Indoor plants on White Sideboard with White Candles

Indoor Plants

Easy house plants


‘How do I not kill my plants!?’ Is something even myself has been known to say. And honestly it’s a great question. We can kill our plants in numerous ways. Underwatering, Overwatering, Lack of Sunlight, Too much Sunlight and the varying temperatures in our homes. 

The plant trend in homes has gotten bigger year on year, with instagram account pictures filled with various lavish greenery in their homes. Making them beautiful and also good for you. As some plants have Air Purifying qualities. Therefore are you one of those people that are so desperately wanting to get into plants, but every plant that you have ever brought home so far is either dying or is dead?

There are multiple reasons as to why your plant has died. As we’ve mentioned, plants can die from you over watering the plant- (you have the potential to drown it) to if the plant gets too much sunlight then you can scorch the leaves. 

One thing you should first take a look into is that you might have brought home a plant that just isn’t suitable for beginners. There are varying difficulties of plants, as there are with everything. 

So you need to look at plants which are basically unkillable if you forget to water it and that are more forgiving to its placement. 

Hanging Kokedama with fern for decoration indoor

In this guide I’m showing you a list of plants that are suitable for you. A beginner. They are all still beautiful and will get you started on the plant lifestyle journey. So that you can become the nurturing plant lady, or man, that you’ve always wanted to be.

The best place to start is by looking into these plants that are all stated unkillable. These plants are perfect for beginners. 

Succulents. Succulents are not only extremely pretty, but they are so easy to maintain.  There is a massive variety of succulent plants to choose from as well. There’s the Aloe Vera, The Burros-tail, Echeveria and the list goes on. Succulents need very little water and a lot of sunlight. You’ll see pretty soon if something it’s wrong as the succulent will go vertical if there is not enough sunlight.  Costa Farms succulent plant comes in a ceramic pot, ready for you to just love and take care without the preparation. The succulent plant comes growing in premium soil with a slow release fertilizer.

The Cacti. Cacti is very similar to the Succulent. It will only need little watering (literally only once a week) for attention. And they do look super, darn, cute.  The succulent is extremely tough. Meaning it will take a lot of neglect to kill the Cacti. Costa Farms Cacti will arrive in a growers pot. Allowing you to put them in a pot suiting your decor. You also get 3 with this purchase, letting you get a jump-start on your collection. 

Pothos. This plant is viney and leafy. Growing bigger than the other suggestions, but with that adding bold pops of green and texture to your room. It is a really strong plant, and will be looked after by anyone happily. And if they are happy, they will just grow and grow. Which means it might get too big. So cut off some of the stems and place them in a glass of water. Once the roots start to grow, pop it into some soil, and WAHLA! You have another Pothos plant! The Costa Farms 6″ Golden Pothos is paired with a Premium Scheurich Ceramic Planter and Macrame hanging basket, ready to make you a scandi decor statement in your home or office.

The Snake Plant. An excellent choice of plant for purifying the air, making your home more ‘green’ by converting the CO2 to O2 in the night. The snake plant has got a nickname of ‘The Mother in Laws Tongue’ as the leaves are quite sharp. But nonetheless the leaves are beautiful & grown vertically. With it not needing a lot of light or water at all you can accidentally forget about the plant for a few days and it will be fine.. Costa Farms Sansevieria Mother-In-Law’s Tongue comes with a two toned chic ceramic planter, making it ready for you to unbox and to place in your home.

ZZ plant is one of the funnest house plants around. The ZZ plant loves a lot of light, so you might think about putting it in one of your brightest rooms. But it will tolerate any light. It might just affect how fast it will grow. It will also only need watering twice a month (or when the soil has dried out). Making this the perfect plant for you if you travel either for work or business as you won’t be needing to get someone to come and water it. 

Pretty much the only way you are going to kill this plant is if you overwater it!  So just stick to a regular routine with this plant. Costa Farms ZZ Zamioculcas Zamiifolia arrives at around 12cm tall in a growers pot. 

Ivy. Some people hate it, some love it. Due to its destructive nature when it climbs buildings. But it does mean that they are strong and hard to kill. So place in a room with lots of light and let the soil dry out between watering. And you should have a happy healthy ivy plant for a long time to come. By purchasing the AMERICAN PLANT EXCHANGE English Ivy you’ll know that you are going to get a healthy plant. This company does not let its standards slip. Their growers only pick the best plants of the season to send out to their customers.

I hope now that you are more confident in looking after the plants. It’s not too hard once you get the knack for it and that you start off with a plant for beginners, it’s trial and error with plant care, so keep trying. 

As a lot of these plants come in growers pots, why don’t you check out our article on best way to buy indoor plant pots in one place with our favourite amazon selections so you can get everything all in one delivery. 

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    Tinder İnceleme Tinder; popüler bir flört uygulamasıdır.
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    Bedava Tinder Hesap

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    Ancak oyun üzerinde kullanılmaya başlanmıştır. 11 Ocak 2013 itibarıyla
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