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Icelandic Interior Design: The Beauty of Simplicity

Iceland is a country known for its beauty, and Icelandic interior design does not disappoint. The Icelandic style is uncluttered and straightforward with natural materials like wood, wool, and stone. In this blog post, we will discuss the Icelandic style of interior designing, why it’s so popular among homeowners today, as well as some ideas on how you can achieve Icelandic style in your own home!

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What is Icelandic Interior Design

Icelandic interior design is a style of interior design characterized by simplicity and the use of natural materials. It is often used in rustic cottage-type homes. To achieve this style, one needs to limit the number of items in a room. Keeping only a few essentials with an Icelandic feel works well.

The essential aspects of Icelandic interior design are colors that come from nature and its living creatures and that every object has been hand-selected. The Icelandic interior design style also focuses on keeping things simple, emphasizing nature and earthy tones.

The style is perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors, wants to show their individuality, or just wants a change from mundane modern design. Whether you live in Iceland or are planning on visiting there, the Icelandic interior will suit you well!

Why is Icelandic-style Popular?

The Icelandic style of interior design is popular because it creates a natural atmosphere in the home. The Icelandic style is also very versatile and can be used in many designs of homes, from rustic to modern.

One thing that people love about Icelandic designs is how they emphasize using textiles for color, texture, and warmth within a space. This allows you to accessorize your interior with affordable items which have an earthy feel. Textile colors add calmness to the room and other minimalist elements like soft lighting or greenery plants.

The Icelandic design also features clean lines throughout everything, including furniture pieces such as tables, chairs, and shelving units, leaving very little clutter/decoration around. Hence, the focus is on the natural elements of the design. This helps people achieve a sense of peace and well-being in their space.

It is also a popular choice for design if you have a small cottage. With cottage core coming back into fashion, mixing Icelandic design with cottage can make for a quaint, cozy, hygge home.

Ways to Achieve Icelandic style in your own home

To achieve Icelandic style in your home, it would be best to use items from Iceland or Scandinavian countries. These items are more available worldwide than they used to be.

For example, you might want to buy Icelandic wool rugs or Icelandic tableware as Iceland is famous for its sheep and the beautiful textiles created with Icelandic wool. Another piece of furniture that would suit an Icelandic interior design well is Icelandic leather poufs. These pieces of furniture are not only comfortable, but they also provide color and texture in any room.

Use Icelandic Design Principles

To achieve Icelandic style in your own home, you can use Icelandic design principles. Icelandic design principles are often the most challenging part of Icelandic interior designing to learn- and I have had to develop many new design principles to create this simple, uncluttered style of Icelandic interior.

Icelandic designers often use flat surfaces instead of curved surfaces, emphasizing white walls and ceilings, which is another Icelander principle that helps create a clean, uncluttered space.

There can also be an Icelander focus on natural materials like wood and stone or wool carpets and furniture.

Extract Colors from the Landscape

Nature is a great resource to draw color from. Colors can be extracted from all surrounding flora and fauna, the slant of light at different times of day, or the changing sky.

Icelanders often use accent colors in Icelandic interior design– the palette will be primarily drawn from natural materials like stone, wood, or wool.

Feature Icelandic Accessories

Icelandic home accessories are trendy amongst homeowners who are looking to achieve a rustic and cottage interior design. Homeowners especially are fond of Icelandic pillows, Icelandic throws, Icelandic ceramic pots, Icelandic leather chairs, Icelandic rugs and light fixtures.

Lighting fixtures are vital as when the nights draw in, our homes get dark, and we don’t want a prominent bright ceiling fixture. It’s not very hygge or Icelandic.
Using a wall lamp like a sconce is super hygge!

Experience the delicate romance of shea in this intricately handcrafted, one-of-a-kind loolu LED sconce. Expertly finished in antique gold from a bygone era, this sublime work of art is sure to bring your home or office to life with its burnished warmth and honesty. Accenting any decorative setting with an old world charm that sets it apart from the ordinary, the Shea Wall Sconce evokes fond memories for those who have known true love while gently brightening darker days with light without peer.

Utilize Icelandic Home Decor Accents

In addition to using Icelandic design principles and features, Icelanders also incorporate Icelandic home decorations into their homes.

One example of Icelandic home decorations is the use of Icelandic wall art. Wall art includes Icelandic paintings, sculptures, tapestries, and other forms of artwork.

Celebrate the organic beauty of indigo with the Framed Vintage Textile. This global-inspired piece features a vintage indigo textile, handmade in West Africa following traditional strip-weaving methods. In this centuries-old process, the fabric is first handwoven into long, narrow strips on small looms and then tie-dyed with natural indigo dyes to create simple patterns. These pieces are then hand-stitched together vertically, resulting in entirely one-of-a-kind finished products floated this unique textile on a white mat and framed it under quality glass cut from recycled wine bottles for an elegant touch.

Icelandic Cottage Style Decor

The cottage-style Icelandic interior designs reflect this sentiment of a natural element beautifully by using warm colors such as browns, whites, creams, grays, and blues to give you an earthy feel while maintaining your home’s individuality at the same time. This way, you can still show off your personality through how well decorated these spaces are while also feeling cozy inside them too!

I have Icelandic accessories in my home because they are so beautiful. It’s not too hard to go from Icelandic to rustic cottage interior design because Icelandic accessories can pull a room together. I’m also drawn to the simplicity and minimalism of Icelandic, which is very similar to the simplistic rustic cottage interior design style.

How to achieve an Icelandic Cottage Interior Design

Cozy and comfortable; that’s what cottage living is all about.

Born from the simplicities of country life, a mix of the two styles produce a little rustic flair and loads of personal style. If an interior filled with vintage charm, comfort, and sophistication is what you’re after, this is the design principle for you.


Begin by painting the walls in a neutral hue such as oatmeal, white, or off-white. Cottage interior design features a light unifying palette that lends an airy atmosphere to the typically smaller rooms. For a balanced contrast, add one or two darker furniture items.

Wooden floors can be a charming contrast to a classic cottage’s pale walls. If the floor and the wall are the same color, enhance visual depth with dark-colored splashes and furniture.

You’ll often see white-washed shiplap paneling on the walls. It’s an essential wood element if you design a pure cottage-style feel. You’ll see in modern homes that people have taken to the trend of paneling with MDF. This is the same concept as using shiplap, just more contemporary.

Vintage Pieces and Thrift

Traditional Cottage furniture and decor are appealing because they reflect the tale of a life lived. Weathered vintage and antique artifacts from many design periods are crucial to the casual style because they provide a touch of reinvention.

Be mindful not to mix match too much when you are out thrifting. You want to keep it looking all relatively unified. So to achieve that, stick to one color scheme and a couple of materials like wood, brick, or metal.

Upcycled Wooden Furniture

Icelandic and Nordic Style designs are highly into the concept of repurposing and the neighborly life.

So you will often see reclaimed pieces of furniture in homes that are either weathered as they have been gathered from the coast or old pieces that have been painted.

Most do like to keep the natural state of the wood, as dark wood is brilliant for creating depth and contrast without the use of color.

Pattern Clashing

The use of many different textures and patterns is an absolute must when choosing fabrics for the space.

Don’t feel that you have to opt for floral prints, yes they look nice, but rough, fraying edges of cushions and faux fur are way more Icelandic and hygge. Also, a subtle wide stripe is trendy in this design.

Rustic Cottage Kitchen Ideas

A rustic cottage kitchen has a simple, natural beauty and wabi-sabi vibe, so there isn’t any need to go overboard with fancy gadgets and appliances.

The key here is simplicity – no clutter, minimalism at its best! As long as your kitchen works well enough, don’t worry about adding extra bells and whistles. A good rule of thumb is: less is more.

Keep everything within reach. Make sure that your work surface is large enough to accommodate whatever task needs doing.

Remember that natural light can be limited in Cottage Homes, so light colors can help keep it spacious.

Icelandic crafts and home goods

Use Icelandic products whenever possible – especially those made locally. These include wool rugs, wooden utensils, ceramics, textiles, candles, soap, jams, honey, cheeses, loaves of bread, meats, fish, and wooden chopping boards.

Upgrade your charcuterie spreads with the Pike Serveboard. Simple in design, this classic entertaining essential is crafted from smooth acacia wood and finished in stark matte black for a clean, modern feel. We love its looped handle, which is excellent for carrying Pike from prep station to party but also makes for an easy way to hang it on the wall when not in use. A must-have for any get-together, whether you’re serving up appetizers or elegant sushi, it’s perfect no matter what you’re serving.

One of the most common items that are used in Icelandic homes is plants. They are used to add life and color or even to beautify the home. Pots of flowers are often hung on walls, placed on windowsills or other areas, and can be a focal point for any room.

There’s nothing better than having some fresh herbs around the house. They’re great for cooking with the family and look fabulous on the windowsill.

Lemon Thyme

This herb grows wild throughout the country and tastes delicious mixed with garlic and olive oil. It also makes lovely tea. Lemon thyme looks beautiful hanging over the sink, where it gets plenty of sunlight.


It’s hard to find dandelion flowers in stores these days, so grow them yourself.

Icelandic interior design is all about simplicity. Decorations, ornaments, and colors are typically minimalistic in Icelandic homes.

I’ll give you an example of Icelandic ornaments that help achieve the rustic look.

Icelandic wool rugs. Icelandic wool rugs are incredible for your home because they can transition with any color scheme you might have- from light to dark, masculine to feminine.

This rug is hand woven from wool with traditional motifs in contemporary colors.

So imagine you’ve just gotten home, only to spill milk down the front of your shirt accidentally. And it’s a Tuesday morning, so there’s no time to find something else clean. That’s when this rug comes in handy—just put it down on the wet spot, and voila! Gone are those milk stains as if they never existed at all.

These bowls bring a foot of height and an international vibe. The Onyx Pedestal Bowls were handcrafted in Uganda using traditional techniques by women who own and operate sustainable businesses that employ Fair Trade principles. Handmade from sweetgrass bundles wrapped together with durable sisal fibers dyed a deep brownish-black hue (with organic dyes), these containers are strong enough to stand on their own and can be used for storing fruit, cereal, snacks in the kitchen.


What is Modern Cottage Style?

There is no actual definition for the term ”Modern Cottage”, but it is considered a decor style that borrows from architectural and design styles of the traditional cottage with modern elements woven in.

What is Nordic style in interior design?

Nordic style is Scandinavian interior design. It is a minimalistic style using a blend of textures and soft tones to make a sleek, modern décor feel warm and inviting. It emphasizes clean lines, utility, and simple furnishings that are functional, beautiful, and cozy.