How to design a home that inspire creativity

How to Design a Home That Inspires Creativity

How do I decorate my creative space?

Productivity in our homes has become so important over the past year with more people having to work from home than ever.  We are starting to look at our homes in a whole new way, and finally, have the time to renovate spaces that have been much needing an update or simply to fit our new lifestyles.

In 2020 our home became our restaurant, our hang out space, our offices and for some of us, our own personal bars!

Cocktails after work while still in your pyjama’s? It was a look, and we’re here for it.

With all of this going on in the same (small for some of us) space, how can we possibly think, unwind and even more so,  get anything productive done?

 In this next post, we are going to look at home creativity, creative hobbies and dive deeper into color theory, following on from How colors affect your wellbeing at home ” to give you some tips on how to bring some creative energy and peace into your busy home. 

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Colors That Evoke Creativity and Inspiration

Orange sunset on the meadow

Surround yourself with vibrant colors such as orange, yellow, and gold, if you’re looking for that creative spark along with the right dose of inspiration. These colors can infuse you with extra verve and get your creative juices flowing. 

The perfect way to add some of this vibrant color into your home is to adorn a feature wall with something like this wallpaper over at Wallpaperdirect.

A stunning statement wallpaper in lavish metallic gold, with traditional Japanese Byobu design, featuring birds perching and flying across a beautiful canipe of botanical gorgeousness. This is bold, majestic and almost regal in its unapologetic luxurious statement, although paired with the right surround walls and furnishing choices it wont overshadow your space. If class, glamour and authenticity are what you are looking for to awake your senses, this wallpaper is what you need. This design also creates the illusion of screen folds with vertical paneling, which is on trend now, but never goes out of style. 

Something suited to the fun loving designers lies here in Jazz age Wallpaper. A playful Art Deco Jazz inspired black and pale lemon motif, featuring piano keys for the true Jazz souls.This design can work well jamming on its own or join other members of the “band” from the Jazz Age Collection at Wallpaper Direct, to create a buzzing, lively atmosphere perfect for inspiring your next project.

Remember, inspiration can also come in passing, so it’s always a smart idea to keep subtle touches of yellow, orange and gold around the house. And nothing does subtle, tasteful and elegant quite as well as curtains like these also from Wallpaperdirect. Fans of art Deco will scream with delight at these soft yellow Chartreuse curtains depicting feather fans and palm tree leaves. These curtains can be made to measure at a fabulous price. A simple way to bring inspiration to any room.

And for the perfect touch of high end indulgence you want these from Anthropologie to be your muse. Made in soft beautiful chenille, these lush golden toned ochre curtains bring plush decadence to your home. 

Candles are always an easy way to bring warmth and sophistication into your home but they are also fantastic as little statements of personal taste or pops of vibrant color when you want to keep it subtle. 

Who wouldn’t be inspired by these stunning Artemis Bust Candles  by Neos Candlestudio in neon orange? These candles are handmade with 100% pure soy wax with no chemical additives.

Featuring a sculptured bust of the Greek Goddess Artemis, who is imbued with the powers of the hunt, the wilderness, wild animals, the Moon and chastity (girl power in overdrive!) She’s guaranteed to draw your eye wherever you put her in your room in that bright fresh orange, and if you’re lucky, she just might help you get the inspiration you need. 

You can pick these up for yourself from the fabulous Wolf & Badger. Treat yourself and embrace the goddess within you. 

What colors help with memory?

Wave and boat on the beach as a background. Beach and waves from top view.

It’s a fact backed by scientific research; the human mind is better able to remember things seen in color than things seen in black and white. Another study revealed that blue and red are brilliant colors for enhancing cognitive skills and other brain functions. Basic color theory even says that colours such as red and yellow stimulate the mind. Red brings attention to important things, and is good for retrieving forgotten information and yellow stimulates mental activity which also highlights things that need to be remembered.

You could wave goodbye to forgetting where you dropped your keys and other small items if you have a dresser in your room. This Blue Dresser from Anthropologie is perfect for hiding away all the little knick knacks with its 9 drawers, and it doesn’t restrict style with its elliptical brass and lucite knobs. Designed by Tracy Boyd for Anthropologie, whose signature design work incorporates a deep knowledge of color, charming remarkable detail and craftsmanship.

This stylish rose/terracotta woven rug from Urban Outfitters is a great way to add some red tones into the room to jog your memory without using strong bold reds as they can be overwhelming and harsh at times in contemporary spaces. It’s soft geo patterning creates a modern feel which contrasts perfectly with the boho texture and fringed trim around the edges. I can see this working beautifully in a conservatory or space with a lot of plants or foliage.  Exclusive to Urban Outfitters.

Pink room decor - Sleek, refined, soothing

Part of home interior. Pink sofa and green leave

Pink is not just for girls anymore. (yay!) Out with the tired old gender specific colours and in the mature, stylish, zen vibes of the pink room. If you’re looking to craft a relaxing classy ambience for your home, you’re in the right place. Pink represents tranquility and peace. It leaves you with a pleasantly relaxed feeling, which is perfect for bringing happiness into you home.

A fantastic choice to ease you in, that we just love is the Blush Waves from Anthropologie by Dawn Wolfe.

Dawn is an artist who has been producing work for her whole life, taking inspiration from her love of travel, vintage things and the coastal California mountains which is lucky enough to call home. You can see here in this particular piece how she is able to capture tranquillity and create accessibility that’s suited to any interior. Just looking at these paintings gives me a warming sense of calm and stillness. The blush pink is versatile, and timeless. 

Moving swiftly into the bedroom, my favourite room. At the end of the day, nothing is quite as glorious as slipping into your bed lined with fresh 100% linen sheets. And nobody does linen sheets like Piglet in Bed Soft buttery sheets that get softer with time and after every wash. Piglet linens offer ultimate comfort and an effortless look (believe me, I’m not one to make the bed!) The natural crinkle of the linen that comes with use over time looks rustic and fits into so many different styles of bedroom, with the unmade bed look finally in style, I am over the moon! 

Their signature fabric made from 100% French Flax is versatile in terms of season, natural Linen  has the ability to keep you warm in the colder months and fresh and cool in the warmer months.

Piglet in Bed offer a range of stonewashed colours to suit your style but today I am here to talk about the blush pink sheets. A firm favourite among Piglet in Bed customers due to its versatility and its calming qualities. You can totally femme out pairing it with their fresh white sheets, or for a bolder look opt for a pairing with their raspberry or even sage for an earthy look. The choice is yours but any way you style it, these blush pink sheets are going to look and feel stylish and luxurious in your home.

And why stop at bed sheets? You can fit right in with your new pink bedroom decor in these Piglet in Bed blush pink linen pyjamas. These linen pyjamas also come in a huge variety of colours and styles, as well as a loungewear selection, all touchably soft, beautiful linen and completely gender neutral.

Now this item has made the list, not because of its pinkness, but because of how well it can complement your pink room decor. Against a blush pink wall this piece can really pop but not draw too much focus, in keeping with your calm room, bringing effortless elegance.

For all of you minimalist lovers out there check out this Print from Urban Outfitters. “Squamish Summits” by Jessa Gilbert is one of our favourite pieces of wall art. A contemporary linework graphic showing Squamish in British Columbia and its beautiful mountain range.

Coming in at a very affordable price but still chic as a print, in many different sizes printed on archival paper made from cotton pressed in italian mills. This classic piece of wall art is stunning and soothing to look at and take your mind away from daily stresses.