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How To Get A Festive Glow With Outdoor lights

Create your own Winter Wonderland, and be the brightest house on the street this festive season with Outdoor Christmas Lights. Here are some ideas and the best garden lights for decorating your home’s exterior.

These festive outdoor lights and decorations will make your home have that extra sparkle this holiday season.

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A Very Festive Entrance

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This year, give your front entrance a festive makeover. Adorn your doorway with a festive wreath, outside potted plants, and quirky festive doormats.

For a calm and romantic atmosphere, we enjoy the idea of arranging a few lanterns with candles outside too.

Pre-Lit Outdoor Berry Christmas Wreath

Dark green tips, red berries, and 35 warm white LEDs enliven this traditional pre-lit berry wreath. The wreath measures 40cm (D) and is super-easy to decorate indoors or out. It is the ideal accent for your front entrance this Christmas.

For a warm Christmas light, hang around doorways, porches, and fireplaces. Simply use the timer option to set the timer for 6 hours of festive sparkle each evening.

Pre-Lit Outdoor Berry Christmas Garland

The pre-lit berry garland is an attractive finishing touch for the outside of your home. This garland emits a pleasant glow with dark green tips, scarlet berries, and 50 warm white LEDs when lighted.

With a length of 1.8m, this classic garland is easy to wrap around doorways and staircases and may be used both indoors and out. Simply add 3 AA batteries in the waterproof battery operated compartment, and your set for a beautiful display for your entrance.

Fabulous Front Door Light Up Tree Set

With this four-piece Fabulous Front Door Light Up Tree Set, you can turn your front door into a portal to Santa’s grotto. This set will brighten the day for everyone who has the good fortune to walk through a doorway adorned with it since it is weatherproof and battery-operated for simple transportation and installation.

The Humble Fairy Light

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Fairy lights are extremely adaptable, and they can be utilized to liven up any outdoor area. Wrap them around a drain pipe, use them to frame your windows, and be imaginative with where you put them. Drape net lights on trees or fences to change the gloomy evenings and make your Christmas garden display even more stunning.

Warm White Connectable Fairy Lights

Core Connect fairy lights are ideal for illuminating your house for not only Christmas but all year. These low-voltage lights are suitable for both indoors and outdoors. They’re a go-to for tree lights and spanning courtyards since they’re stylish and long-lasting.

It’s really easy to link them together to produce the exact length with the capacity to stretch up to 80m of lights from one socket and simple connections on the ends of each string. A 4.5m lead cable is included with the Core Connect transformer plug (sold separately).

Simply set the timer and choose a lighting effect to keep the lights shining year after year!

Premier Pin wire Solar-powered string lights

This 200 LED light string can bend and move, making it ideal for adorning the garden and creating the right ambiance. Solar-powered, and comes in an option of Cool White light or Multicolored LED.

And because they’re solar-powered, they will switch on automatically when it gets dark and will last for around 8 hours.

The Outdoor Icicle Light

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Everyone has a favorite when it comes to outdoor Christmas lights, and that is the White Icicle light. They look so bring a festive cheer on dark winter nights when decorated on the eaves of houses. It is no wonder they are the most searched for outdoor light this time of year.

Core Connect 20m 640 Warm White Connectable Icicle Lights

Core Connect icicles are a must-have for adding a touch of glitz to your house this holiday season. These low-voltage lights, designed for outdoor usage, strike the right blend of elegance and endurance. Connect the strings of lights with their simple plug-and-play connectors to extend the length up to 30 meters.

Each string has 64 LEDs and a staggered drop of up to 0.7m, so they’re best placed around rooflines. These icicles come with a 6-hour timer and eight lighting modes, including sparkle, flash, and chase, to brighten up your house all season. A 4.5m lead cable is included with the Core Connect transformer plug (sold separately).

Pro Connect 10m 500 Connectable Cool Icicle Lights White Cable

Icicles from Pro Connect are a wonderfully lovely solution to illuminate your roofline. These high-quality icicles are entirely waterproof for the winter months, as well as show-stopping and long-lasting! The simple connections on the ends of each string make connecting them to generate the precise length a breeze. Our Pro Connect lights are weatherproof and may be used outside all year.

The staggered drops include 3 to 7 LEDs for a realistic icicle effect with a range of up to 40 meters from a single outlet. The timer plug has a 2m lead cable, while the conventional Pro Connect plug has a 1.5m lead cable. Both plugs are offered separately.

Ollny Christmas Lights

Ollny Icicle lights outdoor are perfect if you can’t decide whether you want coloured lights or an ice white light.

It has 11 lighting modes, 4 Levels of brightness, 3 types of timer settings including color changing, and a handy remote control for outside usage.

Light Up Reindeer

The best Christmas lights for your yard are light-up reindeer. The lit LED reindeer Christmas figurines are excellent for placing at entranceways and on lawns and produce a wonderful glow come evening time. They are packed with plenty of lights for a large festive display. There are so many variations of these lovely little and large light-up reindeer to pick from, so decide whether you want a single light-up stag or a herd of light-up deer.

Set of 5 Harlow Rattan 3-in-1 Light Up Reindeer

These reindeer will give you a show-stopping dazzling display. 5 grey rattan figurines, including 1 huge stag and doe. And a standard stag, doe, and fawn.

These Harlow reindeer have new breakthrough technology that allows you to choose between three distinct colour options: cold white, warm glow white, or a blend of both. This unique 3-in-1 design and functionality allow you to match your existing colour scheme for your displays or switch up your look throughout the season!

They can spend the whole Christmas season outside, thanks to their waterproof covering. The 8m lead cord on each figure allows you to style in the most ideal locations outside, and the metal pegs help lock the figurines in position.

Rustic Deer Family with Buffalo Plaid Bows

Sculpture of a Deer Family With dazzling incandescent lights, this set enhances any place meaning these can be used outdoor & indoor.

The set includes One 52-inch buck, one 44-inch doe, and one 28-inch fawn, containing 210 clear incandescent lights.

They are beautiful on porches, patios, yards, landscaping, and interior in the entryway, huge rooms, and a variety of other settings.

Outdoor Light up Christmas Decorations

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If you want to go all out this year for your Christmas lights display, check out these options below!

Baby penguins

Take your Christmas game up a notch this year with these beautiful baby penguin lights, complete with the white LED light-up goodness. These 12.5cm tall X 12cm wide cute little guys probably won’t even mind when you take them down in January to give life to some other holiday… they’ll be so relieved it’s all over!

Outdoor Alpine Fir Tree

This season, we’re introducing this delightful tree, an alternative to the conventional evergreen. This tree is stunning in its simplicity and a must-have for those seeking tradition with a twist.

This Alpine Fir may be embellished with ornaments or presented naked inside for a unique and calm atmosphere, lit by carefully placed warm white lights and snow-touched. Outside, our tree’s realism and pared-back design provide the most enchanting seasonal welcome when placed near an entryway or porch.

Light Up String Polar Bear

Each Christmas, welcome the polar bear to your festive house, which is suitable for use both indoors and out. This lovable bear has a cotton wire structure that gives him a friendlier, broader profile and is illuminated by 72 lovely warm lights.

Nothing could be more lovely than the entrance of our polar bears on the porch, hallway, or garden, signaling the beginning of the season’s celebrations.


Do outdoor Christmas light plugs need to be covered?

If your outdoor plug isn’t protected by a roof or other means, it needs to be covered with a particular cover called an “in-use” cover. As the name indicates, these covers will keep the receptacle and the plug in it dry, even if it rains.

When should outdoor Christmas lights be turned on?

Thanksgiving weekend has long been considered the unofficial start of the Christmas decorating season. Many people wait until December 1st to put up their decorations. However, in recent years, we’ve seen an increasing number of people deviate from convention and prefer to light up a little sooner.