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How To Decorate For Fall With White & Neutrals

People are looking for ways to liven up their homes with the fall season swiftly approaching. White and neutral living room home decor is an excellent way to achieve the fall decoration look while staying in sync with your chosen decor style. 

A neutral palette for home allows homeowners to easily change or switch up their design when desired. With a vast variety of seasonal decor and accessories available which compliment this color scheme. 

So here’s some tips on how to seamlessly decorate for fall with white and Neutral decor. 

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White walls, light floors, and a neutral color scheme- this is a perfect description of what many homes look like at the moment. Neutral color palettes in home design are more popular now than ever, but why?

White interior walls help to create the illusion of a larger space because they bounce light around the rooms, making them appear much brighter and more spacious. White also makes small rooms appear bigger. White fur rugs hanging off statement chairs, natural-toned wabi-sabi style wool rugs on oak wood floors in large rooms give off a clean, fresh relaxed that is very inviting and serene.

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But if you have a white, neutral, or monochrome interior how do you integrate decor from the season which is most known for its striking colors? – Autumn.

Hot Fall Home Decor Item This Week

This wonderfully soft and cozy Pom Pom cushion 45×45 cm from Swedish By On is perfect on your favorite sofa, recliner, or bed. Spend the rest of the day with lovely décor that instantly adds comfort and autumn coziness!

Neutral Fall Decor

A white or neutral palette in your home can be an easy color theme to decorate with for autumn as the season’s rich colors make it possible to create some gorgeous looks without having to do too much work or spend too much money. White and neutrals take fall decorating up a notch. White goes with everything, which makes it a fabulous color to use when decorating for all the seasons.

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The wonderful thing about the neutral color palette is that it doesn’t actually differ too much from the traditional fall colors we have all come to know and love. We have browns, tan, beige, burnt orange, muted yellows, and cream to work with.

Take a look at this beautiful throw which you can casually add to your neutral home decor to add coziness without compromising on style. Sandstone throw from Scandi Living® which features the perfect texture and feel of wool, in a slimmer quality that’s quickly become a favorite around here. Spun in a specially designed weaving technique that creates a stylish pattern and beautiful texture, this throw is fashioned to fit your home no matter when it was built or what design style you have going on inside. This cosy blanket does so much more than add warmth! Not only will it be your go-to spot for snuggling up with family or friends while sipping hot tea or enjoying an evening outside on the patio when the chilly wind begins to pick up – but this throw also offers style and sophistication to any white interior or neutral space.

Neutral Fall Decor Ideas

White fall flower arrangements are a thing of beauty. White Pampas grass, dried white blooms like White Asters, White Wax Flower, White Daisies (dried Ixodia), baby’s breath (gypsophila), bleached Broom Bloom and Italian Ruscus look amazing next to pops of warm dark autumnal colors. This style of arrangement paired with your favorite vase makes for a wonderful centerpiece idea that has a major wow factor yet it couldn’t be easier to create.

Sit fake or real white pumpkins in varying sizes next to white candles and greenery. Finish with large sprigs of bleached pampas grass to accentuate your color scheme perfectly.

While we’re talking about white pumpkin decor, we can’t leave out this stunning amazing Pumpkin ramekin candle. This candle is housed in a gourd-inspired vessel with the perfect amount of dazzle. With scents of cinnamon, cloves, allspice and nutmeg fresh from the oven this autumn, make your house smell and look amazing.

Table setting

Table runners, throws, and cushions in warm neutral, and natural shades and materials keep everything unified and elegant throughout the home, while also creating the cozy vibe we love so much about the fall season.

Up your fall mug game with this White Pumpkin Mug, a perfect comforting companion to your pumpkin spiced latte or hot chocolate (don’t forget the cream and marshmallows!)

Ten Simple Tips for Incorporating Neutral and Natural Fall Decor into Your Home

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White fall home decor accents are an easy way to bring fall into your living space without making permanent changes. These tips will give you some ideas on ways to decorate for the fall season with white and neutrals in mind:

1. Go all out with a white autumnal wreath on your front door or a garland draped across the mantelpiece – with optional white candles for an extra luxurious feel. Check out this minimal gorgeous Cotton Plant Wreath which will work beautifully in any white interior theme.

2. Set white pumpkins out on mantels or coffee tables – these can be real pumpkins or the faux kind as nowadays you can find faux white pumpkins in so many places. I love this set of 12 because it comes with 3 different sizes, look so realistic and cute – and they’re so cheap!

3. Wrap Autumnal golden brown leaf garlands around banisters and furniture, or down the centre of dining tables as a luxe table runner. You can great creative here and make your own garlands with fallen leaves and pegs, or punch some faux autumn leaves together for a thicker garland. You can even add these adorable dried Putka Pods which look like miniature pumpkins to your garland, wreath or simply fill a glass jar with them to spice up your DIY fall decor skills! – You can also use these “tiny pumpkins” as potpourri by putting them in your favourite bowl and anointing them with your favourite autumnal scents using essential oils.

4. Add white throw pillows featuring brown, beige burnt orange and other autumnal shades and patterns, or dress up your solid white couches with a few warm burnt orange, tan, and muted yellow throw pillows dotted around.

Try these stylish, durable and cruelty free Famibay Pack of 2 Faux Leather Pillow Covers in amongst your fall throw cushion collection, for some guilt free luxury at a fraction of the price of real leather. This warm shade of tan will fit in beautifully with any fall decor, and white or neutral interiors. 

5. Add small, subtle but striking accents of gold to your fall decor for warmth, to lift the neutral decor a little and add a touch of magic. Get cozy this harvest season with the Capri Blue Pumpkin Clove Jar Candle.

The scent of creamy, buttery pumpkin with a touch of orange zest is wrapped within a savory vanilla and cinnamon base. You’ll be transported to the rustic farmhouse where the smells of Thanksgiving fill your senses. Like everything they do at Capri Blue, it’s created especially for people who love their home scents that are fresh and inviting- not too heavy or overwhelming like other candles found on the market today.

6. Use white and neutral shade elegant, tall conical taper candles used in candlestick holders on your coffee table, dining table, and throughout the house at varying heights.

Some of my favourite candle stick holders for fall 2021 are:

Danni Taper Candle Holder This is a chic, yet functional piece. In addition to being a candle holder it also doubles as an accent sculpture piece – perfect for any living space.

STOFF Nagel candle sticks 3-pack A timeless collector’s item, updated with a sleek modern twist! The STOFF Nagel candle sticks 3-pack is an elegant way to display your favourite candles and can be combined in endless ways and added to with more compatible pieces. They also come in various colours so you can use them as the ultimate icebreaker for different moods and occasions.

Dress up your favourite candlestick holder with these gorgeous tall conical taper candles in neutral shades:

7. Roll up and display, or drape “effortlessly” plain or textured cashmere or wool throws, over furniture – in muted neutral shades or black and white with Scandinavian style patterns like these:

Tan throw & this gorgeous white light grey Vinga wool throw from the Swedish company Klippans Yllefabrik.

8. Layer thick rich textures, and heights with your autumn decor throughout your home to bring warmth and depth into the space. I love the texture on this White Copenhagen Cushion Cover. The design of this pillow cover is as inviting as its aesthetic.

9. Plenty of white pillar candles throughout the house or outdoors – on side tables, mantelpieces. I love to arrange white pillar candles in assorted lanterns grouped together on the floor, next to or inside unused fireplaces to create that all-important autumn glow. This set of 2 lanterns have a rustic farmhouse feel to them. They are perfect for fall and winter displays, so you can even keep them out until Christmas. The hanger allows you to hang these up as well as leave on the floor or as part of your fall table decor.

10. Swap fresh flowers in vases for fallen branches and/or sprigs of eucalyptus for a perfect neutral fall aesthetic. Eucalyptus is perfect for neutral fall decor, use it liberally throughout the house as a relaxed fall decoration addition. This Eucalyptus garland is beautiful and versatile and can be used as a table runner, frame around the mantelpiece or go around your bannister.


When should I start decorating for fall?

You can start changing your home decor to celebrate fall as early as August! These days you can expect to find fall decorations in stores early to help you get started. But officially fall decorating should start about two weeks before fall officially begins on September 22.

When is the fall season?

The fall season falls between the months of September and December. Autumn starts on September 22, and ends on December 20th.

What fall colors are popular for fall decoration?

Many homeowners are opting to decorate their fall home interior in rich browns, muted yellows, fall orange tones, burgundy reds and more fall colors.

Classic fall fall color combos for living rooms include orange, yellow, tan, brown and red. These colors are easy to incorporate into so many fall decorations from fall wall décor items like fall tapestries, fall curtains or other home decor to help add a little fall ambience into your home that you can easily switch up over time.