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How colors affect your wellbeing at home

Color has a profound impact on our mood and emotions, and often colors (pun intended) our attitudes and reactions.

There’s a whole sequence to it, but, in various situations, colors can affect the brain and directly shape our thinking, emotions, and behaviour.

So how can this be true? 

We’re going to show you the do’s and don’ts in color choice for your home to create the environment you’re searching for in each room.

This relationship between color and the human mind has been the subject of intense research over the years. There is a study dedicated to figuring out how colors determine human behaviour. It’s called color Psychology. Many astute people and corporations, having realised the power that color wields on the human mind, are harnessing it. It’s not an accident that most restaurants always seem to incorporate the colors red and yellow into their design (McDonald’s, anyone?). Research proves that the combination of those two colors increases appetite. So, if you find it difficult to sleep at night, it could be that your mattress is bad or the bedroom floor is out of whack. Or it could simply be that your bedroom’s decor is inappropriate. That’s why we’ll be dabbling a bit into color psychology and explaining how different color schemes for different rooms affect our moods when we spend time in them.

Calming colors for soothing anxiety

Think blue.

Is there anything more calming than a clear blue sky or the soothing deep blue ocean?Blue is the color that takes every notion of calm and quiet and cranks it up to the highest level.

The color blue exudes a sense of calm that’s powerful and subtle all at once. As a matter of fact, blue also has religious relevance (think of the Virgin Mary and her blue robes). However, the various shades of blue represent different concepts. Lighter shades of blue reflect peace and calmness best. 

Warm colors such as green, and violet have amazing relaxing abilities. They are natural stress managers and can relieve stress just by looking at them. Ever wondered why the waiting room in theatres and studios are called green rooms? Green is a very potent stress fighter. The color green is usually associated with nature, with all the refreshment and harmony she represents. Beyond this, green also signifies balance and stability. 

Hammock in a Room using Calming Colors For Soothing Anxiety

These days, with most people forced to stay indoors longer than they like to, green colored rooms are the newest fad as more and more people recognise the value of the color. Green helps to diffuse tension, stress and anxiety, just as it helps those performers stay calm on some of the biggest nights of their lives. 

Violet, on its part, represents peace, strength, and wisdom. It also promotes balance and helps you meditate better. 

Each of these colors are great choices for rooms where you’re going to be spending a lot of time in. You wouldn’t even need to break out the pots of paint and start dabbing away; a few subtle touches will work just as well. 

What is the most relaxing color for your living room?

Selecting the right furniture for your calming space becomes a pleasure when you step away from the conventional colors and start to pick items that are perfect for your taste and functionality to create a relaxing space. This is going to be fun.


First of all I have to share with you this sensationally soothing baby blue sofa from Anthropologie in soft long pile Valencia Velvet. This color is called Cloud Grey Blue and it really looks and feels like a cloud from the heavens with plump decadent down-filled arm cushions that gently slope over its kiln-dried hardwood frame for a relaxed look, ready to welcome you home after a long day. Put your feet up and unwind. This world is yours now.

Fully customisable to fit into any space you have small, medium or large,  they have really thought of everything.

This green velvet sofa designed by Ross Cassidy will be the perfect compliment to the traditional white or gray decor in your new calm living room. It’s Elegant ‘60’s inspired rolle-arms still have a place in your modern room thanks to the contemporary update to the traditional design. Sleek design is’t where it ends though, with down-feather cushions to give you pure comfort and luxury. Monochromatic welts along the edges put the finishing touches on this masterpiece. CB2 exclusive.

Another easy way to add a relaxing luxurious touch of comfort to your living room is with soft furnishings like this Micah Stripe Shag hand-knotted rug. It’s as soft, luxe and dreamy as it looks. 100% New Zealand wool creates a cozy and inviting foundation in any room and will stand the test of time in your home. The thin black lines on an Ivory canvas is a chic and classic design that works with everything, and is the perfect accent to a neutral toned or wood floor. CB2 exclusive.

What colors are best for bedrooms?

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Do you find it hard to drift off every night? The color of your bedroom may be playing a role in this. Here we are going to show you some great examples of color for your bedroom to give you a restful night’s sleep.  Pastel schemes are a perfect get you in the in the mindset for deep sleep, they help your mind relax better, so you can fall asleep quicker and avoid waking up off-color the next day. Whereas bright, bold colors excite the mind and may make it difficult for you to drift off. 

Handwoven Essex pillow with versatile pattern and textureThe subtle touches can do the trick here if you’re on a budget or stretched for time, so there’s no need to go in search of brushes and rollers. For starters, this handwoven Essex pillow has great relaxing qualities, for both body and mind. Its versatile pattern and texture can bring life and a moment of calm to any room, along with playful tassels add a sensation quality to touch and a nod back to childhood memories of vintage curtain tassels I always felt drawn to play with. I find these cushions comforting and familiar, and I think they would make a charming addition to any neutral bedroom space, particularly if you have a Scandinavian style bedroom.

Hand-knotted Blythe rug from Anthropologie, What Colors Are Best For Bedrooms?A pastel rug right in the middle of your bedroom floor can also do wonders for your sleep, not to mention blend in with your floor. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out this hand-knotted Blythe rug from Anthropologie. With a well-worn look to give it an antique mystical feel, and handcrafted with traditional hand-knotting technique, this piece is a very special addition to your home. 

Obviously, your bedcovers play a huge role in the quality of your sleep. Look out for comfortable materials with toned-down pastel colors, like this quilt from Anthropologie. I love this quilt with its overflowing texture and soft muted pastels Quilt from Anthropologie with toned-down pastel colorswhich add a bright and fresh pop of color to any room without subjecting your mind to over stimulating colors that won’t help you get to sleep. Made with 100% cotton which is great for temperature control, so whether you sleep hot or cold, you know you will be comfortable.  It’s bouncy patchwork design is comforting, cozy and familiar. The coral palette is warm and inviting, how can you resist getting under the covers with this beautiful edition to your bedspread?

James Patterson’s wooden bed with navy blue accentsDon’t forget the bedframe! Choosing the right bed frame to incorporate with your style is so important. We love this seductive flash of luxurious blue velvet in James Patterson’s wooden bed with navy blue accents. Walnut veneer rounded edges give it a smooth vintage feel with a little bite from the antiqued brass nailheads. This bed frame makes no apologies for taking the spotlight in your bedroom enhancing the charm of your design choices and the deep sumptuous blue can help you slip into a deeper, more restful sleep. CB2 exclusive.