Laundry Makeover

Laundry Room Makeover Ideas for any Budget

One of the areas in your home that may go overlooked is also one of the most important: the laundry room. You use it at least once a week, if not twice, three times, or even daily if you have children! The laundry room is necessary, yet it is often neglected in terms of décor and efficiency.

Whether you have a basement laundry room or a shed in the garden, if you’re searching for little changes that won’t break the bank or a total remodel, these laundry room ideas can help you breathe new life into your area.

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Add A Dutch Door

Replace a drab outside door with a vintage charmer like these and breathe new life into your home.

With a fresh coat of paint in any color to make this an inviting space for you. Your laundry space can have a whole new feeling, as well as fresh air & natural light!

With a little elbow grease, you can have a lovely and inexpensive Dutch door.


You want to get creative with cabinetry. There are so many options now that can make you enjoy doing the laundry with a couple of design tricks.

Custom Cabinets

From hidden drying racks, cut-out drawers, and cupboards designed for hiding your ironing board, you can make the space super functional.

Make Life Easier

Another great idea is to have your laundry bins hidden away in the base cabinets. I love this layout here because all the dirty clothes can go in the correct bin to start with. Instead of having to sift through the dirty laundry and separate them for the correct wash, meaning you can get loads of laundry done super quick! And you won’t have unfinished laundry piles dotted around the house, so there will be no mad panic when you have guests suddenly pop round.

Hardworking Space

Built-in storage is your best friend when designing a laundry room remodel. You can hide your washing machine and tumble dryer in a custom cabinet behind closed doors. You could stack the washer & dryer to create more functional space next to them in the cupboard to hide the hoover, ironing board, sports equipment, or build-in a dog house for your beloved pet. (You’ll need to have a front-loading washer to be able to do this).

Budget Laundry Room Makeover Idea

Hanging Rail

You can say GOODBYE to the clothes horse when you simply add a rail/tension rod in your laundry room. You can make them as long or as short as you want. A design like this is completely tailored to your needs.

Yes, you may be losing out on wall cabinets for extra storage, but you are gaining floor space by having this custom feature for your wet clothes.

Plus, you can have counter space for a folding station above the washer & dryer.

If you want to have a pop of color in your laundry room, a different color of cabinet door is the most cost-effective way to achieve this is to paint the doors.

It may sound a little daunting, but it is super simple. I’ve done it in my home, and it completely transformed the environment from kitsch to modern by having dark cabinets.

Glass Jars & Baskets

If you’re tired of opening up the cabinet and being overwhelmed by all the cleaning products and cleaning supplies, then getting organized is a MUST.

Use glass jars to hold laundry supplies, like the washing powder, instead of seeing that cardboard box and wicker baskets to hold extra towels or blankets.

Just because the cleaning tools come in a box doesn’t mean they have to stay in it. Changing them out for long-term storage solutions is not only eco-friendly, but it could become one of your favorite features – very instagramable!

The 3 Design Elements

Now that all the practical solutions have been thought out, it’s time to look at the color palette and your design board.

Are you fitting out the entire space in new cabinets or simply replacing the worktops?

But let’s not forget the elements of fun. What about floral wallpaper to cover the old white paint? What about a Farmhouse sink!? A chalkboard accent wall? The possibilities are endless.

But the 3 design elements that will make the biggest change in your space if you don’t want to change the cabinetry are the backsplash, the countertops, and the sink.

Here are my favorite items to use for your Laundry Room Remodel.

Tile Backsplash

Tiles, for me, are a necessity in a utility room makeover. They can get wet and are easy to clean.

A white tile has been a global favorite for many years. They look great with white cabinets and white walls anyway, so if you want to change the cabinet color or the wall color, they will also work for them – future proof!

So let’s have a look at some great adhesive tiles.


A good worktop is a great way to add texture to your laundry room. Personally, I love a wood countertop with shaker cabinets. But if you want a more coastal laundry vibe, you could use a white marble countertop with a blue color cabinet. For a more scandi look, I’d keep everything super paired back and sleek with pale colors.


Everyone is obsessed with the farmhouse living style for their laundry makeover. And in particular, the farmhouse sink for their laundry rooms. And I love it! They’re a massive statement with massive practicality.

And they’re not just ceramic anymore! They come in stainless steel too. So if you want a slick space, then why not opt for the latest design?

And they can instantly change the vibe with the use of a great set of taps. Use a traditional set of taps for the farmhouse style or an ultra-modern set for that Japandi vibe.


How do you hide plumbing in a laundry room?

Here are my tips for hiding vent pipes and plumbing.

  • Go for an industrial aesthetic.
  • Cover them with design tape.
  • Box it in with Wood.
  • Block them with plants.
  • Cover them with your bins.
  • Build a false wall.
  • Replace them with more aesthetically pleasing pipes.
  • Washing machine Outlet Box

How do I plan a laundry renovation?

Take the time to properly plan your remodeling to prepare and end up with a finished laundry makeover that you are pleased with. This may involve talking to a plumber if you want to change the location of your washing machine or add a sink.