Black and White Kitchen Ideas

How to Style a Black and White Kitchen

Despite its simplicity, the black and white monochrome kitchen has become one of the most popular styles in recent years. It’s simple design can be easily customized to suit any homeowner’s needs, making it a great choice for those who are just beginning their kitchen renovation journey.

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Black And White Dining Room Ideas That Will Make Your Guests Swoon Over Their Meal

A black and white kitchen will provide you with more opportunities for creativity than you may have expected. It doesn’t take much to make this style work well – as long as your dishes match your walls or floors, that is!

So if you’re looking for a new look without spending too much time or money, then this article is perfect for you! Here are some tips on how to style a black and white kitchen that will leave people asking, “Where did she find these?

Why is a Black and White Kitchen a Popular Scheme?

One of the most overlooked items in a home is the kitchen’s decoration. Kitchen accessories are one of the more critical elements to keep in mind when considering remodeling your home.

Kitchen accessories include a variety of things, from wall patterns to dishware. While it may seem like an unimportant aspect of your kitchen remodel, these small pieces can make a big difference for you and your family.

Plus, this is the fun part where you get to shop online and find kitchen products that look great, center stage, on your black kitchen island, or make a visual statement with your white kitchen cabinets.

Why use Kitchen Accessories?

Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen accessories are items that you use to style your black and white kitchen’s personality. This is how you make your kitchen unique, even though everyone has the same black cabinetry or white cabinetry.

Make sure to have some on the marble countertop (or granite countertop), walls, and floor. Make it so that the white and black accents are pleasing to the eye.

How to style a black and white kitchen

The use of these three elements listed below in your kitchen will transform your space into a beautiful showcase of contrasts.

In your black and white kitchen, you are free to choose any accessories that will match your style. If you want a contemporary kitchen, stick with clean lines and use a lot of natural materials & textures like wood.

Use Black and White Tableware

Ideally, you should avoid colorful tableware to give your bright kitchen a clean, classic style.

This selection of Tableware will be the perfect complement to your elegant kitchen.

VILLEROY & BOCH Iconic La Boule porcelain

Serving the same delicious food in beautiful dishes and bowls is just as important. Your guest’s eye will be drawn to your home décor whether you like it or not, so why not entice them with something that takes their breath away? The Villeroy & Boch Iconic La Boule porcelain dinner set of six offers a refreshing take on classic porcelain with elegant touches of style added for effect.

This 100% fine porcelain dinnerware set entails two 24cm diameter bowls/dishes, four 18cm diameter plates (24cm when paired together), and one large serving plate. With luxuriously stylish designs perfect for formal dinners, these dishes are dishwasher safe and microwave safe, making cleanup easy! Plus, the modern way they stack will look like a piece of art on an open shelf!

Check out how to style your open shelves here

CUTIPOL Moon Cutlery Set

Served with style. If you’re hosting a dinner party and are looking for cutlery designed to impress, these Moon table knives will do the trick. From 24 pieces of anthracite-washed metal, this Cutlery Set from Cutipol will brighten up any tabletop with its sleek black finish. They also have elegant spoon heads, featuring rounded handles that make it easy to hold them in your hand. This Cutlery Set is made from 18/10 Stainless Steel – so unlike silver tarnishes when not used, no need to worry about unsightly marks on your cutlery! Designed by Dutch company Cutipol and handmade at one of its factories in Poland, there’s no expiry date, and they’ll last forever.

Wall Art Prints & Wall Decoration

Next, you can use framed art pieces in patterns (or even drawings) to add basic colors in your black and white area, such as your dining space.

You can arrange these items evenly on every wall by choosing a color that will contrast with your white or black cabinets to compliment your design style.

These artwork selections will look fabulous in a dramatic, Scandinavian kitchen with white countertops and dark wood floors.

MINDTHEGAP Gestural Abstraction Print – II

Bring style and sophistication to your setting. The perfect modern accent to any bare walls, this Gestural Abstraction Print from international brand MINDTHEGAP would make a sophisticated statement with gold foil detailing and the perfect balance of colors.


This beautiful, one-of-a-kind poster is a fantastic way to add some life and style to your kitchen walls. With its graphic face design, offset printed on archival quality paper (FSC certified!), you can rest assured that this piece was ethically made and will last for years, not days, when framed correctly in a simple white frame. The 50cm x 70cm dimensions are perfect for any space!


Adding plants to your kitchen can create many benefits, not just aesthetically!

Click here to check out some of our favorite plants from Bloomscape, and they’re all animal safe!

Use Modern Kitchen Cookware

The key to making your black and white kitchen shine is the use of modern kitchen items. This includes a stainless steel sink, modern dishware, and sleek cookware. All these new appliances will give your space a fresh look which will completely transform it.

I’d recommend you use black appliances as white appliances are challenging to make look chic, especially if you have black kitchen cabinets and a luxurious marble backsplash.

Why You Should Invest In Quality Kitchen Utensils, Cookware, And Dishware

For Your Black And White Kitchen Design, You should invest in quality cookware, kitchen utensils, and dishware for your black and white kitchen design.

Everyone has different needs for the design of their home, but if you’re going with a black and white theme, you’ll want to make sure that you’re using good quality items that will last a long time.

You don’t want anything breaking or cracking after only a few months because it would look terrible in your beautiful space.

Pots & Pans

Pots and pans are a great accessory! Stack them on the side or hang them from a pot rack or even rails on your wall. Having your Pans featured in your design is a luxurious cottage statement.

Cast Iron 8-piece Ultimate Set Satin Black

Discover the rich elegance of Le Creuset’s enameled cast iron. The inimitable style of our Satin Black was developed by skillful artisans with over a hundred years of experience combined. With this 8-piece set, you’ll have everything you need for any occasion, and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed with its unrivaled performance.

TRAMONTINA Brava Cookware Set – 4 Piece

Four words to describe the TRAMONTINA Brava Cookware Set: Reliable, elegant, inviting, delicious. It has everything you need in a set: saucepans so you can show off those fancy skills of yours; a stockpot for soups and stews that are thick with flavor; an omelet pan with sloping sides for making perfect thin crepes every single time (I’m drooling already); plus frying pans that let the heat spread evenly across the surface allowing food to be cooked at high temperatures without degenerating into burnt goo. From eggs benedict-to-gauloise potatoes, this whole collection will make your weeknight dinners feel like a five-star dining experience.

GREENPAN Reserve 5-Piece Set

Made with luxurious Thermolon™ nonstick coating, GreenPan Reserve is the perfect set for all of your cooking needs. Beautifully crafted from hardened anodized aluminum, these pieces are nigh-indestructible. The 5-piece set includes a saucepan, fry pan, and a casserole dish; great for any occasion or menu!
This set is also featured on Goop!

Patterns are Fun!

The pattern is an important part of your kitchen’s decor. Recent years have seen a massive increase in the number of print patterns used for things like tea towels or dishware.

Using these prints to liven up the black and white aesthetic is an easy way to spice up your space while sticking to its main color scheme. The best way to use these prints is with a solid colored background, like white or black. This will allow the pattern and color of your dishware to be the focus of attention rather than its surrounding.

Add some patterns using wallpaper.

An excellent way to add a little personality to your kitchen is by adding wallpaper patterns on the wall. You can also use the other colors in your homes as green and blue, to make your black and white space feel natural.

Willow Black Paper Peel & Stick Repositionable Wallpaper

Get ready to transform your kitchen with Willow Black Peel & Stick Wallpaper. This watercolor willow stripe wallpaper features a luxurious, botanical feel that’s perfect for creating a personal oasis in your home.
This wallpaper is brilliant if you are looking for white kitchen ideas. This will add depth to your room to have that all white kitchen with a light wooden floor.


The key to choosing curtains for your black and white kitchen is in the fabric. You have to measure the windows first to be able to find the right size. The material you choose in the next step should complement the colors in your black and white space.

  • Use a light or medium sheer that’s similar in color to your window treatment. This will provide light without taking over the room.
  • Try floral or striped patterns, which are great for adding personality to a simple curtain
  • Pick out a heavy panel of drapery fabric if you want something more severe draping down from your window
  • Choose a loose weave material like linen or cotton if you’re looking for something soft and airy.

Practical and Stylish Kitchen Tools

It’s not just about plants, rugs, and curtains. We need to have practical items in our kitchens too. Such as Paper Towel Holders, Chopping Boards, Draining racks, and Honey Pots.

Design, and people’s sense of style, have come such a long way now that stainless steel appliances are not the norm. Appliances are being made with a luxurious material that looks awesome on white marble, and of course, in your monochromatic color scheme.


This may seem a little redundant to you, but having a stylish kettle on the side is a vital element.

Kettles are always on show in your kitchen. You simply can’t have a cheap, white appliance on display 24/7. It will bring down your lux, chic interior.

FELLOW Clyde Stovetop Tea Kettle

Meet the best tea kettle you’ll ever put on your stove (or, heck, even in your cabinet). Ergonomics is designed to glide as you pour. And get this: It doesn’t just steep up to 3 cups of loose-leaf delight in one go—it’s also got a patented ceramic-based material that helps it retain heat and prevents discoloration over time. We’re talking about a lifetime product here. One investment worth making for yourself and all your friends who’ll be stopping by to smell its gorgeous aroma every day after work from now on.

STELTON Emma Electric Kettle – Black

This sleek kettle is the perfect way to start your morning. The modern design will make you feel like a celebrity as you wake up and indulge in this well-deserved coffee. From boiling water to pouring milk, it’s all made easy with this one small device! Simply push the black button on the handle and watch as that beautiful metal lid swings open for easy access to grab those ice cubes or tea bags! A timer assures that your drink is not only hot but also fresh when needed. Banish any early morning doldrums with Stelton!
This Kettle will look incredible placed on a black quartz kitchen countertop with glossy surfaces.


Everyone wants and needs a toaster in their kitchen. Therefore the same principle from the kettle applies to the toaster & coffee machine.

BALMUDA Balmuda The Toaster

Balmuda’s all-in-one cooking appliance is as hot as you go. With two convection oven modes that can reach temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, grilled cheese and apple pies are made equally well. The machine pre-toasted bread at 428 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure a perfect crunch on the outside while maintaining moistness on the inside. Inventor Gen Terao spent years frustratingly wondering why his sandwiches always had holes in them, a detail left unsolved until he observed how many people like their toast burnt but not too much and devised the circular surface with five centimeters of water trickling underneath for an even browning process each and every time.

SMEG Coffee Grinder

Add to your kitchen arsenal with the chic, retro-inspired blade grinder from Smeg. This fantastic appliance will be your most trusted companion in crafting every kind of coffee fix–from an individual espresso to a twelve-cup pot of drip coffee.

Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen Utensils in my home are on display. So I know that I need fabulous-looking utensils.
Plus, they are great style items, as you can cluster them with a pestle and mortar, chopping boards, and perhaps a herb plant.

TOM DIXON Stone Pestle and Mortar

Prepare your favorite culinary creations in style with this stunning Stone Mortar and Pestle from Tom Dixon. Crafted from white Morwad marble, its mortar’s exaggerated rounded lip allows for easy grip, while its iron weighted brass pestle is the perfect accessory to grind herbs and spices! It is a fantastic gift idea for those who love to cook, and it comes presented in a beautiful branded wooden crate, making it the most luxurious kitchen accessory.

SERAX Pure Wood Kitchen Utensils – Set of 5

Add these pure wood utensils from Serax to your collection. With usability from the kitchen to the table, these utensils are rich brown and enhanced with visible wood grains and knots. More than just a decorative accessory for your eating space, they also make cooking a whole lot easier!

Having wooden utensils on the side is an excellent way to connect your kitchen backsplash and countertop to your light wood floor. It also softens the white kitchen scheme.


Having storage in your kitchen is vital. You don’t want everything on show, as some things need to be stored in the cabinets. But when you have beautiful olive oils and herbs, they need to be shown off! So having a cluster of them is really pleasing to the eye.


This beautiful box was custom-designed by Skagerak to store bottles of vinegar, oils, and herbs. This luxurious box can complement your decor and style while storing your favorite condiments. Store it anywhere in the kitchen, like a spice rack or sugar jar for easy reach!


Lighting in your kitchen is critical. You need it to be practical but also ambient.
Having 2 Pendant lights over your kitchen island is so on-trend right now. Check out my options below.

Smithfield Suspension Dimmable Pendant Lamp

Smithfield Suspension manages to be both grand and subtle in this lightweight, aluminum body. The diffuser is injection-molded opalescent PC (polycarbonate) because we know it’s what you deserve. Mesh fabric low voltage power cord. It is well suited for hanging above your kitchen island or your kitchen table.

Elliot 6-Light Pendant, Textured Black Finish, Clear Glass

Artisans handcraft Troy Lighting’s latest lighting series in a lush little town in France that has been making glassware for over 700 years. Their new textile technique gives these sparkling pendants an unmatched luster, reminiscent of luxurious jewelry from the Renaissance era. You’ll be transported to Europe every time your eyes fall on one!


What Colour goes best with a black and white kitchen?

I would say that the most popular color to go with a black and white kitchen would be either light blue, purple, or red.

How do you brighten a black and white kitchen?

The Best way to brighten your kitchen would be to add lighting. Evaluate the space and determine if you need more artificial light due to your lack of natural light. If you can add a skylight, this will be the best way to get light into your kitchen.

How do you accessorize a black and white kitchen?

You’ll need statement appliances, wall art & greenery to start you off. Open shelving is the perfect way to make your kitchen stylish as you can display beautiful plates and accessories.