Indoor Christmas Lights

How to Make Homes Sparkle With Christmas Lights

With a Japandi Style Christmas, you can slow down and reconnect this holiday season. The trend’s exquisite winter sun-inspired palette will help you achieve an effortlessly serene look.

We can all decorate our tree with natural rattan ornaments and beautifully simple paper Christmas tree decorations before sitting back and admiring the result.

But what we’re missing here is the Lights! The Sparkle!

Indoor Christmas lights like Fairy lights and white lights paired with the light wood and neutral tones you want from the holiday season will make your room glow. Lights will bring your Christmas decor alive and will make you feel all the hygge vibes of a traditional Scandinavian style Christmas.

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Modern Design


Festive decorations aren’t necessarily filling the room with Santa Claus ornaments and Light displays. The new design trend for this season is for everything to be a little bit natural, a little rustic with a polished touch.

Bring the outdoor lights in! For example, these artificial trees.

Large Light Up Blossom Tree

By day, this masterpiece is hardly different from the real thing, and by night, the tree lights look as though it was lit up by hundreds of little fairies, bringing a smile to your face and magic to your house.

You could use it as an alternative to your Christmas tree, but I think it’s a stand-alone piece that will bring the winter wonderland indoors.

White Berry Mini Christmas Tree Micro Light Duo

This little tree pair is a lovely festive addition to window sills and tables for the season, complete with shimmering microlights. These imitation trees, made of varied synthetic foliage with white berry accents, look just like the real thing and may be used year after year!

They are very easy to design inside any little area in your house, standing at 63cm tall, and comes with a rustic burlap base.

Simply use the fantastically flexible wire to weave each pair of tiny lights in and around the trees, then turn on the lights for the full effect. You can even program the lights to turn on at the same time every evening using the convenient 6-hour timer!

Perfect for the Indoor Party

scandinavian christmas lights
indoor christmas window lights

Everyone loves to decorate the table for Christmas. Whether you are having all the family at yours or if it’s just for the winter season.

White Bottle Brush Christmas Trees

I love this year’s japandi style trees. They add texture and come in a wide range of colors. Obviously, our favorite is the neutral colour palette ones.

Although these bottle brush trees aren’t pre-lit, wrap some warm white string lights around them to make a wonderfully lit centerpiece.

You don’t have to just use this design on the table. This minimalist design principle will work anywhere in the home, such as the window sill or the coffee table.

Pre-Lit Evergreen Garland

This Pre-lit Garland is an absolute must for this year. It has a wonderful presentation by using a handful of exquisite green artificial greenery and eucalyptus.

When stretched over a chimney, wrapped around a staircase, or laid down in the middle of tables, this wonderful garland makes a very dramatic impact.

TruGlow® Ball LED Candle

For a simple look, spherical candles are the way to go. These TruGlow® candles are made of real ivory wax and utilize unique technology to generate a realistic appearing “just lit” flame.

The trendy spherical candle form is ideal for your mantel, shelf, or tabletop.

They’re simple to place throughout your home, and you may put them in any location you like. Simply pick the simple 6-hour timer option for hassle-free ambient illumination every evening.

A True Japanese Style

japanese christmas lights
japanese christmas lights

The best and easiest way to get a warm glow is to use candles. And my favorite way to use candles is in Lanterns.

I love that they can go anywhere in the home. My top pick would be by the fireplace, or if you don’t have a fireplace, what about a cluster by the tv cabinet.

Basically, you’ll want to place them in your focal point of the room to get the true grandeur of them.

Sia Lantern

The Sia Lanterns are perfect for this. 3 size variations for the perfect cluster effect. The antique black metal finish enhances the exquisite curves of the Sia lamp. The tall glass panels are held in place by such a beautiful frame, which creates the ideal silhouette for a church candle or t-light.

With traditional tools, the metal is skillfully soldered around the glass. This handcrafted method results in weld traces on the joins of each piece. We adore this product as it has all the wabi-sabi feels since it tells the narrative of how the product is manufactured.

Three Tea Light Houses

This collection of three tall metal tea light homes is inspired by Scandinavian design, with steeply gabled roofs and miniature windows to let the light from your candle shine through for a contemporary spin on traditional Christmas décor and bring a little festive cheer.

Each set includes three lanterns: one little grey home, one medium white house, and one huge grey house. Place them about your house for a wonderful accent in any room, or display them together for a stunning fireplace or mantle centerpiece.

Large Antique Brass Star Glass Lantern

With a height of 33cm, this lantern looks great on windowsills and sideboards by itself or is teamed with the normal star lantern (available separately) to create an exquisite radiance. This lantern, which is finished in an aged antique bronze and has glass sides, exudes elegance wherever it is exhibited.

Indoor Christmas Window Lights

indoor christmas window lights
scandinavian christmas lights

It has always been a tradition to put candles or lights in the window for generations. It was to wish everyone safe passage and a very merry Christmas.

The tradition still stands today, with people placing lights in the window to share the festive spirit.

Warm White LED Star Curtain Light

With this lightweight star-light Christmas decoration, you can provide a delightful warm white sparkle to your windows.

This curtain light has a simple design with discreet white hooks at the top of each of the 5 star strings, making it very easy to hang.

Warm White Starburst Curtain Light

This Christmas spread some glitz and glam! This starburst curtain light includes 235 warm white LEDs to produce a beautifully twinkly show, making it great for hanging in your window throughout the holiday season.

It could also be used on the outside wall to brighten your home for passers-by and neighbors to appreciate.

The curtain light is 76cm in height and 120 cm in width, with 9 branches of two alternate lengths. Simply plug it in using the 5m lead line and turn the light on and off using the simple rocker switch on the lead wire.

Not only would this light decoration work in the window, but it does look beautiful above the fireplace too!

Warm White Micro LED Curtain String Light

This curtain light emits a comfortable glow whether hung in windows or from walls, thanks to 200 warm white micro LEDs evenly distributed over 10 drips of exposed silver wire. This interior curtain is a beautiful décor that may be used all year.


Can you leave indoor Christmas lights on all night?

The lights on your Christmas tree should not be left on overnight. Even LED lights can overheat, resulting in a fire if combined with a dry Christmas tree. Make it a practice to switch off your Christmas lights whenever you leave the house or before going to bed.

How do you know which bulb is out on Christmas lights?

A Christmas light tester is the quickest way to discover damaged bulbs on incandescent Christmas lights. Bring the light tester as near to each bulb as possible. When the tester is close to a working bulb, the indicator will light up.