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How To Incorporate Spring Flowers In Your Home To Inspire Joy

I don’t know about you, but I am so thrilled that today is the first day of Spring. It has felt like the longest winter, and where I live there has been no snow! I love the snow, so where’s the fun in freezing and spending money on heating the house if there isn’t any white fluffiness coating the trees?

At least the spring garden flowers and blossoms have finally started to appear which makes the garden start to feel bright, colourful and alive.

The Daffodils are peeking their heads, and the Tulips are in full swing! Cherry blossoms are blooming and magnolias and bringing much needed joy to all who pass them. It’s picturesque and mentally calming. Don’t you think?

Naturally, we want to bring this bright, fresh feeling into the home. Welcome in Spring, out with the old and in with the new! I’ve put together some ideas and inspiration of how to bring spring blossoms and blooms and joy into your homes this season.

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Spring Flower Arrangements

Spring is such a wonderful time filling our homes with a floral arrangement, pushing open the windows, and letting the fresh, warmish spring air breeze through and the sunbeams pour in. It brings a feeling of a new start.

Everything is growing again, and we can leave behind the cold, dark nights and welcome the warm air by taking deep breaths and being almost Zen for a few seconds a day.

And I absolutely love it, like it fills my heart with joy when the sunlight hits a beautiful bouquet of fresh cut flowers!

So let’s dive in and see what Spring flower arrangements we should be filling our homes with! As I want you to experience the emotion you get from delicate flowers each day.

spring flowers arrangements

How do I use Spring Bunches of Flowers in my home?

There isn’t much to it! Honestly, it’s so easy.

  1. Think about what rooms you feel need a gorgeous bunch of flowers.

  2. Now that you have the rooms down, think about the colour palette. White flowers will work in a neutral space that needs to feel calm. Yellow flowers could look more at home in a kitchen where life is busy and bustling.

  3. Grab a few of your favourite vases, or go online to order a few if you don’t have any.

  4. Put them in the rooms you think each vase design works best.

Now you have to figure out where in the room.

  • A bedside table is a great option.
  • The window sill in the Bathroom.
  • Sideboard in the Dining Room.
  • Bay window if you have a wonderful Victorian House.
  • The Breakfast table, perhaps that’s in the kitchen?
  • On your desk next to your computer if you have some sunlight.
  • Spring Dinner Parties! Central on the dining table making a beautiful impact.

The Flower Bouquet

Having a fresh, vibrant bouquet of flowers in your home is an instant way to bring in those spring colours and heavenly scents. I find that it’s also the best way to lift a dark and gloomy day due to the vibrance and dramatic effect it has in a room.

They’re also brilliant for memories.

When you see a wonderful bunch of flowers, you can picture yourself walking through the meadows. They remind you of spring walks and picnics you’ve taken in the past, perhaps with your dog or just a loved one.

A beautiful bouquet is how you connect yourself with nature in your home; Wabi-Sabi. 

Here are 3 of my favourite Spring Flower Bunches and vase options that I think will complement the flowers. 

If you are opting for a different vase, think about the colour wheel and array of colour palettes of the flowers. You’ll need to find a complementary colour vase; otherwise, the look can feel slightly off. A common glass vase will do the job beautifully if you are a little stuck.

This season, the Dara from Bloom & Wild has to be my favourite bouquet. It is so full of springtime flowers that are wild and carefree. Every time I see them, they lift my spirits as I love Daisie, but the Thistles in there remind me of Scotland. One day I will move there, and seeing this bloom gives me the determination to pursue dreams. The Yellow ball Craspedia brings that big hit of colour that SpringSpring is all about.

There are 36 stems in this bouquet! So it will really make a huge impact on the look of your space and how you feel.

Roses, Larkspur, Lisianthus, Aster, Alstroemeria, Daucus carota, Carnations, Eryngium, Dianthus, Limonium, Craspedia, Ruscus, and Chasmanthium, are included.

Vases I’d Pair with the Dara Bouquet.

With their clear glass construction, these vases can be used in a wide variety of settings. The Large version of this vase is perfect for your Larger floral arrangements. I’ve chosen this vase as it is a forever Vase. It will work throughout your home all year. But imagine placing this on the sideboard, on your dining room table or on a side table in your living room with the Dara Bouquet; perfection!

Using the Bubble Glass Vase, you can showcase fresh flowers in a contemporary and warm way in your living spaces. This item will make a statement in any room it is placed in. The fashionable and trendy bubble design and the smoked grey glass colourway combine to provide a timeless look and feel for your house.

I’ve picked this vase for the Dara Bouquet since I believe it will bring out the vibrant pop of colours in the flowers.

If you love your Bouquets to be a little more Monochrome with their colour palette, these British Tulips from Moyses Stevens are perfect. 

They are the colour of romance, and who hasn’t fallen in love with SpringSpring this year!? They’ll work harmoniously in a contemporary home with a gorgeous statement vase placed ever so elegantly on a kitchen island or in the window. 

Vases I’d Pair with the British Tulips Bouquet.

Using lead-free crystal glass, this contemporary vase has an organic rolling edge and an attractive bottle-shaped neck expertly crafted in Poland. Its simplistic beauty is perfect for displaying your tulips as it makes them the star.

After the blooms die, you can use this vase as a terrarium or hurricane lantern with a small pillar candle inside. Don’t you just love multipurpose items!?

The Ada Vase with Legs is a beautiful glass vase that stands on a stunning sculptural frame. Perfect for adding a touch of luxury to your dining table, this elegant vase will make a striking focal point. Made by Danish brand House Doctor, the Ada Vase with Legs is easy to clean with a dry cloth – perfect for displaying fresh flowers all year round.

Give a treat to yourself with the Letterbox Daffodil bouquet. Daffodil is the highlight of SpringSpring and brings the warm yellow of the sunshine into our homes.

This bunch is mixed with Narcissi and Natural Birch to make this arrangement more nature-inspired and rustic. Perfect if you are desperate to bring a touch of the outside in.

20 Daffodils, 10 Narcissi and 2 Birch stems are included and will be delivered through your letterbox in the bud. In bud is ideal as you get to witness the beauty of the flowers opening, plus you get to enjoy the full length of the flowers bloom.

 Vases I’d Pair with the British Daffodil Letterbox Surprise.

This vase is packed full of high-end design. Johnathan Adler is a genius for designing key accessories for our homes that we want to stand out. The minimalist nature of this vase is key to the dimensions and the unique face concept.

And I know that this vase will elegantly display the Daffodils effortlessly! Sometimes, Daffodils can look a little clumsy and cute, but in this vase, you can elevate them to what we all know they are; the princess of SpringSpring.

Suppose minimalism isn’t for you, and you want to highlight the gorgeous warming tones of the Daffodil with extra flamboyance and eccentricity. In that case, this is the vase for you!

This beautiful glass vase from Oliver Bonas was created from clear glass with a delicate mottled texture. It is a medium vase in an angular shape. It is completed with a metallic gold base for that amazingly sensual touch of luxe we are all craving. Also, the sunlight bouncing off metallics in the SpringSpring and summer is absolutely stunning.

Flowers and Our Health

Now that I’ve shown you some superbly beautiful spring flowers, I want to tell you all about the importance of blooms in our homes, especially in the Spring. And what flowers we will start to see on our walks to work or to the shops.

spring flowers bouquet

Flowers and Mental Health

Being in the presence of beautiful flowers can change your mood and ease stress. Just being outside is beneficial, but adding them into our homes will do even more good things for us!

The fragrance from these amazing blooms has been shown to reduce anxiety levels. They make it easier to escape reality by thinking positively about life’s little joys; they also help clear out all negative thoughts, so you’re left with nothing else except peace.

The power behind this truth has been undeniable since people discovered how important planting gardens full of blooming greenery was.


Jasmine is a wonderful flower that has been used for centuries, and you’ll start to see it bloom now that SpringSpring is here. It helps in reducing our anxiety levels, heart rate and encouraging peacefulness and mindfulness. Which then guides us into a more restful sleep, a long, restful sleep. Place Jasmine in your bedroom for that calming feel, so you can relax and destress from the day.

spring flowers arrangements
spring flowers bouquet


Red tulips are a massive representative of love. But not a ‘Valentine’s Day’ kind of love. A love of nature and prosperity. Planting Tulips in the garden or having an arrangement of tulips in your home inspires your creativity. It can also nurture any doubts you have about your plans for the year ahead. 

As there are different colours of tulips, a purple tulip signifies royalty, and white tulips are brilliant for displaying purity and honour. So by placing White Tulips in your home, you’re open to the notion of peace, tranquillity and mindfulness.


What is a Yellow Spring Flower?

The iconic Yellow Flower of Spring is the Daffodil.

What Plants Flower in Spring?

Tulips, the Daffodil, Lily flowers, Bluebells, Hyacinth, and Allium all bloom in SpringSpring as they can’t handle winter’s extreme weather conditions.

When to Plant Flower Bulbs in Spring?

It is recommended that spring flower bulbs are planted before the Spring arrives. They need to be able to have substantial root growth. Without this, the conditions won’t be correct. And it’s very unlikely that you’ll see blooms that year.