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Cute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him or Her

Valentines day isnt as simple as it used to be. You used to be able to take your partner or crush out for a meal, go out fro drinks or even spurge on a long weekend away, but covid restrictions have made the traditional evenings out more and more difficult to book, or quite simply your favourite businesses have had to close down temporarily or completely.

That’s why we think that this year it might be really special to go beyond the traditional single red rose or box of chocolates and spend a little money you might have spent on a meal or hotel on the perfect gift, for whoever you are thinking of this year.

A thoughtful Valentine’s Day present will show your special someone that there is love in the smallest of things. Discover unique present ideas from our heart warming recommendations.

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Valentine's Day?

valentines day gifts for him
valentines day gifts for him

On February 14th, Brits spend huge sums on Valentine’s Day gifts for someone every year.

One survey indicated that one in six people considered how a gift would be appreciated on social media before purchasing it. The number of people bragging about their Valentine’s Day gifts has increased.

On the other hand, what gifts continue to be popular year after year? Do you want to surprise your loved one in February but are confused because there are so many things to choose from? Here are a few of the most popular Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him or her to consider.

Top Gifts for Valentines Day

valentines day gifts for boyfriend
valentines day gifts for her
cute valentines day gifts

Cards & Flowers

Sending a card with a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates is the most traditional valentines gift for her. It’s the perfect gift for a Valentine; you can’t really go wrong with it. To make it more personal, why not choose a bunch of flowers known to be her favourite? Slightly fancier chocolate (instead of a box from the supermarket)? And a card with a meaningful message instead of “Roses are Red…”

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Romantic Gifts

One of the most romantic things about Valentine’s Day is not the presents, but the time you spend together. So I think one of the best Valentine’s evenings is to chill out, watch a film together and tuck into a gift basket. Whether that is tea, wine or the more romantic champagne.

Personalised gifts

When it comes to making a good impression on Valentine’s Day, more and more people are opting for a personalised gift. Some of the most popular options are customised cards and romantic collages. If you’re looking for a unique way to surprise your significant other this Valentine’s Day, consider some of these suggestions for a thoughtful gift.


If they’ve been eyeing up a new necklace, bracelet or ring, now might be the perfect time to buy it! The average person spends £75 on jewellery for Valentine’s Day. So surprise them with that iconic piece of jewellery that they already loved but will love even more as you bought it for them.

A Fun Gift

If you’re a couple who don’t really like the traditional Valentine’s Day, who-ha, then why not go for some fun gifts that you can do together? Snuggle up on the sofa with a concrete tabletop fireplace and roast marshmallows while watching one of the 100 movies you have yet to watch!

A Gift for a Boyfriend

Valentine’s Day may have used to have been all about showing your girlfriend that she means everything to you, but move aside, boys like to be spoilt too! So if he’s got his eye on something special, get him a gift that he’ll treasure forever.

Pamper Yourselves!

Whether you’re booking into an exclusive hotel or staying in the comfort of home, why not get them a pamper box that you can both use!? Get those dressing gowns on, the white wine flowing and spend the evening relaxing and chatting instead of stressing over finding a dinner reservation.

Bubble bath, anyone?

Gift an Experience

Why not give someone the chance to experience something amazing with you?! You could book tickets to see their favourite band play live, take them on a tour of the city or just treat them to a night at the theatre.

The Pressures of the Holiday

Valentine’s Day can place a significant amount of strain on relationships. The fear of not receiving gifts that are both expensive or significant enough might overshadow genuine feelings of a relationship’s true essence. During this holiday, the true meaning of love can be materialised and degraded. It is unnecessary to spend money or take a vacation to express your feelings for someone. Valentine’s Day is just an excuse to show appreciation to your loved one.

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What are good Valentine’s Day gifts for teenage guys?

The traditional Valentine’s Day presents of chocolate and candy are often appreciated by teens. Valentine’s Day items also include split heart mugs and teddy bears.

When is Valentine’s Day?

Monday, February 14th 2022

Is Valentine’s Day a fake holiday?

Actually, no. The greeting card industry had no “invention” of Valentine’s Day. It has a lengthy and illustrious history. However, the complaint that Valentine’s Day has become “too commercialised” has some merit, but what’s the harm in a little romantic fantasy just for one day? I think we can safely say that the past few years have been a little drab – have fun with it!