Is Linen Good for Cushion Covers?

Summer is approaching, and we should consider our décor and potentially a changeup.

We’ve had a couple of months of spring, and our houses are looking great. However, now that the sun is shining brightly and is hot, let’s consider what we can do to improve the spaces somewhat.

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Switching out scattered cushions is a fantastic approach to achieve a new look. Think about how many rooms have cushions and pillows. There’s a lot, right? I have cushions all over the house. I am obsessed with them. They transform the dynamic of a room instantaneously and are a low-cost approach to refresh our homes. Plus, they’re a beautiful way to add color and texture to our spaces.

I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who doesn’t like scatter cushions.

There are endless styles and designs of cushions that it can be a little challenging to get your head around what cushion suits another.

We’re all guilty of buying more cushions than needed without thinking too much about the styling combinations or what happens when we get bored.

In this article we will go over ‘is linen good for your cushion covers?’ and show you all of the best places to buy the best cushions and covers.


If you’re anything like me, you love to buy a pretty cushion when you see it on a store shelf, regardless of whether it will work in your home and complement your scheme.

We both need to take a step back and think about why we’re doing this. My problem, I believe, stems from my dissatisfaction with the current cushions and covers. Or perhaps I’m simply tired of them.

I love shopping and I love finding cushion designs that have the look I want and give me the feeling I desire.

I know that I love the feel of Linen. It’s luxurious and will only ever get softer with age. Because Linen is made of natural fibers, it’s suitable for anyone with sensitive skin.

Linen is renowned for being hypoallergenic and causing less irritation to skin unlike other fabrics. The fibers also make the fabric airy and cool which makes them an excellent choice for summer use.

But the main reason why I love linen is that it’s a very Scandinavian sort of fabric, and it’s the only cushion material you’ll want if you’re a fan of Japandi.


Every combination of linen cushions that I have ever seen on Pinterest, Instagram, or Google has worked. No matter the color or design.

Take one of your favorite colors, like pink. Placing the blush pink next to the burnt orange linen looks fantastic. They’re not usually a complementary color combination, yet it just works beautifully when the cushions are made with linen.

This is handy when we want to add bright colors, bold colors, or a contrasting alternate color to our schemes. We can still use our favorite or existing color palette and add something that will just lift and make our design unique.

Linen cushions also look outstanding with any kind of blanket or throw. The big chunky, fluffy throw is a personal favorite of mine. It looks great. You can clash colors and patterns and give your room character. But, it doesn’t have to be just the chunky knit throw. The thin little number on the side of the armchair still looks great too.

Having an array of cushions on your sofa or your bed is beautiful. Don’t have too many, though. Otherwise, it can start to look muddled.


On the subject of versatility, linen cushions can 100% also be used outside.

If you have a rattan sofa set outside, you’ve probably been inspired by Instagram and Pinterest to dress it up with cushions and blankets for when it gets cold. I 100% do this. I get excited when people come around as I get to unbox everything and set it all up and properly style and stage it. I love all the color and the texture combined with the green from the grass and the beautiful blooms that surround it. I never want to go inside after it’s all dressed and the festoon lights are glowing, and all the candles in the lanterns are flickering, as it’s so cozy and calm and highly hygge.

Not only are Linen Cushions beautiful, but they’re also a popular choice for outside, as Linen is very practical. It’s a fade-resistant fabric with high tensile strength. As a result, putting them in the washing machine isn’t a problem if they get dirty. They’ll just become softer as a result!


I’ve been looking around the internet for the best linen cushions and possibly some throws. And in typical me fashion, I’ve landed at my go-to stores.

Nordic Nest is one of my favorites. Their items are of exceptional quality, both opulent and rustic. I’m hooked on it.

They also ship all around the world, so just select your country’s currency.

Not only does Nordic Nest cater to all your Scandinavian home decor needs, but they also have a wide selection of Linen Cushions. There are sure to be dozens of items in this collection that you will want.


The Rama Cushion Cover

The Rama Cushion Cover in Cactus green is my favorite option out of the wide color selection they have to offer with this print. The 50×50 cushion cover designed by Chhatwal & Jonsson is made from premium linen.

I adore the printed green, herringbone, repeat pattern. It’s simplistic but extravagant all in one. And will look great in a wide range of rooms with varying color combinations.

I love that in the description, they tell you the process of it being made. How it’s screen printed and then left to dry in the sun and that it’s a sustainable product as it uses very little water in its production.

The Ikat Kerela Cushion Cover

is quite a typical design that is trending now in all stores. The Geometric print has become extremely popular as it is a sensitive way to introduce a pattern to your scheme without it being over the top or a focal point. But this one is different from the typical, trending design. First, the print isn’t extremely sharp. I find when a geometric pattern that is ultra-bold and defined will be a struggle to pair with other cushions, just as the print can make it far too busy. But the muted, blurriness of the Ikat print is subtle.

The colors chosen are also muted. The excellent choice of grey tones has produced a calming effect, toning down the geometric. Resulting in a beautiful cushion.

If white and grey aren’t for you, then they do have this cushion cover in multiple colors.

This cushion will look great on your favorite chair.

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I love this gorgeous Stone Washed Lumbar Cushion. This pillow is artisan-made in India from soft linen and makes a fantastic addition to any bed or sofa.
Texture and warmth are added to any space with stonewashed finishes and soft and attractive tassels.
This cushion would be perfect for that cozy corner, such as a book nook, as lumbar support cushions are excellent if you have back problems.
It’s 100% Linen, Machine Washable, features a hidden zipper, and it includes a feather-down pillow! It’s beautiful.
Dimensions: 36″ W X 14″ H

While browsing all the beautiful cushion covers, I also really liked the Velvet loop Linen Pillow Cover. The addition of Velvet lifts the cushion to the next level of luxury, just by adding that sheen and plushness that velvet gives you.

The cover is made from rich, gorgeous cotton velvet and features a curvy, contemporary design. The design details on this cushion are incredible. The velvet piping is hand-looped and scrolls across heavy-weight natural linen, merging two natural textures we love effortlessly.

If some gave this to me as a gift, I wouldn’t be returning it!

It also has a hidden zipper. So you won’t be catching clothes or receiving minor scratches from this cushion.

The Pillow Insert says that it is included. But they do have listings for Square Pillow inserts on the website.

Dimensions: 20″ W X 20″ H

Now for a cushion with a bit more pizazz! The Grey Marbled cushion from Susi Bellamy is out there. It’s a daring design, but it’s not one to be scared of. The cushion is marble-colored, allowing you to pick a hue from it to use across space. So if you’re having difficulties focusing regions in your room, this is an easy fix as it’s a definite focal point on your natural sofa.

This cushion can also be used on your bed and looks great with white linen bedding.

This cushion isn’t for everyone. I realize that. However, I wanted to recommend it since I know that Susi Bellamy is a fantastic designer who creates high-quality home decor items while also striving for sustainability.

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The term “throw” refers to a piece of fabric used to cover a sofa (e.g. to keep it clean). Because of its size, it is “thrown” over the sofa. As a result, if you place (or “throw”) a pillow on a bed at random, it gets its name.


Simply put, throw pillows do not have to match. Regardless of how similar their colors are, your ultimate goal is to create a more appealing space for you. So, explore what works, mix and match several colored throw pillows. It may take a few trial and errors, but you will find a combination that works for you.