Is The Ffern Ledger Waiting List Worth The Wait?

I wanted to see what all the fuss was about the waiting list to join the Ffern ledger & if it was worth the wait. Well I signed up to find out for myself, and you!

If your insta feed is anything like mine then I imagine you get targeted marketing thrown into your scroll left, right and center.

One of the companies I was seeing more and more was Ffern, an organic small-batch, seasonal perfume created and bottled in Somerset, England.

Let me tell you, they targeted exactly the right person here. From the minimalist natural no-fuss packaging to the overall ethos of the company concerning sustainability, and the exclusivity that creates, I was very intrigued.

Between stunning ads created by Ffern with ethereal British countryside landscapes and customers’ own aesthetic posts popping up all over Instagram, I had to know more.

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What is Ffern Organic Perfume?

Ffern is a new and intriguing approach to perfumery. unisex, seasonal perfume blended by hand, derived from organic ingredients, with no chemicals whatsoever. Ffern uses natural perfume oils that they have extracted from fresh ingredients. You won’t find anything nasty in the ingredient list here. 

The small-batch perfume, which is released every season on each Equinox or Solstice (when the seasons officially change) acts as a reflection of the season and year they are created in. Using pure natural ingredients to create intense and memorable scents that evoke deep memory, familiar comfort, and a mysterious sensuality.

This exclusive perfume is blended for the names registered in their production ledger.

What is the Ffern Ledger?

So after looking into the perfume and doing a bit of research, I was on the hook, I was ready to invest in this special luxury perfume, and that’s when it struck me, there was no shop now button, nowhere to make my purchase. I discovered that to be a part of this innovative new style of fragrance, you had to sign up to a waiting list to be added to their ledger.

The Ffern Ledger is a big book they keep at Ffern HQ full of the names of their exclusive members. The Ledger helps them work out how much perfume to craft each season as they make a bottle for every name on the list as part of their small-batch production process. 

Sustainable Beauty Brand

Working this way allows Ffern to minimize waste by using tightly controlled methods to create true-to-name “small batch” perfume. Keeping the batch volume down to just what they need makes this company one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly perfume creators in the world.

They are the first perfume company to completely eliminate plastic from their packaging. All packaging elements are 100% paper. All of their packaging is 100% recyclable and designed to generate zero landfill waste. 

You can even add the tray which keeps the perfume safe in transit to your compost heap as it’s created from organic waste material. Yay!

The Ffern waiting List

Of course, this perfume has become very popular so the Ledger gets filled up very quickly, but all you have to do to be added to the ledger and obtain a bottle for yourself is sign up to the waiting list, and wait for a text to confirm your membership.

This perfume is incredibly exclusive, names will be accepted on the list in the order they are received – so this is definitely a perfume for perfume lovers who are not afraid to wait.

There was a lot of hype around this company in the perfume world and social media and while I do think it’s incredibly cool that they maintain an intense focus on sustainability while also creating something rather unique, the question is – is it worth the wait?

Is the Ffern ledger waiting list worth the wait?


So after I signed up I got a text saying I was added to the waiting list and told to save the number as “Ffern” into my phone so I would know it was them when they text me to let me know when I was on the list.

I have to say this experience was very exciting, they texted me a couple of times to sort of let me know that soon I might be able to join and every time I got a text, my heart skipped a beat – was this my turn to get onto the Ledger?After about 3 weeks I was added to the Ledger and my bottle was shipped out immediately. 

I was lucky enough to be accepted and added to the Ledger in one of my favorite seasons, Autumn. The first bottle of perfume I got was Autumn 21.

Autumn 21 is composed of 19 natural ingredients in its 32ml bottle: 6 top notes, 7 mid notes, and 6 base notes. 

What are Top Notes, Mid Notes, and Base Notes in perfume?

Top Note – They are the first scent that is experienced when you first apply the perfume. The scents that come out a minute or so after applying it to your skin. These evaporate quickly and play a small role in how long the perfume lasts

Mid Note – The middle smells of a perfume that develops slowly, sometimes taking minutes before being noticed. They form the main body of the fragrance and often become most noticeable as a perfume dries down.

Base Note – The Last Scent Of A Perfume After It Dries On Your Skin, Base notes bring depth and solidity to a perfume. These scents don’t tend to be noticed much at first but reveal themselves within 30 minutes as the top and middle notes evaporate. 

Top Notes:

Tarragon leaf, Rosemary, Clary sage oil, Green mandarin, Lemon rind, Bitter orange

Mid Notes:

Basil grand vert, Bergamot rind, Cardamom, Coriander seed, Neroli, Patchouli, Hyssop oil

Base Notes:

Red cedar, Hay absolute, Oakmoss, Black tang seaweed, Vetiver root, Myrrh

Ffern is a unisex or nongender-specific perfume, so everyone can wear it, and I mean that – nothing about it screams masculine or feminine just pure memory lane, Autumn.

This perfume feels special, from opening the box to testing it on your skin (it comes with a testing set with a 2ml sample vial so you can see if you like it before you open the full-size bottle & return it if you don’t like it, so it’s risk-free)

Autumn 21 awakens something in your memory, a warm place, a mysterious and magical place. It’s heady, charming, and alluring, I can’t stop smelling it on myself from time to time throughout the day.

I get an image of stepping out into a wooded area onto a fresh pile of fallen golden brown and red leaves, the crispness in the air and the crunch beneath my feet.

I want to say it feels like I’m spellbound, maybe it’s this time of year where there are witches and ghouls everywhere playing in my mind, but I feel like I am caught up in it, addicted to it – This scent feels like a lost love that you’re very happy to see again. 

The carbon footprint on this product also pleases me greatly as it has virtually none – completely plastic-free and 100% recyclable down to the bottle itself. 

I think you can probably guess by now that the answer to my question “Is The Ffern Ledger Waiting List Worth The Wait?” is undeniably, yes.

I feel like I am building a very exclusive wine collection with this subscription, and I do not think the price is bad at all, especially when you consider how much some other artisan perfumes (who do not consider the economic ramifications of their mass productions) cost.

And what’s more, I cannot wait for their Winter fragrance to be released on the winter Equinox – 21st December. 

Request to join the ledger to try this incredible perfume here:


How Does Ffern Work?

Once your name is on the ledger, Ffern will blend you one bottle of perfume for every season of the year. You get billed in advance of the release and aim to have the perfume with you by the relevant solstice or equinox date.

How Much Does Ffern Cost?

Fern costs £69 (or $99) per bottle and they send out 4 bottles to you a year. 

Can you unsubscribe from Ffern?

Yes, you can cancel and rejoin whenever you like, as well as being able to return the full-sized bottles if you do not like the scent in the 2ml vial sample. It really is risk-free.

Bear in mind though that when you wish to rejoin you will have to go back onto the waiting list. 

What is organic perfume?

Perfume created with organic ingredients grown in a sustainable manner, using no chemicals or pesticides. 

Is Ffern for men or for women?

Fern perfume is brilliantly unisex so anyone can wear it.