How To Finish Your Japandi Space With Rugs

The fusion between Japanese style Zen design with Scandinavian design, Japandi, makes it the perfect addition to any home that loves minimalist design, like me! The neutral colour palette of the Japandi style is so simple and elegant, and it works brilliantly with clean lines, natural elements and the concept of beauty in imperfection.

So when you’re designing your living room or bedroom, you’ll soon realise that you need a grounding piece of decor. Sometimes this can be a large piece of wall art. But in Japandi, you’ll need a beautiful rug that is full of texture. To create the ultimate, cosy, luxurious, soft environment, you’re seeking.

You can find these rugs in a wide range of rugs in different sizes or forms–making them versatile enough for your needs no matter what they may be.

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When it comes to the benefits of Japandi,
what comes to mind?

japandi style rugs

As we can see, the advantages of this approach include the creation of a lovely, quiet space that is also light and airy. If you like bright colours like blues, yellows, and reds, the Japandi trend may not be for you because it favours muted tones.

Japanese design and Scandi diverge greatly in their use of wood tones. Japan’s ability to experiment with contrast is one of its best features. Using neutral colours will result in a peaceful and restful atmosphere. When dealing with large patterns or colours, it can feel like we’re being drained. Using Japandi is a great way to bring tranquillity to a room, and it’s easy to see why. We’re looking for muted colours and bringing nature indoors by using natural woods and organic shapes.

Because Japanese aesthetics and Scandinavian minimalism are the parents of Japandi, it’s important to decorate with these key elements in mind. Simple pieces of furniture

  • Rugs
  • Earthy tones
  • Natural colours

A Japandi Rug is a Finishing Touch

bedroom rugs
japandi style rugs

But if you’re home is already a serene haven and just fancy a slight change-up, a rug lets you upgrade your space effortlessly.

The shape can be round, plush, square, or fluffier. Rugs are a favourite of ours both for their ability to create a bright space, how they complement the natural materials and because they are so cosy underfoot.

If that wasn’t enough, they could also define your space. High-pile rugs provide added warmth and comfort in any season. High-pile rugs not only look and feel cosy, but they keep the floor warm throughout the cooler months. Have a look at our favourite selection of rugs; we’ve got something for every taste and budget.

White Ultra Thick Plush Shaggy Rug

The neutral tones of this stunning white plush rug are the perfect accessory for any Japandi design aesthetic. With its luxurious, decadent feel and heavy pile density, it will instantly transform your living room or bedroom into a luxuriously inviting area that you can’t stop looking at!

The original 7kg per m2 snow-white shaggy model offers unrivalled indulgence on floors. It is unmatched by other premium qualities and has minimalist design principles.

Handmade in India from soft silky Polyester fibres, this amazing contemporary design has everything: beauty, practicality and the art of imperfection.

For even more Shaggy Rugs  and all your rug needs please check out Land Of Rugs who we love for their amazing range of beautiful, high end rugs at very reasonable and competitive prices.

Elgin Tassels Rug Cream Black Border

Japanese minimalism is all about the creams and the neutral palettes, but you’ve got to have some black in the space to create the crisp, simple lines. And this is where this rug comes in.

The Elgin Tassels Rug is perfect for modern or more traditional interiors with a traditional look and a simple, elegant edge. The chic design will give your home an elegant feel that you can’t resist! Made from viscose cotton and hand-woven. Its beautiful black border contrasts beautifully against this cream-coloured rug’s soft texture while adding sophistication to any space in which it resides.

Cecily Pile Rug

This beautiful rug is the perfect addition to any living room. It’s soft, comforting, and modern with the elegant simplicity of its chosen color palette. I find that this rug can be used in all kinds of ways – from bold patterns, muted colors, or monochrome schemes! The Cecily would look amazing paired up against dark wood furniture for an industrial aesthetic while still providing enough contrast between textures.

Felt Ball Rug Linéa Round

It’s always exciting to discover new designs that are not just unique but also aesthetically pleasing! Myfeet have perfected this with their unusual collection of rugs which use felt as its material!

The Linéa round ball rug in white offers a quirky and eclectic design perfect for any Scandinavian style space. I believe that this is a beautiful, stylish bedroom rug and could work in a kids room too due to its playfulness.

This stylish rug will work in a rustic minimalism setting. It is charmingly imperfect while still managing to look classy. The perfect bedroom rug!

Lemieux et Cie Flatwoven Rokia Rug

What’s more luxurious than a floor covered in wool? This beautiful geometric shape rug from Lemieux et Cie is crafted with the softest of pure wool & features an intricate design that will be sure to catch your eye.

Place this rug in any Japanese interior or in a feng shui room for its own aesthetic appeal. This captivating pattern makes it perfect no matter where you put it!

Handwoven Potala Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Suppose you’re looking for a multipurpose rug. In that case, this Scandinavian piece is just what you’re looking for, as this rug can also be used outdoors.

The artistic touch of this handmade rug has an appreciation for nature, which is why the abstract style works harmoniously with an outdoor space. It looks absolutely stunning with natural wood, which will create a rustic charm feel to your outdoor entertaining. You’ll never want the night to end, so you better get the blankets out!

Ketju rug

The design trend of simple design pours out of Ulla Koskinen, the designer behind roots living’s ketju rug. She has designed yet another beautiful piece for your home. She combined traditional Indian craftsmanship with modern Finnish design to create an eye-catching masterpiece.

This rug will be sure to leave you feeling cosy inside and out and will work with any colour scheme for a Japandi interior!

Nour New Zealand wool and cotton rug

This wool and cotton rug is perfect for any space. Its design, color palette and shape will bring a luxurious feel to your home. Its soft fibres are long-lasting due to the high fade resistance of this material!

I’d pair this rug with pale woods and perhaps some charcoal grey tones to be a complementary design style to a Japanese notion.

Flora Rug

This beautiful, hand-knotted wool rug is inspired by Soho Home Berlin using Moroccan flokati styles and has a diamond pattern. The abstract diamonds on its surface provide instant warmth to any room they reside in while also reminding one of its design roots!

Made in India from 100% sheep’s hair, it would be the perfect decorative piece for your master bedroom or living space to create instant warmth!

If you love this style of Moroccan Rug you need to check out Land Of Rugs wide range of Moroccan Rugs  to suit and pair with any style, in any room.

Zambo Jute Rug

If you are a little eco-conscious and would prefer to have a rug made of sustainable materials, then let me suggest to you the Zambo.

The natural material of Jute is excellent for pairing with neutral colors as it brings warming tones to the room. Jute is often seen in boho style, but it is creeping in due to its harmonisation with Scandinavian spaces.

It would be great in your living room that has a lot of foot traffic as it is hard-wearing.

Riviera Sparkle Shaggy Rug

This gorgeous rug is a popular style because it is perfect for adding a touch of class and elegance to your space. This hand-crafted piece is made from durable polyester material. It features a deep shag pile with shimmering lurex strands that will provide you warmth on chilly days or nights when needed most! This rug also comes in many sizes, so whether you have a smaller space or a large one, you can make your home soft and fluffy.


How to stop rugs moving on carpet?

Ideally, you should use a rug pad to prevent slipping and bunching. We recommend this one from Dunelm.

If your rug is flimsy, use double-sided adhesive tape. Or you could anchor all four corners with furniture.

How to clean rugs at home?

Vacuum or shake your rug to remove as much dust and debris as possible.

Find a suitable carpet shampoo for the type of rug you have, follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully! We always recommend testing an inconspicuous patch first before applying whole surfaces because some rugs may react differently depending on their material content. Dab off excess liquid after application using soft cloths/towels.