Black and White Kitchen

How to Decorate a Black and White Kitchen

In the world of design, black and white kitchens are all the rage. This is because a black and white kitchen can be designed in many different ways without adding much color at all. In this article, you’ll learn where to start and how to decorate and make your own black and white kitchen look fabulous!

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Why is a Black and White Kitchen a Popular Scheme?

The Black and White scheme for our kitchens is trending right now because they offer a sleek and professional, minimal look.

Black and White has been around for a while now, but why is it so popular? Black and white may be the most straightforward color scheme to decorate with because there is no need to add other colors to your kitchen design. You can also keep things simple by just painting all the walls black or white, for example. This allows you to focus on elements such as rugs, artwork, and other accessories.

Black and white can be very versatile in the kitchen because it is neutral. Neutral simply means that neither color overpowers the other one, so they work well together. Black will automatically make your kitchen look more elegant, while white has brightness and simplicity about it. Black and white is also a classic combo color scheme, but you can still make your kitchen look trendy because there are many different ways to decorate.

Different Styles of Black and White design

Black and White Kitchen Ideas

There are many ways in which you can achieve this monochromatic color scheme for a contemporary kitchen.

Some have neutral walls with black cabinets, or some go for the all-white kitchen with black appliances.

All kitchen spaces are different, and everyone has other goals for what they want out of their kitchen design.

If you want a bright kitchen, opt for a White Color Scheme design style. This means you’ll need to pick white cabinets, a white countertop (such as white marble), a white backsplash with black accents (like black stools), and a light wood floor to add some warmth to the room. You can pick white floor tiles, but you might find that your kitchen might look clinical-looking. Instead of that elegant kitchen, you are after. This is also a great way to have a Scandinavian Kitchen design.

If you want a really moody kitchen, opt for black paint on the walls, black countertops with a marble backsplash. A Black Backsplash is ultra-chic!

I’d lose the upper cabinets if I were picking more black tones for color combinations. I’d opt for open shelving, as it will lift the room upwards instead of enclosing it.

If you want to marry the color combination more, you could have white kitchen cabinets with a black kitchen island!

Find out how to style open shelving here

The Benefits of having a Black and White Kitchen

Standard Benefits:

  • You’ll save time decorating the kitchen, as you won’t need to keep switching paint tins or finding colors.
  • You won’t need to buy as many decorative items as you are trying to achieve a minimal look.
  • Easiest way to achieve a contemporary kitchen.

Emotional benefits:

  • Your interior design skills will wow your guests.
  • Your food will look amazing in a black and white kitchen! As the bold colors of the vegetables will stand out against the black.
  • Your kitchen will look clean and inviting due to the white surfaces.
  • It creates a luxurious feel for your kitchen.

How to decorate your Black and White Kitchen

When decorating your black and white kitchen, there are many things to consider. It is important to use colors that work well together.

You may want to paint the walls a dark shade of grey and then paint the cabinets white or black. Maybe you could go with darker colors on the walls and lighter colors in the cabinets, or vice versa.

You can also mix and match furniture pieces so that some are black or white while others are colored- this will create more variety in your overall design.

There’s plenty to choose from when it comes to decorating a black and white kitchen!

Painted Cabinets


Kitchen cabinets are the most crucial part of a kitchen. They’re what make your kitchen look beautiful, and they also serve as storage space for all your pots, pans, plates, glasses, and more!

Typically, you will want to have either white cabinetry or black cabinetry with a black and white design.

Cabinet Style

High Gloss

High gloss kitchen cabinets are the perfect way to make your kitchen look sleek and modern. Most high gloss cabinets are made from wood, but you can also find some made of metal. You could say that the advantage of choosing a metallic type over a wooden one is that it will look even better with your black and white kitchen design.

Black and White Kitchen Decor


If you’re looking to impact your kitchen significantly, shaker-style cabinets are the way to go. These cabinets offer clean lines and that classic country looks everyone loves.

I personally love the Shaker Base Cabinets by J Collection.

When interior designers and homeowners start a project, they always look to J Collection. With over 240 custom configurations available in their intuitive interactive tool that gives you all the information at your fingertips about materials, colors, finishes, measurements, and fixtures like appliances and countertops. There’s no better choice with a superior hand-painted finish for a flawless appearance without the worry of chipping or scratching.

On Budget

If you think your cabinets look a little dated but don’t have the luxury of buying a whole new kitchen or new doors, you can always paint your wooden cabinets!

Painting Cabinet doors has become a massive trend over the past year to try and gain a Monochrome kitchen. You’d think that people would have chosen a creamy white for the cabinet color, but they actually painted their cabinets black to create beautiful spaces.

It’s a quick and highly affordable solution to leasing new life into your kitchen.

I’d use Farrow & Ball Off-Black.

Encounter the soft black – an uncomplicated name for a well-loved classic. Off-Black is much more flattering to adjacent colors than stronger blacks because it feels so milder in tone and has less underlying cool blue.

This paint is designed for wood, so perfect for painting your cabinets.

Cabinet Hardware

Choosing your hardware is a complex task. You have to find the right design to add that modern touch to shaker cabinets or something minimal for gloss cabinets.

Metallic accents in the kitchen are becoming the most luxurious way to add elegance to the black and white Palette.

Brass hardware has always been a favorite option, but you are seeing more people love the look of matte black hardware, as it is the definition of minimal.

Gold cabinet pulls tend to be desirable because they give a sense of elegance. Cabinet pulls are very easy to install. All that is needed is a screwdriver and a drill. This will take about an hour at the most, and then you will be able to enjoy your new cabinet pull hardware for years.

The Amerock BP36640BBZ

The Amerock BP36640BBZ Ashby 4 inch (102mm) and 3 inches (76mm) Center-to-Center Cup Pull is finished in Golden Champagne, thoughtfully crafted for understated glamour with an innovative comfort grip and 2-way installation.

Raise a toast to this rich metallic finish. Warm and inviting without being brassy and featuring hints of silver in reflective light, this attractive hue elevates designs with enviable versatility. Use for a soft and elegant touch on lighter finishes, contrasting pop against darker colors, or flawless elegance on white cabinets.

Center-to-Center Matte Gold Drawer Pull

Amerock Rockwell 10-1/16 in. (256 mm) Center-to-Center Pull is a luxurious material of gorgeous hardware that looks like something out of Antiques Roadshow with its Matte Gold, shiny finish. This one was designed to go on the face of any cabinet door, including reclaimed wooden ones, and its gently shaped rivets offer the rustic touch that nostalgia craves. It can also be pounded into retro kitchen drawers to complete their unique look. The user should have nothing but compliments from guests visiting!


Countertops are a functional part of your kitchen, but they can also add to the look and feel. What you choose depends on your style and budget, but you should always consider the future, it is likely that you will be living with this choice for a very long time.

When choosing kitchen countertops, there are many things to think about. First of all, you need to make sure that the materials are easy to keep clean. Acrylics and other man-made surfaces are a good choice if this is important to you since they don’t show stains. On the other hand, granite can be hard to keep looking its best since it’s porous and can stain easily.

Another factor to keep in mind is the style of your kitchen. For example, if you have a modern kitchen, it makes sense to stick with something that has a clean and simple look, such as stainless steel or marble, whereas, for an old-fashioned country kitchen, there might be something more rustic like brick or even wood.

Thinscape Performance Tops

THINSCAPE Performance Tops are an excellent option for your contemporary style and a more classic style kitchen. THINSCAPE is an eco-friendly engineered surface that’s hardwearing, impact-resistant, and shatterproof and easy to clean, and good for the environment.

You’ll love these sleek designs with a natural stone finish or pop of faux bronze paint. With over 33 sheets in any thickness you want, you’re sure to find the perfect top to suit your needs!



What are some things that people need from their kitchen sinks?

  • A place to wash dishes and hands
  • A place to rinse off veggies
  • Stunning Faucets & sink fittings
  • A garbage disposal or some way to dispose of food scraps

What color sink for a white and black kitchen?
Personally, it depends on your countertops and what you want to achieve. If you want a seamless look, get a sink to blend in, or if you want it to pop, go with black on white tops and stainless steel for black

The high-end kitchen meets a stylish look with AKDY’s innovatively designed stainless steel sink. Made from premium grade stainless steel, the bowl features a broad and deep design for doing all your everyday kitchen tasks – soaking, scrubbing, or washing dishes round the clock. This high-quality sink comes equipped with an easy-to-install drop-in installation kit, mounting hardware, and a faucet system (springs front to back). It is everything you want in a new sink at an affordable price!

KTS17 Contemporary 2-Handle Wall Mounted Pot Filler in Matte Black is a beautiful wall mount kitchen pot filler that features an elegant, contemporary European-inspired design. It has two single lever handles for smooth operation, and the extendable spout makes filling your pot of water easier! ADA, CA AB1953 lead-free compliant and UPC, cUPC, NSF certified this KTS17 Contemporary 2-Handle Wall Mounted Pot Filler will be perfect for any home.

The sleek, minimalistic design makes this Trinsic Single-Handle Pull-Down Sprayer Kitchen Faucet Featuring Touch2O Technology in Champagne Bronze the perfect finishing touch to today’s modern home. With a welcoming and refreshing powder-coated finish surrounding the DIAMOND seal protecting against leaks for up to 2 million uses, this worthy addition will offer years of reliable service. Keep your hands dry with MagnaTite docking that keeps the kitchen pull-down spray wand firmly in place while also keeping water droplets off cabinets when not docked using DIAMOND seal technology.

Elkay Quartz Classic Black Quartz 33 in. The Single Bowl Undermount Sink will give your sink a stylish and classic look with its clean beauty the natural quartz has to offer.

With black being one of the neutral colors available, it’s perfect for those who want to add an unexpected pop of color into their kitchen or laundry area. It also comes in ADA depths, so you’ll be able to install it without worry!

This will stand out and look great with a white quartz kitchen countertop. Or if you want something seem-less and almost invisible, a black quartz kitchen countertop would be exactly what you’re after.


How to decorate a kitchen with black and white tile?

How to Decorate a Black and White Kitchen

Use the tile for your backsplash or your flooring. Either it will look brilliant, and to tone it down, you can add an accent of grey to your space or add home accessories like wooden chopping boards to add warmth. Greenery like plants is also an excellent way to go with needing to add natural color to a kitchen space.

For a simple and affordable option for your backsplash tile, subway tiles are your go-to.

A Subway tile backsplash is a perfect way to get a minimal look as they come in white and black, and they look great with different grout colors. Subway Tiles are also excellent because you can lay them any way you like. So there is the brick formation, the stacked formation, or you can lay them diagonally.

The Daltile Restore 4 in. x 12 in. Glazed Ceramic Bright White Subway Tile is a true white ceramic product that will blend well with any home decor or theme you have going on within your space.

This Ceramic tile is easy to clean and maintain. This bright and timeless style of tile would be the perfect addition to any family looking for a white subway backsplash for their dream kitchen renovations! Whether that be a pure white kitchen scheme or a black white kitchen design.

A modular subway pattern like no other, these tiles offer an updated twist on a classic design, considering modern living. With a classic combination for every need, this glazed line has something that will be much easier than you might think when it comes time to create your beautiful ideas. Get the look that captures old meets new by using a dark grout with these white tiles.

Painting the Walls

Black and White Kitchen Decor

You can choose either black or white for the walls as the primary color for your kitchen. Either color will make the room look fresh and clean without having to use a lot of colors. White is more traditional and popular and goes with any other color; perhaps think about a grey? A grey can be almost white or almost black; for a more faded look on black and white, I think a soft grey is a great option.

White walls- if you’re worried that white might not suit your kitchen, paint just three of the four walls in the room. Paint an accent wall a darker shade of gray or brown for a different effect. A little contrast makes all the difference!

Black Walls- Everyone is frightened of using dark paint as it can make a room feel enclosed.

But let me tell you, some of the most fabulous instagramable kitchens lately have all been painted dark, and they are incredibly luxurious! Especially with accents of gold.

This premium shade, historically made with the addition of lamp black pigment gathered from the smoke of burning oil lamps, is perfect for any minimalist or uncompromisingly modern set.
It will look great in the kitchen as it does have a clean, sleek finish and pairs well with wooden floors.

Wevet is a light, crisp grey which will feel inviting in any room. It’s the epitome of horizontal, and you can use it to combat your vertical monochrome color palette. Wevet’s high-tech formula does not crack or blister with damp weather conditions thanks to its strong resistance to UV radiation, an important factor when making ideas for ground floor homes such as this earthy one on the East Coast.


Blend pure taupe, brown, and ivory for a sun-baked desert bungalow in an organic pale gold setting. The earthy undertones of the rich tone are impossible to resist and put you in a tranquil state.

Comfortable enough for anyone yet sophisticated enough to elevate any room, this cozy hue is perfect for those who enjoy neutral surroundings.

If it’s hard for you to settle down without the right décor, we challenge you not to be smitten with this chic color palette that will surely make your daydreams come alive!


When decorating, you need to make sure you have the right paint brushes because they’re crucial. There are different paint brushes for various purposes, so it’s essential to know when to use one type over another. Suitable quality materials – such as natural hair paint brushes – usually last longer than synthetic or less expensive ones.

Plastic bristles are best for painting small areas like trim and molding with oil-based paints like varnish and shellac. Bristle brushes are best for applying latex-based colors like paint or primer to large surfaces like walls or ceilings. They also work well with stains and sealants on woodwork, cabinets, and countertops. Unfortunately, plastic bristle brushes can’t be used with oil-based paints because the bristles can melt.

Natural bristle paint brushes are usually made from hog or ox hair and work well for all kinds of painting projects. They can be used on virtually any surface and aren’t usually affected by humidity, although you should always test a brush before trying it out to see how it performs. Synthetic bristle paint brushes do not absorb paint like natural bristle brushes but can be used with all paints and are usually less expensive than their natural counterparts.

Wooster Pro Firm Nylon/Polyester paint brushes provide control and productivity. The durable bristles hold a large amount of paint, giving you more than enough to complete your task with precision. This 3 pack is perfect for any walk-around painter looking for high-quality brushes at an affordable price.

The Smart Side Kick Multi-Room Powered Roller System is the perfect way to paint large rooms like a new kitchen in your house.
The smart sidekick has an innovative direct-feed roller system that continuously pulls paint from a 1-5 gal container right onto your roller, so you don’t need to stop dipping during painting. This hopper-style design also makes cleanup quick and easy, as all necessary tools for cleaning can be found within its design. To top it off, this model comes with one 9″ x 3/8″ nap Wagner roller cover and one adapter for 5 gal containers – enough to fix every type of job!


Are black and white kitchens in style?

Monochrome is a great way to stay current. Kitchens in black and white are always in style and never go out of style.

Is a black and white kitchen timeless?

Yes. Black and white kitchens are completely timeless due to their versatility.

What flooring goes best with a black and white kitchen?

I think the best flooring would be a wood laminate or another type of black tile. Wooden flooring will add warmth to the room. But by adding a tile, you could opt for a pattern, which will give you depth to the space.