fall coffee table decor

Fall Table Decor Ideas You will LOVE

Fall is basically here, and everyone has jumped on the bandwagon of decorating our homes to suit the changing season.

One of the biggest changes from summer to the fall is the colder, shorter days, which means that our entertaining of guests has now become an indoor affair.

As much as good wine and a hearty meal is a sure-fire way to make sure your guests have a great time. You also want to make your dining table look party-ready with fabulous decorations like a centerpiece and tableware.

Here I will show you some of the products I would use to create my tablescape for a fall dinner party.

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fall coffee table decor

The first thing everyone thinks of when they think of fall decor is the Pumpkin.

So line your table with them! They come in all sizes and colors now, so you can instantly make a visual impact, no matter your color scheme.

Pepo Decorative Pumpkin

OKA has some beautiful woven faux Pumpkins that you can use year after year. They’re stunning and will work with any table setting style, and are brilliant for a table centerpiece.

I’d place a cluster of them in the middle of the table with a few stems of short dried flowers in a tiny vase. Repeating this all the way along the table. Perhaps with some other fruit like pears, apples, and possible artichokes. Or maybe even pine cones!

After using them for dinner, you could make a very cute coffee table setting too. Use a wooden tray to keep everything tidy and a votive candle.

Mini Pumpkins

These mini pumpkins are so much fun for the table. Especially with the black and white checked fabric! Don’t be afraid to add black into the color scheme.

Place a couple on their own to fill a blank space on the table or pop them on the dinner plate on top of your napkin.

White pumpkins are super fashionable right now as they just look flawless and don’t fall in with the cliché of the orange pumpkins.


One of the easiest ways to introduce symmetry to your dining room table is using a couple of candlesticks. Place them in the middle, towards either end of the dinner table.

I’d also mix and match the designs of your candle holders if you want more than 2.

Candlelight is also brilliant for fall as it lights the room with that warm glow.

You could also use pillar candles if candle holders aren’t your go-to. Pillar candles are just as good as you can cluster them in heights between fresh flowers and fake pumpkins.

Refined Recycled Glass Candlestick

Or, if you want something a little more adventurous, I suggest these gorgeous green, recycled glass candlesticks. They will look great with the orange from the pumpkins and will be a great contrast from the pattern on your table runner; if you have one.

Shiny White Twisted Candles

Pair both of these sets of candlesticks with these gorgeous candles. The twisted look will incorporate extra depth and the feel of movement on the table, drawing your eye to look at more.

I would also grab a few different colors of candles too for a more interesting flow to your table decoration.

Table Runner & Napkins

Fall Dining room table decor

A table runner is a great way to ground all of your center decorations. It’s not only practical but looks amazing too.

You could go for a simple solid-colored or even a printed one. If you do choose a printable one, then try and find ones that match your theme. For example, Fall leaves, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc…

Simple Linen Napkin

These simple linen napkins are a perfect contrast to the table runner in this soft shade of petal. You’ll love how easy they are to clean up afterward, too. Pop them in the washing machine, and see how soft they are with use.

Alpha Living Home Napkin Rings Set

I loved these little napkin ring holders! They are full of texture but won’t unweave like most weaved napkin rings.

If you use these, they will be a gentle nod to the OKA pumpkin, tying your table scheme together.

Add Height

fall table decor

I would think about adding height with flowers in any dead zones of the table where food isn’t placed.

I’d tuck a few rust-colored blooms and a few green leaves into a bouquet of white roses for a centerpiece that connects the fallen leaves outside with the indoors.

Have a look around your garden for foliage! There should be plenty out there already. Or maybe pick some up from your local florist?


When it comes to tableware, I’m thinking that I should include some sort of pattern. There are some crazy beautiful designs for plates now, and I think this will work with the current scheme.


I have fallen in love with this silky white fine bone china dinner plate that has been so beautifully decorated with a shimmering gold and bronze floral design. It’s directly influenced by Vera’s personal collection of Oxalis pen and ink drawings which are also stunning.

I think the bronze on the plate will look great with the other warmer tones on the table and the metallic candlesticks.

Dauville Side Plate

Although there was a matching side plate for the Vera Wang design, it didn’t want it to be matchy-matchy.

The Dauville Side Plate will look great due to being adorned with a hand-painted metallic rim. The white porcelain features are subtle, yet it still has a textured finish because it was expertly shaped by hand. I also love the irregularities in the design concept.

Amber Mouth-Blown Wine Glass

This wine glass was crafted from mouth-blown glass and finished with a beautiful golden caramel tone fading into a clear glass stem. This is perfect for elegant dinner parties and fall themes.

If you like this glass, I’d recommend that you check out the whole collection.

Goa Cutlery Set – 24 Piece – Matt Blue Gold

I’ve chosen the gold and blue pairing because black cutlery may be too heavy. Plus a navy blue and blush pink looks incredible together.

STAUB Cinnamon Pumpkin Cocotte

If you really want to add a wow factor to your already elegant centerpiece design, add this cocotte to the center of your table. Your guests will be amazed by the quirky-ness of the dishware as they ladle out your delicious home-cooked meal.

A Beautiful Fall Table!

Fall Dining room table decor

I hope I’ve sparked some inspiration for you on how you can create your own eye-catching centerpiece for your dinner party, harvest party, or even thanksgiving!
If I feel it’s necessary, I might add fake leaves in a garland to add a touch more green to the table, but that would all depend on if I got enough green hues from the floral arrangements and the dried stems.

If you’d like to know about decorating your home for fall with a neutral palette, check out.


How do you set a pretty fall table?

The perfect centerpiece for any fall dinner is a spread of pumpkins and flower decorations. The best way to make your fall table setting stand out is by adding perfect accents.

Accents like placemats or napkins in lighter colors that contrast nicely against darker tablecloths will help give you a more cozy feel.

What are Table scapes?

A table setting is a beautiful way to present food and captivate your guests’ senses. The art of combining different elements into one cohesive whole has been used for centuries, but it’s not until recently that people started calling this “a tablescape.”