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How to Design a Scandi Style Kids Bedroom

In Scandinavian design and decoration, you will find the simplicity of design mixed with unique details. The point is to get the bedroom really functional first before adding many decorative elements. The focus should be on creating a resting place that’s more than just a “boring” space for your kids where they have to go to sleep – We all know how much most kids hate “bedtime” – well if you create a space that they love and feel creative and inspired in, they should start to look forward to bedtime and even, homework time! You might even catch them trying to keep their room tidy because they love it so much.

Whether you’re stuck for ideas on how to create a space your children will like, or you just want some tips on how to design Scandinavian Kid-friendly spaces, read on for some Scandinavian Style tips you and your kids will love.

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How to Decorate a Scandinavian Style Child's room

Scandinavian Bedroom

It’s about creating a space that allows your child to be themselves but is surrounded by beautiful design elements. You want the space to be comforting but minimalistic so they can rest well and get through homework without distractions. You also want it to look modern and fresh with tastefully placed pops of Scandinavian colors here and there.

You can add some accessories like pillows and blankets with Nordic patterns to make it super cozy and add globes or model boats to make it a super kid-friendly Scandinavian design.

The Stream Lampshade

Soft furnishings like lampshades, cushions and bed sheets are a great way to build texture and pattern. The Stream Lampshade will delight the young and old alike with the modern take on a traditional ball lamp design, and a wonderful fish design influenced by Japanese aesthetics. Ferm living kids also have matching pillows, bedsheets, and wallpaper in this range that are perfect for finishing off your look.

Lastly, you want it to have an open flow where your little ones are free to play or study in any part of the room.

Using Scandinavian Design to Fuel Your Child's Creativity

If you want your kid to enjoy doing their homework, why not include a simple desk? It’s all about simplicity. Facilitate children’s creativity by providing them with tools like paints, pens, and other crafts, a special corner to play music, or whatever their hobbies may be.

Delightfully charming wooden tea set

Adding items like this Delightfully charming wooden tea set can really spark their creativity and inspire interaction with others.
Bright and colorful, this adorable little tea set is perfect for your child’s first tea time. Made of responsibly sourced beechwood crafted in Europe by Danish designers Ferm Living, it includes everything needed to serve an afternoon tea party– a tea tray, a sugar shaker, two cups and spoons and a sprinkle of imagination! Completely safe for children aged 3 years and up.
You can also place a wooden table on one side of the room and an armchair on the other side along with a low coffee table. This way, you can easily sit and share a cup of tea or play board games with your kids.

Funkis House Shelf 

Another idea taken straight from classic Nordic design is to add some open shelves or accessible book ledges where you can place their favorite books as well as photos of memorable family moments like this Funkis House Shelf is a perfect addition that will give your child’s room a stylish new look. The shelf can be used to store books, toys, and other articles so that they’re out of sight but still easy for your children to access them whenever they need.
Not only does this shelf provide storage alternatives, but also enhances its appearance with an attractive finish; one that fits perfectly with any décor style when paired with furniture matching the same tones of color (white/beige) or contrasted ones (black/grey).

Ferm living’s architect table

Ferm living’s architect table is the secret weapon for every stylish parent who wants to inspire their child while making life just a tad bit easier. Your kids will love this awesome and playful furniture which repels crumbs, lends itself well to any décor theme in your house, and doubles as an all-inclusive surface where they can eat lunch, paint and draw and do their homework.

Additional Design Ideas for How to make the Room Special and Unique

You can create more space by including discreet inexpensive storage spaces like standing suitcases for toys and clothes, which fit under the bed to maximize on the floor space. You can even paint the suitcases different colors or with a simple pattern, to add a more adorable chic style.

Adding a teepee into their bedroom as a mini play space, reading nook, or even going all out and having them use it as a bed is a beautiful and imaginative way to add joy and wonder to your child’s bedroom – you can even add twinkling fairy lights on the inside to make it truly magical.

Kid’s Concept Cotton Canvas and Wooden Tent

We love this Kid’s Concept Cotton Canvas and Wooden Tent!

This tent is designed for little critters who still need their own space. A uniquely creative, kid-friendly space where they can create their own masterpieces, design amazing games with friends or just take some time away from all the insanity that is school and a grown up’s world in general.

Your little adventurer will sleep soundly under thick pine wood roof beams while dreaming of new adventures and you’ll never worry about them running out of art ideas because there’s enough room in this cotton canvas tent for any artistic whimsy they have!

The Numero 74 Cotton teepee

For a more classic teepee design: The Numero 74 Cotton teepee is perfect for your little dreamer. The teepee comes with an in-built window for natural light and ventilation, as well as a storage bag to transport, making it perfect when at home or on the go. Handcrafted from the finest cotton and traditionally dyed by hand you will be wrapping up their dreams this winter! Made in many shades to fit any bedroom design but we like this shade: powder for it’s warm neutral tones, and as bonus they make matching curtains!

If you want to be sure that your kid’s bedroom is designed using eco-friendly practices then choose solid wood furniture from sustainable sources instead of MDF furniture because it will last longer too. Natural wood also fits beautifully in with your Scandinavian neutral color palette. 

Both of these products fall under the “Greenable” category which means that Every product with a GREENABLE label meets at least one of the criteria listed below:

Organic Cotton/Gots,Recycled materials, Natural cosmetics, Wood from sustainably managed forests, Vegetable tanned leather, Vegetable dyes.

Scandinavian design touches

Scandinavian Bedroom
Scandinavian Style

If you love this design style but don’t want to go all out Scandinavian, then an ideal option would be to create a monochromatic color scheme bedroom with hints of Scandinavia.

For example, choose one color tone for the entire room and stick with it everywhere – on the walls, flooring, ceiling, and even furniture if possible, with tiny bursts of color to lift the space and stop it from becoming flat (also remember about choosing colors that will work well together).

Add only minimal furniture pieces and accessories to make it look as spacious as possible.

A perfect example of a minimal accessory you can add to a Scandi influenced bedroom that will also work with other minimalist styles, is this charming Rattan doll bed from Ferm Living. (Honestly you can sell me anything from Ferm Living! A personal favourite brand of mine and of Pure House) When your little one needs a new space for their dolls, teddies and toys this bed is made with sleek rattan bamboo materials that both tucks all their toys away and doubles up as a toy itself. They are sure to love this doll bed, with natural tones to compliment any room, what parent would say no?

Going all out on Scandinavian design influence

If you want your kid’s bedroom to look really Scandi then you could add some birch trees outside the window instead of traditional curtains so that when it gets dark, they can gaze at the stars through the trees. Plus allowing natural light into a nordic style space is true to form, and works so well with the neutral palettes in the room.

You can also add a hammock between 2 trees in the garden and place it right outside your kid’s bedroom windows so that they can take a quick nap outside on a warm summer afternoon, encouraging them to spend more time outside.

Use a white decorating scheme with wooden furniture and include subtle splashes of color like blue or yellow, which are Scandinavian colors.

The Lorena Canals exclusive Bereber Rug in cream is made from 100% Cotton using non-toxic fabric dye meaning it’s not only soft but also safe for kids. The 140 x 200 centimeter (roughly 5 feet in length) is the perfect size to create a cozy spot with the help of this luxurious and adorable children’s bedroom rug. Creating a cozy space has never been easier!

Another great idea is to cover one wall with wood paneling for that rustic Scandi cottage feel (you can also paint it in a contrasting color if you want to). If your kids are young then they might enjoy adding their own personal touch by painting murals on the walls with light colors.

The value in adding natural wood and materials into your child’s bedroom is priceless. Not to mention the elegant simplicity bare wood can bring into a space, while teaching them to appreciate nature and the world around us.

A longtime favorite among scandi designer enthusiasts is the Organice Milk Moumout blanket, a luxurious and adorable item that every child needs in their bedroom.

We guarantee this will be your little one’s new best friend. Its gauze fabric is smooth and oh-so-soft to the touch, but if it gets dirty at all just toss it into your washing machine! No need for dry cleaning – just throw the comforter inside with clothes and remove when done! Authentic nordic design takes front of stage with this cuddly blanket.

Simple Decor Touches to Scandi Up Their Bedroom Design

If you are just looking to add a few accessories, then simply include some light sources like string lights running along the wall or ceiling which will create an enchanting space for them when it gets dark.

If you are on a budget then you can DIY some decorations by using simple items like alfoil. You can also create a few large paper lanterns to create the same effect as string lights and even involve your little one in the creativity.
A very simple way to add Scandi touches to your child’s bedroom is by purchasing bedding, rugs, pillows and throws, and upholstery options that are available with Scandi design patterns. Layering texture and pattern will both excite your child’s imagination and look great.

Simple furnishings with straight lines and geometric shapes are another fantastic way to easily add a touch of scandi to a space.

White walls

Scandinavian Non Binary Design

My favorite thing about Scandinavian design for a child’s room is that the design elements are completely gender-neutral, which also makes it a perfect choice for designing a nursery ahead of your baby being born. Scandinavian Nursery Design is super cute and oh so stylish – who said your baby’s room doesn’t need to be as insta-ready as yours?!! Not having to worry about how masculine or feminine the room will look for your child’s taste will take such a weight off your mind.

Scandi style

handmade braided rattan pendant light

Add a touch of non gender specific rustic charm with this handmade braided rattan pendant light. This Ferm Living lamp shade brings a whimsical and rustic feel to any space. Natural materials create an elegant, yet natural atmosphere – perfect for adding warmth and life to your child’s bedroom.

In Scandinavian design, pink is for girls AND boys (I love that) paired with tiny elements of bold black or grey and used in graphic prints, pink is a strong colour and doesn’t have to be girly.

White walls, natural materials, clean lines and lively patterns respond very well with kids which is probably why Scandinavian spaces work so well for them.


How do you style a kids bedroom?

For simplicity and style use Scandinavian design as an inspiration point.
Scandi colours are great for junior rooms – Scandi kids bedrooms are made up of a few key Scandi colours like pastels such as white, blue and grey. However, you can easily go for a Scandi colour scheme that uses only two colours such as pink, green or turquoise paired with white.

When decorating or designing the children’s bedroom, consider including furnishings that are comfortable but functional for a growing child.

How do you make a kids bedroom fun?

You can make a child’s room fun by using colour, bright interiors and most importantly, interactive toys! Kids rooms with bright carefree decoration and creative space ideas can be a great inspiration to make your little one happy.
A child’s bedroom is a creative space, so make sure there are elements in it that help them feel creative such as paintbrushes, pencil cases and colouring books. Include lots of pictures of them or their friends on the wall to give it a personal touch.

What are the best kids’ bedroom colours?

If you’re looking to create a bright and vibrant children’s bedroom, then consider using pastel colours such as blue, pink and green. You can spice up these colours by adding brighter elements such as orange or red in the form of a small chair or rug

For your child’s bedroom, try decorating with white walls which will allow you to inject a colour through the furniture. Children’s bedrooms with white walls are usually decorated with natural wood, pink, blue or green furnishings to create a traditional feel.

What is the best way for a child to organise their bedroom?

Scandinavian design can be a great inspiration point for many children’s bedrooms, especially in the bedroom décor itself, and when it comes to storage there are lots of possibilities within Nordic design principles to create beautiful storage solutions.

There are lots of storage options that work well for children’s bedrooms in Scandinavian Design. Bedroom organization can be child’s play if you have the right furniture and storage such as bookcases, chests of drawers or under-bed boxes. To keep things neat and tidy in your child’s bedroom, invest in large rattan baskets which can be easily moved around the room and hidden under beds or desks, while still looking stylish in a minimalist Scandinavian way.

Where should I put my kid’s bed in the bedroom?

When deciding on the ideal position of their bed, always consider how much space there is around the bedroom because this will affect where the bed can stand. For safety reasons, it’s best to position the head of the bed against a wall so that there’s no gap between the bed and the edge of the room in which your child, or their toys could get trapped.

It’s also a good idea to consider being able to see them easily when you open the door, across the room, diagonal from the door is best.

But most of all, the bed should be placed in the room where it’s most comfortable for your child to get in and out, and you can safely get to them if they need you.