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Exciting New Interior Color Trends For 2022

This year we’ve already seen a variety of interior design trends and color schemes come into the fore. From the return of nature-inspired palettes to monochromatic schemes and daring use of color pairing, and dreamy pastels.

Home interiors are becoming more and more exciting, people are trying new things and broadening their taste and experimentation with color and texture.

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Color Schemes For Home Interior Design Trends In The Future

paint colour trends

We can expect even more interesting color schemes for our homes in the near future. Here’s an overview of what’s to come and things to look out for to stay on trend and in the know:

Pale Pastels

exterior paint colour trends

2022 may well be the year to embrace the light and soft colors in your decorating plans. Pale pastel shades might just be ideal for creating soothing environments that will help you relax after a hard day at work or running errands around town. Pale pastels work well with both modern and more traditional styles of decoration, which is one reason why they’re such a popular choice for interior designers across the globe.

Made X Lick Pink 01 and Lick Paint have teamed up together to make stunning on-trend colours and paint finishes for your new home projects. This beautiful matte pale pink is enough to make a statement but subtle enough to fit into a neutral space just adding a touch of dreamy pastel pigment.

Lulworth Blue

With its beautiful, bright blue color, Lulworth Blue is a must-have for any homeowner looking to add a touch of luxury to their home. The perfect hue for creating a relaxing and inviting ambiance, this paint is sure to make any room feel like a palace.

Yellow 01

Lick paint yellow 01 is the perfect way to perk up any room! Its soft and creamy yellow shade is energizing and uplifting, making it a great choice for any space. With a matt finish, this paint is perfect for hiding any imperfections.

Monochromatic Palettes

farrow & ball

If you tend to lean towards more minimalistic designs or like your home decor to feature lots of natural elements then monochromatic schemes might be just what you’re looking for in 2022. This color scheme features mainly shades (and tones) of one color and often works best when contrasted with lighter shades or shades of white as well as pale neutrals such as beige, cream, or taupe.

Greige 02

Looking for a versatile paint color that can be used in any room of your home? Lick’s Greige 02 is a perfect choice! This light grey shade has a touch of warmth to it, making it perfect for spaces like the living room, bedroom, or kitchen. Plus, its neutral tone means it can easily be paired with other colors to create a unique look and fits into any monochrome colour scheme effortlessly. So whether you’re looking to update your current space or are starting from scratch, Lick’s Greige 02 is a great option!

California Collection: Salt No.CC5

Inspired by the fresh, salty air of California, this bright white paint with cool undertones is perfect for anyone who wants to feel inspired by the beach – even when they’re stuck inside. With a delicate crystalline layer that’s reminiscent of the Pacific Ocean, farrow and ball California salt is perfect for anyone who wants to bring a piece of the coast into their home.

California Collection: Tar No.CC1

Looking for a unique paint color that will really stand out? California Collection: Tar is perfect for you! This dark, rich hue is inspired by the desert highways of California, and it’s perfect for giving any room an inspiring, fresh look. Plus, this paint is highly durable and weatherproof, so it’s perfect for use in any space. So if you’re looking to add some personality to your home décor, be sure to check out the California Collection: Tar!

Black And White

warm neutrals

This combination is timeless and always popular but we’ll see it even more in future designs. From the contrast of black and white in a single room to a combination of monochromatic schemes, this color scheme brings a little drama to any interior design plan which is what design in 2020 is all about!

Frenchich Blackjack

Introducing Frenchich Blackjack – the perfect paint for updating your furniture with a bold, sophisticated look. This true black is perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any space, indoors or out. Weatherproof Al Fresco is easy to use and environmentally friendly, making it a great choice for anyone looking for a high-quality, low-VOC paint.

Wevet No.273

Wevet is a delicate white paint with a barely-there and almost translucent feel to it. This is one of my favorite color choices in the warm whites family. It shares its name with the old Dorset term for a spider’s web and is one of our Easy Neutrals. Wevet is clean, understated, and incredibly easy to live with. With its hint of grey, this hushed tone can be used as a wall color for a neutral contemporary space or on ceilings and woodwork when combined with cooler greys.

Made x Lick Paint, 2.5L, Black 02

This is their deepest and most luxurious black yet. This dark velvet black with red undertones is the perfect paint for north-facing rooms that need a little extra boost of color and life. With its rich and decadent chocolate bar-like hue, Black 02 will inject a velvety softness into any space. So why not try it out today?

Earthy Tones

paint colour trends

This is my personal favorite paint color trend of the moment. Nature-inspired decor is still going from strength to strength and will continue well into 2022 also. If you’re looking for ways to add natural elements such as wood, stone, or even foliage into your home’s design then earthy colors are going to become more popular than ever before.

Jitney No.293

Looking for a fresh, inspired neutral? Look no further than Jitney No.293! This gorgeous earthy brown will brighten up any space with its relaxed and uplifting vibe. Perfect for any room in your home, this paint is perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of natural beauty to their decor.

Green With Envy Wall Paint

Introducing the newest and most luxurious earth tone shade yet: Green With Envy Wall Paint. This beautiful, nature-inspired green is perfect for any room in your home. It’s easy to apply and has a velvety texture that will give your walls a luxurious look. Plus, it’s scrubbable so it’s perfect for nurseries or other rooms with busy lives.

London Clay No.244

Farrow & Ball’s warmest brown: London Clay No.244, the perfect dark brown earthy shade to make your hall or transitional area feel lighter and brighter. With its rich, earthy hue and magenta pigment, this warm brown is perfect for creating a charismatic and elegant room. Consider using London Clay in combination with Elephant’s Breath or Charleston Gray for a fresh and inspiring look.

Coastal Designs

earthy tones

Coastal designs have been hot for a while now but we expect these themes will be even hotter in 2022. A coastal decorating theme can achieve a nautical look with shades of blue combined with white walls and neutrals, or even shades of green in an earthy coastal interior design. If you prefer to think outside the box then there’s nothing stopping you from trying out different color schemes within the same room – after all, it is your home!

Ultra Marine Blue No.W29

We can’t talk about coastal designs without starting with Blue. Ultra Marine Blue No.W29 is a beautiful blue paint from Farrow & Ball’s new Colour by Nature palette. Inspired by the natural world, this palette has been created in collaboration with the Natural History Museum to bring the true colors of nature into your home.

This romantic mid-toned blue is perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any space. It’s ideal for use on cabinetry and looks stunning when combined with a kitchen island in dramatic Scotch Blue. So why not bring the beauty of nature inside your home with Ultra Marine Blue No.W29?

Samphire Wallpaper in shade: BP 4003

Now we know this isn’t exactly paint, but it is a fabulous coastal design wallpaper fit for any nautical themed home refresh. Bring the natural beauty of Britain’s coastline inside with this Samphire patterned paper. This exquisite design is based on an archived wallpaper and features delicate details that will tantalize your senses and look fantastic on an accent wall. Order all the rolls you need for your project in one go to ensure consistency in your finished look.

Ash Grey No.W9

When I think about the coast, I don’t just think of the blues and yellows. Muted gray undertones and coral greens reflect moodier skies at the beach (particularly in the UK) creating the perfect canvas for a calm and soothing palette.

Create a natural look in your home with Ash Grey No.W9 from farrow and ball. This green-grey shade is perfect for creating a relaxed feel and can be combined with the warmer shades Skimmed Milk White on woodwork for a modern look. With its underlying green, Ash Grey will appear more intensely colored in natural daylight and greyer in areas of low light. From the new Colour by Nature palette, this shade was created in collaboration with the Natural History Museum to bring the true colors of nature into your home.

Brighter Shades

If pale pastels don’t work for you then why not try a bright color instead in 2022? This type of color scheme often features bolder tones which can create a real focal point in any room. Bright colors work well with dark furniture especially so if this theme appeals to you, why not jot down your thoughts about what you’d like to do with each room in your home before long-term plans get too much further ahead? I like to take a tiny sketchpad around with me in my handbag, you never know where inspiration might come from.

Archive Collection: Yellowcake No.279

Looking for a cheerful and vibrant yellow paint that will add some sunshine to your décor? Look no further than Yellowcake No.279! This bright and lively hue is perfect for creating a fun and happy atmosphere in any room of your home. Add a pop of color with Yellowcake – it’s the perfect way to inject some life into your space.

Retro fans will love Farrow & Ball’s Yellowcake No.279. This vibrant yellow has a homely feel that can’t fail to make you smile. Zingy hues like Yellowcake were incredibly popular in the 1960s and still feel very much at home in the 21st century.

Nancy’s Blushes No.278

Nancy’s Blushes No.278 is the perfect pink for creating a modern, fresh look in any room. With its uplifting hue, this paint is named after the rosy cheeks of a much-loved little girl called Nancy. When paired with a bright white, Nancy’s Blushes creates an attention-grabbing look, but can also be used to create softly charming interiors when contrasted with a soft neutral in shady rooms. When counterbalanced with St Giles Blue, Nancy’s Blushes becomes something altogether more graphic.

Dutch Orange No.W76

This lively shade brings to mind the fiercely bright fields of tulips in Holland during spring. If you’re looking for a way to add some brightness and life to your home? Look no further than Dutch Orange No.W76.

This clean, bright orange can really enliven any space, and with its dynamic quality, it brings an enveloping warmth to rooms. Combine it with Verdigris Green or Skimmed Milk White for a stunning look, or go bold with green tones like Duck Green on the trim. Whatever you choose, Dutch Orange is sure to inspire!

In Scandinavian design they like to contrast dark neutral tones like black and greys with bright yellows, offsetting with a stark white like All White but I think in 2022 we are going to see a lot more Scandinavian homes introducing vibrant oranges just like Dutch Orange – watch this space.

Good, fresh color schemes for home interiors can make a world of difference to your lifestyle and happiness so why not try something new in 2022?

How to incorporate new and current color trends into your home

Trends don’t always have to be controversial or risky, often simple changes in the way you decorate or furnish your home can go a long way to improving both functionality and versatility when it comes to what you’re able to do with each room.

New color schemes for home interiors can be a great way to refresh your current design plans and give your rooms a new lease of life, but make sure you take the time to understand why these trends work so well before getting started.

If you want to bring in neutral colors such as beige or taupe then try out different shades within each room to create interest and ensure that each room has its own identity – after all, it’s not just about making the space look good but also feel right!

FAQ’s for Paint Colour Trends for 2022

What are the New Interior Colour Trends For 2022?

There are many new paint color trends that are coming out in 2022. These include deep green, olives, warm neutrals, greys, light blue, yellows, and earthy tones.

What colors will be trending in Spring 2022?

These 6 Color Trends Are It For Spring 2022

  • Soft Lilac
  • Canary Yellow
  • Hot Pink
  • Salted Caramel
  • Scarlet
  • Sky Blue

Can you paint your house exterior with paint color trends of 2022?

Yes, you absolutely can use any of these popular shades as exterior house colors! It’s becoming more and more popular to update your exterior paint colors. People are painting their front doors and window frames in a rainbow of different colors these days to bring a pop of color to their house and the street they live on! Try out one of the color trends of 2022 with your home’s exterior.