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Fresh Summer paint color trends for 2021

Fresh Summer Paint Color Ideas and Inspiration That Make Every Day Feel like Vacation

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Refresh your home and bring summer indoors with a bright new color on your walls

When I came back from a sunny, relaxing vacation, I opened the door and realized that the room wasn’t as bright or as warm as I thought it was. 

I still liked the room, but I wanted that warm feeling—that luxurious glow to the room that I had in the resort. I wanted a constant reminder of warm days, with the sunlight streaming in through the windows. And the breeze wafting the linen curtains.

I decided then and there that this room needed to be spruced up; a lick of paint. Then add a few summer-themed cushions to accent the pop of cheerful colors so that it will all tie in together harmoniously, just for the summer. It can all be rearranged with new accent colors and decor accessories when the Fall comes around.

I was completely stumped as to what color I wanted for the room. I couldn’t make up my mind.

After a long search, I found my top favourite colors, I thought that I would share them with you! So here are my favourite colors for the summer.

Colorful summer, tropical leaves and fruits on a colored background


Blush pink is one of the most popular paint and room decor colors this summer 2021.

Sulking pink from Farrow & Ball is at the top of my shopping list. A romantic dusk rose that will bring unexpected fresh Scandinavian summer glamour into your space, especially paired with greys, white and black. 

Unlike some pinks this tone is in the coral colour spectrum. Coral has a warmer tone to it.

Baby pinks are combined with a blue hue, so will likely retain some of its coldness, so for me baby pink is out – and blush pinks are hot hot hot. 

This Sulking Pink I have opted for in it’s beautiful, muted warm coral tones from Farrow & Ball is my top paint choice for summer 2021.


When you’re looking to remodel your home, Farrow and Ball should be your only stop. They are Color Experts, as seen by the incredible hues in their Color pallet.

Farrow & Ball has an extensive color palette. They have various colors ranging from a cheerful hue to a bright color to a breezy color to a dark tint and the extremely popular Heritage colors. Any color to work within any of your spaces.

Other brands of paint may cost a little less, but it will lack the richness of color, depth, and texture of the paint and the variety of finish that Farrow & Ball provides. 

Farrow & Ball is also a Vegan Paint Company. Their paints have used no animal products to create their water-based emulsion paint. Making them an Eco-friendly choice too.

They also have a large selection of luxurious wallpapers. You should look into what you could use as a feature wall.


From inspiring shades for home offices to calming hues for living rooms, these designer-approved summer colors are worth a try if you’re ready to get in the mood for summer.

If your ideal summer includes spending every day soaking up the sun, diving into the waves, and joining a round of volleyball on the sand, then these colors are definitely for you. Bright blues give off ocean vibes, while corals and yellows make us think of scuba diving between reef walls.

Colorful hauses of Nyhavn, Copenhagen

coral tones

The color coral has a warm tone to it which makes it a perfect choice from the colour spectrum for a summer room makeover.

The Sulking Room pink color is exactly what you need.

This versatile muted romantic pink goes well with black and marble and looks excellent with a rich dark green. The combination of coral, gold and light brass is stunning. Imagine your kitchen walls being coral, with dark green or blue cabinets, marble countertops, with gold handles and finishes!


Yellow is a color that immediately conjures up images of summer. It’s the color of sunshine! But, if it is the color we all assume summer looks like, why aren’t more people painting their homes yellow? 

My littlest sister loves the color yellow. When she was small, all she wanted from her bedroom was for it to be yellow. My dad wasn’t keen. But he did, eventually, let her have the color she wanted, after much persuading. It was glorious when it went up. The room felt full of summery fun, and all her stuffed bears lifted the room with their brown tones and little black noses. 

The Dayroom Yellow is my personal favorite. The reason behind why I chose this hue was because it reminded me of my sister’s room. I didn’t think it was overly bright for a yellow. It’s a nice color in the middle of the spectrum.

It’s a solid decision to make, but it could be well worth it to be brave.

Use a neutral like a Pearly White to balance off the bright color. In addition, ultra-mild greys that are practically white make excellent backdrops for bright summer colors.


Lilac is unthought-of a lot as a choice of color for painting rooms. Which is strange, as a lot of summer flowers are lilac or a pale purple. Like Salvia, Lavender! 

A Hallway is a great place to paint lavender. Whether that be the walls, ceilings, or just the trims, it will add a timeless quality to your room. Pairing it with warm wood tones and burnt oranges can lift the color even more.

An example of the purple being used would be Monica’s apartment in ‘Friends.’ If you have ever read any articles around the color discussions for her apartment, you’ll read that even the set designers were anxious about the color purple. Until they just did it. And then they couldn’t imagine any other color working. It’s a prime example of why you shouldn’t always be safe with color, as you could be missing out on something extraordinarily unique and trendsetting!

So if you want to achieve that ‘Friends Chic’ look, you need to use Sugared Almond. It’s completely unapologetic. It’s bold, and it’s here to make your room fun.


If you want to create a warm room, blue may not be the first color you think of, but there are some gorgeous warm and bright blue tones out there.

A light blue shade; a paler blue is very summery and looks stunning against sunflowers and white and rattan furniture.

If you want a bright, light shade of blue, I’d suggest the Lulworth Blue.

This cool blue paint color works as a statement color. It’s fresh, and a light blue that will look incredibly good with sunlight beaming on it.

We like to use this shade in bedrooms because of its capacity to vary with the light. It works exceptionally well in low light to create a calm and relaxing ambiance. Its regal nature will also give the place a timeless feel.

A great example of the use of a light blue is the Hamptons style. Traditionally the theme is white with accents of blue. It’s a complete classic, instant look that pairs so well with the sandy tones of the beach. And bringing the blue into your home will be a constant reminder of the ocean.


Peach is now my favorite color at the moment. It’s a soothing color that makes you smile when you see it.

Peach also goes with everything! From white accents, like vases, to a black marble fireplace. Your room will have it all. It’s also compatible with a wide range of patterns and textures. Consider a desk in a warm wood tone with a fern plant in a chic white pot. 

I’m going to paint a room peach. I love the color so much. I don’t know why I haven’t done it before!

Farrow & Balls Pink Ground would be the shade I’m thinking of for my room. It has a large percentage of yellow mixed in, making this a warmer shade and achieving all that warmth without going full yellow or orange.

what colors go with peach?

Cream shades, Champagne tones, and Black are just some colors that work well with Peach.


Finally, there is white, but I’m sure you’re thinking, ‘Which white?’ well let’s talk about the timeless, versatile shade – white.

Everything is brighter when it is white!’ – This is technically correct. When the sunlight hits your glorious white walls, it bounces back off and creates unparalleled brightness.

However, if the sunlight is not present, it may not create the warm feeling of summer. If you want white on your walls, choose a white shade with a yellow pigment.

Also I find on a summer evening when the sun has gone down, a beautiful set of candles can bring in a warm glow to offset your white walls.

The Wimborne white may look cream on the listing, but put that on your walls, and you will get a warm white. It’s only a shade away from the popular pure white. But by adding that dash of yellow pigment creates a beautiful, versatile color that is softer than a bright white and brings warmth to the shade.



The best colors for your bedroom are Peach, Blue, and Coral tones. These colors are calming and won’t interfere with your sleep.


Grey, everyone loves a grey kitchen at the moment. Whether that be painting the cabinets or installing new units, grey is trending right now. White paint has been the favored color choice for the walls.


After Pantones revealed that Marigold was their choice of color for this year’s summer, everyone has been going crazy for the bright yellow hue. They are pairing it in their homes with a mixture of grey and white for the slightly more adventurous people who love minimalism and darker blue.