher, and will easily fall apart.

Linen is created from natural flax fibers then spun into a light weave making it one of the most breathable fabrics available.

Why is Linen Bedding so Expensive?

According to the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), “production of flax fiber requires a lot of hand labor.” Despite the slightly higher price point, the upside is that you won’t have to worry about how long your linen sheets will last. In 2009, a group of archaeologists funded by Harvard discovered flax fibers in a cave that were over 34,000 years old! Pretty good, right?


A Guide to Buying Your First Set of Linen Sheets

When looking into purchasing bedsheets, your focus is on the weave and the material.

Linen is quite far from the more common choice of cotton as it is created using natural fibers of flaxseed.

There are many beneficial properties to the flaxseed including it being a highly sustainable crop. Flaxseed uses far less water and pesticides to grow than cotton and it’s completely vegan, plus if it’s left completely undied it’s 100% biodegradable. So you can see why flaxseed is fast becoming the preferred choice for creating fabrics these days.


Introducing PIGLET IN BED

Hopefully, I have inspired you enough to make the change and invest in linen bedding, if this is the case, then let me tell you all about Piglet in Bed.

Piglet in Bed goes above and beyond to ensure they are using nothing but the best-sourced materials such as 100% natural flax linen to create a beautiful range of linen products. 

In my opinion, Piglet in Bed is one of the best places to purchase your new linen sheets, and well, linen everything… They do so many things, but before I get excited about all their other products, that’s for another time!

There is a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from, so let’s take a look at some of my favorites.

Our Favourite 'Piglet in Bed' bed sheets in a Variety of Color Choices

The Classic White Linen has to be a staple if you are not sure on what you are looking for.

White Basic Bundle has everything you need to kit out your bed. 2 Pillowcases, duvet cover and fitted bottom sheet are all in the price tag. It arrives to you pre-washed for softness and ensures that there is never any shrinkage or fade after purchase.

Another in the Basic Bundle is the Sage green.

I think this colour is just gorgeous for the spring and summer seasons.

Imagine you have this colour on your bed, with elderflowers in a vase next to your bedside light. How peaceful and one with nature does that sound?

The Oatmeal stripe duvet cover is so cute. Oatmeal for a name is adorable. And it is the colour of oat too, not beige, not cream. Just beautiful. I am in love with the sublet stripe that features on the design in a slightly darker colouring.

There is also a different coloring if oat is just not for you, but you like the design.

Take a look at The Midnight StripeIn white and navy blue these stylish stripes are sure to fit  in bedroom style, modern or classic, minimalist  or boho. 

The stripes have a very classic bedtime feel emulating victorian style pyjamas so they give an element of homely comfort.

The Luna Stripe is the ultimate go-to bedding if you are trying to achieve that Japandi bedroom.

Its spaced wide apart, thin stripe repeat is exactly what you need to break up all the pale colors, while still having all the pale colors.

It will blend harmoniously with your walls but will still be noticeable because of the stripe. It’s just so perfect.

If you are wanting to make a statement with your bedding, such as it will be the focal point of your room. So you are wanting quite a strong color. Then the Burnt Orange Bundle is exactly what you need.

This set comes with the Orange Duvet Cover, Two Orange Pillowcases, Two White Pillow Cases, White Fitted sheet, and White Flat sheet.  It’s the ultimate, most luxurious bedding set.

The Benefits of Linen Sheets

There are so many benefits & options of purchasing Linen sheets. They will increase the airflow and optimal moisture-wicking allowing you to have that cooler night of sleep you are desperately looking for.

But also a warmer night’s sleep in the winter. They are the ultimate bedding necessity. And worthy of spending some money on.

And, bonus, you will never have to worry about ironing your bedding ever again! The crinkled nature of linen is such a desired texture. I think it would be criminal to remove them.

But also a warmer night’s sleep in the winter. They are the ultimate bedding necessity. And worthy of spending some money on.

And, bonus,  you will never have to worry about ironing your bedding ever again! The crinkled nature of linen is such a desired texture. I think it would be criminal to remove them.

why piglet in bed?

Piglet in Bed not only produces the best bedding, with the most sustainable methods, but they also do linen pyjamas , Loungewear, and Robes. Even for the kids.

And homeware!

Piglet also offers a couple of payment installment plans, making it easier to spread the cost over a few months.

Catering for all your new linen needs including table linens, linen throws and pillows, and a whole range of gifts and accessories.

In short, We love Piglet in Bed.

For more amazing advice, info and tips on choosing the right linens for you bed please check out our friends at Land Of Rugs  who having written a brilliant guide on Choosing The Right Bed Linen – The Ultimate Guide.

FAQs on Linen Bed Sheets

What is the difference between linen and cotton?

Linen is more breathable, durable, and hypoallergenic compared to cotton. While cotton is softer and more flexible, linen becomes softer with age and each wash. 


Are linen sheets good in the summer?

Yes, Linen is PERFECT for the summer. Its light, airy fabric makes it one of the most breathable materials while being super soft on your skin too. These are also great when the weather turns cool too.


Are Linen Sheets Worth It?

Yes! Linen sheets are often a little pricier than cotton or other types of bedsheets, but they are well worth investing in. Linen is twice as durable as cotton, it’s light, airy, and becomes softer with age and every wash.


What thread count is best for cool sheets?

the best thread count for cool sheets is between 80-250. Most Linen Bedsheets have a thread count between 80-150 making them the perfect choice for summer nights or people with high body temperatures. 


What are the best sheets for hot flashes?

Linen is made from natural fibers and has a low thread count, making it a great choice for bedding for hot flashes and night sweats.