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Cute Gold Home Office Decor Ideas

Thanks to Covid-19 many of us have had to create home offices, and while it’s great to roll out of bed, brush your teeth, make yourself a coffee and log on to start your work day (Pyjama bottoms still intact!) – it can become a little draining and tiring to work within the same space that we relax in, especially if you haven’t had the chance to really make your working space as livable as your recreational space. 

Our home workspaces have become an extension of ourselves in so many ways during the pandemic. So when we talk about what makes for a great workspace, we really mean creating one that reflects who you are and somewhere you enjoy being in.

The best way to make this space functional and stylish is by adding some awesome new decorative accents and furniture. Let’s look at some office decor ideas and items to add to your work area to boost productivity.


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Zoning The Space

cute office decor

If you have your work desk in your living room or master bedroom, like many of us do now (my partner has set up shop in the guest bedroom), then you may be thinking that you can’t have a dedicated space that inspires you.

But with a little creativity, you will be able to zone the space to make it your own and feel separate from the living space where you relax and watch tv. A larger space is not necessary to achieve this look.

It all starts with a little bit of paint!

You may have seen people painting squares or an arch on the wall, and you may think, “Oh, that looks pretty.” Which it is! But they are also being super clever. They’re zoning a space.

And this doesn’t have to be done in, say, the living room. If you have an office in your home, you could make this a feature like an accent wall to zone in your desk into the corner so you can have an extra chair or storage in other areas of the room.

Here are some examples:

It is also super easy to achieve. Watch this video to see how it is done.

This hand-drawn paint effect makes this more of a cozy home office nook for you to work in. You can use any color to suit your color scheme, any shape, and any size! I do recommend a white wall, to begin with, and then choose vibrant colors. By adding a pop of color to the shape, you can create a stylish office space.

Top 4 Paint Colors

Your Office Desk

gold office decor

Your office desk needs to be highly functional, yet the most beautiful piece of furniture you have ever seen. This is because it is going to be the biggest item in the zone or room.

Think about the material you want your desk to be made from. And then take a look at the room around you. If you have an empty room, then you have free reign over what material. But if you have dark woods or copper accents, then you need to think that perhaps a black metal desk might look better than a light, pale wood scandi desk.

If you are in dire need of storage or love a minimal look, you will need to get a desk with drawers. As much as simple wood desks look great, you will have all of your everyday items or personal items on display, and sometimes that can make it all look a little, well, messy.

The desks I’ve chosen will pair great with gold accessories.

Top 4 Office Desks

Office Desk Accessories

gold office decor
home office wall art

So now that you have the desk, you’re going to need 1. A computer 2. Plants, and 3. Some cute desk accessories.

Personally, I love faux succulents on the desk. They will always look great, and there’s no maintenance. Which is a bonus as I am useless with plants!

But this is the perfect place to add some gold office decor. Little touches of gold will add the elegance and glam that you are looking for.

Top Desk Accessories

A Luxury Desk Chair? Absolutely!

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We have seen how ugly the regular office chairs are. You know the ones you see in office supply stores? Personally, I never want that chunky black item in my home, ever!

I agree that the chair has to be comfortable and practical. But that doesn’t mean that it couldn’t be a pink chair or even a gaming chair if that’s where you like to play games and unwind.

I just don’t think we could achieve a chic home office with a dated office supply store chair.

Here are some of my favorite chairs that are not only stylish but are so comfy!

Top 4 Desk Chairs

Office Wall Decor Ideas!

office decor

Do you have a blank wall and want to fill it with pops of color for a chic home decor vibe? Of course, you do!

Office artwork is pretty cheap if you’re looking at prints and posters. And they’re great for making a space. So if you want girlish space, for your office design, then you might think pink and pair it with gold accents – a picture frame!

Posters can also inspire creativity and productivity, especially if you choose art with inspirational quotes. Or perhaps you could choose your favorite quotes from films or lyrics from your favorite song.

For a really glam home office, get a piece of art for your office walls. There is nothing more stylish or classy than a genuine piece of art for your wall.

Here is my list of Office Wall Art ideas:

Top 4 Wall Art for Office

Other Office Wall Ideas

You don’t have to go with art for your office walls. If you need storage, then why not get some floating shelves?

Another great idea for office organization would be to have memo boards to pin important information or a dry erase board so you can jot all your wonderful creative thoughts down with ease.

If you are feeling really adventurous, then you could paint yourself a chalkboard wall. This is so simple and super effective. Plus, it’s so handy! I have one in my home in the kitchen. It’s great for quickly jotting down things that I need from the supermarkets or times of meetings. You don’t have to do the whole wall either; you could do an arch or a circle? Just grab some chalkboard paint and experiment!

Top 4 Office Wall Ideas


How can I improve my office decoration?

There are many ways to make your work area look better. Here are some tips on how to spruce up your workspace:

  1. Get rid of clutter. Clutter makes everything seem smaller and less organized. Make sure there isn’t too much stuff around your desk. Keep items out of sight when possible.
  2. Use colors that energize you. Colors such as reds, greens, blues, yellows, oranges, purples, pinks, etc., will help keep you focused and motivated throughout the day.
  3. Create a relaxing atmosphere by using soft lighting. Natural light helps reduce stress levels and increase focus.
  4. Add plants to your office. Plants add life and beauty to any room. They absorb toxins and give off oxygen which keeps everyone healthy.
  5. Have fun with your decorations and donate old books, magazines, toys, games, etc.

How do I brighten up a small office?

Small offices can often lack natural sunlight. And if there is no way of getting extra windows put in then, you’ll have to think creatively. Think about adding a mirror to the room so that the light you have can bounce around the room. Plus, a mirror can make the room feel bigger.

If you want to be ultra-glam, a crystal chandelier could also bounce natural light around the room.

Also, think about the furniture. A white desk could also make the room feel brighter.

But the most effective way to combat a dark office is to add artificial lighting. A desk Lamp will be your best friend here. You could also think of wall lights and floor lamps if you have the floor space. Or if you have a console table, place 2 table lamps symmetrically to add 2 more light sources.

How do you make a cozy office?

A cozy office should always include plenty of comfy seating options. Whether it’s a couch, chair, bean bag, etc. But whatever type of seating option you choose, make sure they’re comfortable. Also, consider having a rug or a few adorable pieces like cushions and a throw blanket to soften the hardwood floors. Indoor plants, artificial lighting, and a few framed pictures with textured wood frames will also help create this look.