Japandi Sofa

How To Complete Your Japandi Livingroom

One of the biggest design trends for 2022 is the Japandi aesthetic in homes.

The interior mash-up of Scandinavian Design and Japanese culture.

Bringing minimalism, neutral colour palettes, and organization to our lives.

This trend will be seen on sofas, lamps, tables, and more. We have a few sofa options for you to browse through today. Any would be perfect for your home and will be forever as the colour palette will never be out of style or clash with you and your ever-changing likes or dislikes.

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What is Japandi Style?

japandi style sofa
japandi couch

The Japandi Interior Design trend is mostly about the combination of the Scandinavian interiors and Japanese design style traditions and the mutual respect of simplicity, clean design, nature, and natural light.

You’ll usually see earthy tones, white walls, a neutral color palette, natural wooden furniture, and organic materials.


The Japanese term Wabi-Sabi (beauty in imperfection) brings to the design world the effect of imperfection. Which allows our homes to breathe, be calming and warm but most importantly, functional. The acceptance of imperfection in our homes allows us to live more in the moment and reduces stress levels.

The inherent balance seen in Japandi design owes a great deal to the long-standing cultural ties between Denmark and Japan. Over 150 years ago, Danish designer and Danish architects began traveling to Japan searching for new inspiration. It is a relationship of influence that continues to this day.

In many ways, today’s Danish ceramics, furniture, open-plan architecture, and minimalism can be traced back to the earliest Japanese influence. Furthermore, the appreciation is reciprocal, with Danish design having been much sought after in Japan for many years.

Then there’s the similar appreciation for craftsmen, workmanship, and natural elements, particularly wood, that exists between the two countries. While both the Japanese philosophy of ‘wabi-sabi’ and the Danish philosophy of ‘hygge’ are based on a strong appreciation for simplicity, there are some differences between the two.

While Scandinavian style and Japanese aesthetic furniture share many characteristics, the most significant distinction is that Scandinavian designs typically employ light shades of wood. In contrast, traditional Japanese designs typically contain dark woods.

A Japanese style wood is usually stained and then has black accents, such as the fabric, that make it stand out.

japandi lounge chair
Japandi Sofa

Japandi Sofa

japandi style sofa
japandi lounge chair

If you are like anyone in the new year and want to revamp your home to the new you, then one of the biggest changes you can make is to swap out your sofa. It is your statement piece as it is the biggest item of furniture in your main living space and can instantly change the vibe of your room without the use of DIY. Brilliant right?

Pacific XL

Designed with an architect’s eye for detail, the Pacific is a clean, crisp, and oh-so-comfortable place precisely sized for small and large living areas alike. Its shelter-style profile and large arms give it a new, casual vibe. At the same time, its minimalistic form offers a fresh, casual vibe. It is possible to rearrange and rearrange modular components to meet your changing requirements.


Zita is defined by its fresh, modern industrial aesthetic. The focal point of your tranquil and inviting living environment. At completion, they added a wooden plinth base, padded arms (which can be adjusted to your preference), and the softest fabric designers could find. Zita is the definition of Japandi Sofa zen.


The stylish, boxy sofa is the ticket to compartmentalizing your resting zone.

And the Norfolk does just that! The seat cushions are medium-soft, softly contoured, and wonderfully cloud-like. They even protrude slightly from the frame to emphasize their significance as a source of comfort. Designers asked for loose fiber back cushions for your comfort and strong wood legs for the greatest design. Not to mention all the fabric options!

One Night Stand Sleeper Sofa

The Blu Dot One Night Stand Sleeper Couch is not your typical modern sofa bed couch. It conceals its dual-use behind a clever design that allows you to convert the sofa into a queen-sized bed simply by removing the back cushions and flipping the seat forward. One Night Stand is a fashionable contemporary sofa and a comfortable modern bed that is available in five stunning colors, making it an excellent choice for japandi influenced small spaces and unexpected guests.

Slope Nomad Sofa

The Nomad Collection was designed around essentials for a sofa, which has been updated for contemporary living. As a result of the award-winning modular design, it is the first sofa easy to move. It offers enough space for three people or more if you want to cuddle. Plus, all of the innovative, life-changing features you’ve come to expect from Burrow are included, starting with a built-in USB charger. It’s a great value, too!

Right Facing Trudeau Sectional Sofa With Storage

This right-facing Trudeau two-piece sectional japandi couch features textured fabric in a contemporary grey or blue color scheme. It also includes a comfortable chaise lounge with inside storage. This unusual couch and chaise is a delightful living room set piece, including tufted seat cushions, black wood legs, and soft fabric. The sofa and chaise are connected by connectors because of the soft-closure mechanism. Its simple design has made it easy to store items in the chaise, allowing the family to quickly return to their comfortable and stylish position.

Ramona Sofa

This piece of furniture is stunning! Its sleek and stylish design, along with its curving profile and protective slanted armrests, gives off a luxurious Hollywood Regency vibe. With its attractive appearance comes comfort, which is provided by precise proportions, a velvety, sink-in bench seat, and a supple yet strong back. We adore the enveloping Ramona as a magnificent centerpiece in a trendy, modern living area. It is sure to attract some well-deserved attention wherever it is placed.

Siena Sofa

The curving Siena Sofa has a classic feel that we really adore. Siena is a chic and low-lying sofa that was meant for sinking into. It features velvety yet supportive cushions, a deep seat, and sloping armrests. It is available in two sizes. The super-soft fake shearling fabric on the seat and back gives its enveloping, curved form a hint of opulent texture. Siena will look equally at home in a modern living room or a comfortable den, and she is certain to steal the show due to its Hollywood glam vibe.

Oslo Sofa

The Oslo Sofa, which has soft edges and smooth curves, is made by hand by artisans in North Carolina and is endlessly inviting! Oslo’s sculptural silhouette is brought to life in a luxuriously textured bouclé fabric, making it the perfect addition to any japandi style living area. And will certainly add the bold statement to the room you’ve been searching for.

Kipton Sofa

Choose the one that feels like it was designed specifically for you—because this sofa was! With its elegant lines and maximum comfort, you can go wrong with furniture pieces from the Kipton Collection. It brings the best of both worlds together. Its frame is handcrafted by artisans in North Carolina from responsibly harvested hardwood. Kipton’s slim arms, rounded top, and comfortable cushions make it a versatile, beautiful piece. If you love Art pieces, why not have your sofa be a bold piece of art in your home?


Where to buy Japandi furniture?

Our favorite places to hunt for Japandi influenced furniture are Jayson Home and Arhaus due to the chic nature and the materials used to craft these delectable pieces.

What is japandi style?

In keeping with its name, Japandi incorporates Japanese and Scandinavian design. Japandi is a design concept that combines the smooth, modern, clean lines of Scandinavian design with the sleek, efficient, and elegant aesthetic of Japanese design. It is simple yet warm, and it makes extensive use of neutral tones, a variety of textures, and natural materials.