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Plant pots on amazon

The reason we have chosen amazon is because you can get such a large selection of indoor plants on amazon which you can find on our post INDOOR PLANTS. When you become a prime member you will be able to have it shipped to your home the next day (within availability). 

At Pure House we love plants. We’ve told you all about the different varieties and their benefits. And choosing the right one for you. But now we need to take a dive into getting them into a pot. Something a little stylish, something a little bit beautiful. Something else to the growing pot that they arrived in. 

It’s not the worst thing in the world to leave your plants in the growing pot. (You will have to re-pot them eventually anyway when they start growing). We just think that you might be missing out on elevating the space in your home. Something so simple as a white ceramic pot can make your Snake plant pop. Or a rough concrete pot to define your Monstera. But you obviously don’t want to keep buying pots. So first suggestion! Buy a pot that is slightly too big for the current. And just place the plant in the growing pot into the new, beautiful one. And when it’s time to re-pot, you will have one ready. 

We just have to find you the right pot now. Here are some of our favourite and best options on amazon.

OMYSA Mid Century Plant Stand with Pot Included (10″) – Black Ceramic Planter  

Omysa’s Ceramic pots are some of the most luxurious, minimalist pots I have seen to date. 

Available in 2 sizes so that you can use these pots for any plants in your home. Or when the time comes to upgrade your pot, you can get the same one again. Knowing that the pot is going to the same excellent quality you had last time.

They are handcrafted and high-fired, which is how they create that immaculate cylindrical shape. The silky touch look to the pot is from an ultra smooth, matte glaze finish, that surrounds the entirety of the thick clay walls. The pot also features a drainage hole to make sure that you don’t drown the plants or cause root rot. 

Every pot comes with an American walnut stand. That is finished in an organic treatment to emphasise the natural grain in the wood. It also fits together perfectly with the ceramic clay pot. So no wobbles and gaps.

This excellent pot comes in 4 colours (White, Peach, Black and Blush). Allowing you to have a stylish pot to match any colour scheme you have in the house.

 So why don’t you get one for each room of the house!? They’re gorgeous!

Kate and Laurel Opyd Modern Hanging Hoop Planter, 19.5 Inch Diameter, Gold, Sophisticated Floating Planter with Pot

This hanging pot from Kate and Laurel is so high-end it’s dazzling. 

This pot is made out of Metal, either coated in Gold or Black with a circumference circle surrounding the pot.

Kate and Laurel have a great motto. ‘Interior Decorating isn’t a luxury beyond reach’ And to be honest why should it be? Everyone deserves luxury items in their homes, for a reasonable price. Kate and Laurel have a wide range of products that will let you achieve just that.

On the first look I thought that this planter might be for a small succulent. But oh it. is. not. Measuring at 19.5 inches in diameter you can get a substantial plant here.  Which is easy to place as the pot is detached from the circular holder. 

This hanging pot will look excellent in any home, hanging from your ceiling. And if you don’t have any more floor space for plants, then this is your answer!

Kimisty 10 Inch Ceramic Planter with Stand, Zoe Mid Century Modern Pot with Gold Iron Metal Plant Stand 

The Kimisty Mid Century pot is not just a plant pot, but a design piece that combines minimalism with functionality. They are obsessed with attention to detail and promise that your product will be nothing but quality design.

The pot is 10 inches and has a handy drainage plug. With no fuss assembly as it just comes with everything you need.

Add this pot to a lonely corner of your home to instantly make the corner glamorous with the featuring Gold powder coated iron metal stand. 

Deco 79 Set of 2 White Polystone Contemporary Planter 

These two plant pots are such a simple, minimal design made of solid Ceramic, with rubber wood legs. Which have been toned to outline the subtle texture of the wood.

Your plants will look so pretty in these pots, due to the nature of the pots being so minimalistic giving your plant the full limelight. 

If you have a modern, fresh, clean cut decor scheme in your house then you can’t go wrong with them. OR you can even place them on your patios and balconies. That’s right, they are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.  To me that is a massive bonus as I like to extend the theme of my house into the garden, to make it more cohesive. 

The pots are also just wiped clean. So if you have placed them outside and they start to look a little mucky, whip out a dry cloth and wipe the dirt away.

10″ Forward Plant Pot – 3D Line Texture

This plant pot from Fox and Fern will hold any plant or nursery pot up to 8.6 inches. 

It’s a textured pot. Giving you that ultimate modern feel, without it being overbearing. The simple lines travel around the pot. Making your eye wander and eventually reaching the plant. 

It’s made from a mixture of stone and resin. That has been hand poured into a mold. Making this an extremely durable, strong plant pot. Therefore allowing the pot to be used either indoors or outdoors. Perfect for your patios and balconies. 

It comes with a drainage hole at the bottom, so great if you do have a tendency to over water the plant from sheer panic. Just take the plug out and the water will drain away.

I would recommend putting a snake plant in here. I can just imagine a snake plant looking mighty fine as the lines from the pot take your eye up and then the tall leaves on the snake plant elevate your eye higher. It would be very complimentary.

You can find our recommendation for a snake plant here THE BEST INDOOR PLANTS FOR BEGINNERS.

Set of 2, Geometric Seamless Design Planter Pot, 6.5 Inch and 8.2 Inch, Ceramic Plant Pot 

Now here are some pots if you have quite a minimal interior and want to have a stand out piece on the console table or your desk. Or both as there are 2 pots that come with this purchase. 

This geometric, sleepless design comes in a terracotta pot with accents of black and white geometrics around the circumference. Making these pots very quirky.

You could have just a simple, no frills plant in these pots as the green from the leaves will just elevate the design due to the black colouring.

But if you don’t like the back they do have a version without.

The pots also come with a saucer, which is brilliant for the drainage hole that they’ve put it also. So you will not have to use a plate etc under the pot if you need to use the drainage system if you buy these.

This terracotta, 8inch, Geometric design planter has everything you need in a plant pot.

It can be placed on the floor or the worktop. Which I quite liked, as I normally only see these days a pot that does one or the other. 

Unlike the other Geometric pot I showed you, this one is more subtle with the design. Allowing itself to be more about creating a texture than a bold colour statement. Using a pot like this can add a peaceful feel to your home as too much minimal can start to blend, so just by adding this subtle texture can force a break in the minimal.

It’s hand glazed and fired high. And recommended for either indoors or outdoor use. With a stainless steel drainage net and scratch pad. Which goes under the pot to stop it from scratching your furniture from it’s adorable little feet.

Ekirlin 9 inch Grey Cement Garden Planter

Now to a personal favourite material of mine which we are seeing more and more being integrated into peoples home and garden design and decor – Concrete. I find the rustic exposed grey concrete really works with dark glossy green foliage. 

The ultra minimalistic design means that there are no frills on this pot.It’s just a 9 inch, smooth to touch container. Kept in its original cement colour. That comes with a saucer. Perfect for that drainage hole.

Adding this pot to your space can make your home feel a little more arty. All it is overflowing with Artistic Sense.

If you feel that the 9inch is just too much pot for you then there are other sizes available.

Which in turn is letting you make a choice of whether you need the plant pot to be on the floor or able to be placed on a shelf and  tabletop, or even outside. 

Ceramic Plant Pot with Wood Stand – 7.3 Inch Modern Round Decorative Flower Pot Indoor with Wood Planter Holder, Beige and White 

This pot is so Japandi, I’m in love with it. 

It has the cutest, subtle design on it. That has been seen to be very traditional to the Japanese print. Which is elevated by using a pale wood for the stand. Which is just so chic. 

It’s a handmade item. A piece of Art. All hand painted with fine embossing techniques.  Therefore meaning that no two pots will look the same. Each one is completely unique.

This also comes with a drainage hole. So not only is it beautiful, it’s still practical. I would totally be putting a spider plant or a fern in this pot as the leaves flowing down the side of the pot will draw your eye back to the intricate, hand craftsmanship of this stunning item.

MyGift 5-inch Blue & White Japanese Style Wave Ceramic Planter with Removable Bamboo Tray, Set of 2 

I’ve chosen this listing for my last choice as I think that they’re so fun and fashionable right now. Working with most interior schemes and colours. Plus the smallness of them made me ‘Awww’.

The set of 2, 5 inch Ceramic planters has a traditional Japanese print. The blue & white wave, which I just absolutely adore.

The colouring of the blue in the print flows harmoniously with the bamboo wooden saucer that is supplied with each pot. 

The smallness of these pots make it perfect for your desk or shelf. Adding that little pop of colour to your room in a way that doesn’t involve decorating or spending huge amounts on artwork or accessories. 

How cute would a little succulent be in these pots!?