How To Style Your Coffee Table The Designer Way

A coffee table has many important functions in a home. Not only does it serve as a central point of your living room, but also in practical use to place drinks, TV remotes and snacks or an intimate dinner spot for a netflix and chill date night.

This staple piece of furniture in everyone’s home should not be overlooked for its stylish appeal; today, we’re going to show you how to style your coffee table like a designer and bring your living room together, with minimal effort and maximum wow factor!

It’s so much easier than you might think, adding different textures and heights to bring life to a table you may have overlooked and making your coffee table the focal point of the room. Just follow these simple steps.

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Coffee Table Books

The best way to start styling your living space? Grab a stack of home decor or design books. They’re called coffee table books for a good reason, after all!

Think about them as the foundation piece that will start your styling. Usually, books are displayed on a bookcase, or hidden away in cupboards and forgotten about, but the beauty of using a coffee table book is that your favourite books can be on display and act as a conversation starter or something for your guests to browse through when you’re entertaining.

Choose titles with covers that catch your eye or show off your interests. I suggest stacking a couple of books like 2-3. This helps make up some height when stacking higher onto an oversized surface area such as oversize tables. Plus, this still allows you room on the table for your favourite mug or glassware.

Top tip for coffee table book styling

Check beneath the dust jacket of a hardcover book of your choice, as some of them are hiding beautiful minimalist chic designs beneath that paper outer cover that make absolutely stunning additions to your coffee tables and open shelves, with minimal effort.

home styling

The Top 10 Coffee Table Books for Home Styling

Add A Contrasting Accessory!

To balance the scale of your books, you’ll want to bring in something similarly sized and totally different. You could go for a woven bowl or a coffee table tray; however, if that doesn’t work out, opt instead with ceramic dishes or decorative boxes that can also serve double duty as spots where remote controls are stored!

Using different textures to create contrast is a great way of making the design more interesting. For example, natural materials like woven cloth with smooth stone or wood paired against shiny metal will make your coffee table ornaments out.

Whatever it is, make sure your chosen coffee table decor is a statement piece and that they’re placed diagonally across from the stack, so all three items get some breathing room while still fitting snugly together without any spaces being left between them.

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My Top Picks to Add Texture

Introduce plants, fresh floral &
dried flower arrangements

Now that you’ve got some larger pieces for your coffee table decor, it’s time to think about filling in the gaps and bringing height. And the easiest way is with one of our design go-to: greenery!

An arrangement of fresh flowers or even a dried floral arrangement will do just what we need on any occasion (so long as they look good too!).

Also, think about a faux plant, especially if you’re not very good at keeping them alive. But I’d opt for a fake because my cat will jump on the coffee table, pull it off, and make the right mess.

I advise also thinking how big your coffee table might be when deciding upon an appropriate size for these arrangements; scale down if yours isn’t very large.

If your table is in front of your Television, think about if anything will block your vision.

But if you don’t want a plant on the table, then this is a great opportunity to showcase one of your favorite vases!

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Finish With A Few Decorative Table Ornaments

For the finishing touch to your table, consider a few smaller pieces. These can be items that also serve a real purpose – like candles or coasters – which happen to look great as well! But ultimately, they should be personal touches that define it as your space.

Choosing these types of decorations will keep it from feeling too busy, so you don’t have one big focal point on display at all times. This helps balance out larger main points on other parts of the styling.

coffee table decor

Try grouping smaller decor together for a better substantial feel without taking up space; this way, there’s less risk they’ll get knocked over by guests when being moved around during company dinner parties/special occasions.

If you opted for a wood tray, place your candle and perhaps a stack of coasters in there. And with a sculptural piece, try putting it on top of your books for visual appeal.

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My Top Decorative Pieces

Experiment with creative styling ideas to give your coffee table the attention it deserves

Hopefully, we have given you some inspiration to go forth and design your insta ready coffee table arrangements.

Have fun experimenting with color palettes, patterns, shapes, and coffee table sizes to develop unique designs that suit your home perfectly.

Switch up what coffee table books you are using to refresh looks easily, just for a change or seasonally – for example in winter I like to use For The Love Of White: The White and Neutral Home or The Kinfolk Home: Interiors for Slow Living without their dust jackets as a base, paired with white sculpture ornaments or black rustic vases for a classic cool wintery look. Both books are neutral in color, so go perfectly with a white winter interior theme.

And remember, no matter what style you choose, always use quality products to ensure longevity and safety.

You can use these tips to style your bedside table; just remember to leave space for your hot chocolate! And add a bedside lamp in keeping with your style for a glamorous and practical addition to your bedroom decor.

Coffee Table Tray


Can you put a square tray on a round coffee table?

If you have a round table, I suggest going with a square or rectangular tray. Round on round would not look as good.

How do you style a large coffee table?

On square coffee tables, consider dividing the surface into four quadrants and displaying an arrangement of two main items, especially if you have a large coffee table.

A stack of books, a tall plant, a tray that can hold your teacup alongside other smaller trinkets is the perfect go-to.

The grid feels organized but dynamic at once – you’ll have to move things around until they’re in place best suited just for yourself!

Or you can use a large decorative coffee table tray and build one big focal point by building it up with lots of decorative items, of course, but it should be your favorite piece! Think outside the box like a piece of coral if you love the beach.