What to do with Dried Flowers

Stylish Decor Tips for Dried Flowers & Grasses

Dried flowers appear to be featured in every house, office, and by every influencer, no matter where you look on social media. So, why are dried flowers, branches, and plants so popular right now?

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So Why Are Dried Flowers Popular now?

People are spending more time at home, and since many are cut off from nature, it makes sense for them to bring the outside in for their mental health and well-being.

They also stay with you for well over a year! Floral arrangements make perfect additions to our home decor as they need no dusting and, maybe, it’s just me, but I can’t have dead blooms in a gorgeous vase when mom arrives!


Purchasing fresh flowers and plants, while being aesthetically wonderful, can be costly. And keeping plants alive might be too much of a task for individuals, like me, with hectic schedules, adding to their already long to-do lists.

Therefore dried bouquets, branches, and flowers are a more affordable and practical alternative to plants and fresh flowers. Plus, we don’t need to stress about killing them!

Dried Flower Decor

Where to buy dried flowers

There are so many Etsy shops where you can buy dried flowers, pampas grass, and bunny tails, but I would 100% recommend these places as I know that the quality is exceptionally high.
Plus there is a wide selection of stems to choose from!

Urban Stems

When you first click on Urban Stems, the Website makes you instantly comfortable! It’s fresh, clean with great pictures of the dried flowers.

Working directly with Rainforest Alliance Certified TM farms and investing in the people who work there is a top priority. They feel that working hands-on is the best method to ensure that only the freshest flowers are selected each day. There are no middlemen. There will be no shortcuts—nothing except joy.

The Danube is an elegant dried arrangement perfect for mantles or nightstands as it’s subtle and refined.

These fluffy white hydrangeas have been meticulously kept and arranged in a ceramic blue and white tiny vase (which you get as well!) for long-lasting beauty.

The Danube is absolute sophistication! Especially if you are looking for a gift. The Danube is perfect for a luxury housewarming or even a baby shower gift that lasts.

Preserved White Hydrangea in a 3.5″ x 7″ Blue Ceramic Bud Vase

Make a statement with The Delancey, a superbly dramatic arrangement.

The warm white and cream tones are calming, and the dried flowers promise a long lifetime.

Thanks to its rich texture, long stems, and eye-catching golden vase, it’s going to look stunning in your home no matter what the neutral colors in your scheme are.

Helichrysum Capblumen, Spear Palms, Preserved Razor Ruscus, Skeleton Fern Helecho, Lunarai, Bunny Tails in a 4″ x 4″ x 6″ Gold Ceramic Vase

An arrangement of this Dried Bouquet is ideal for anyone who wants to leave a long, lasting impression.

You’ll gain a pop of color from the Pink blooms and stems, including pampas grass, that tower above you, creating beautiful shadows and with bold textures, and a vase included makes this an excellent dried flower arrangement to sit on the dining table.

These carefully selected dried stems can last for months if properly cared for. There is no need for water or light.

Pink Pampas, Thistle, Stargrass, Preserved Green Bell, and Mini Strawflower in a 4.25″ x 4.25″ x 9″ White Ceramic Vase

 If you don’t need a vase or want extra stems for another bouquet, or are simply looking for a simple, neutral bunch of Pampas Grass, this is the one for you.

This tall pampas grass is perfect for your nightstand, sculpting around your bed, or a fabulous centerpiece for side tables or coffee tables.

Its height and neutral color will complement any area and give it a fashionable appeal!

Stems of 15″ Pampas Grass

The Corsica is a lovely arrangement inspired by France’s famous city, and is excellent for adding a bit of sweetness and light to any area.

Soft beige and blush notes conjure up images of soft dunes, evoking feelings of serenity and tranquility.

This exquisite dried bouquet makes a lovely compliment for a bathroom to create that spa-like feel or any other living space, thanks to the eye-catching fan palms and delicate color combo.

Natural Pampas, Bunny Tails, Fan Palms, Preserved Razor Ruscus, and Sorghum in a 4.25 x 4.25 x 9″ White Ceramic Vase

Where to buy dried flowers

Believe it or not, there is an endless amount of ways to decorate with dried flowers and blooms

In A Statement Vase

Vases are a great quick, and easy decor movement as the artistry in creating a vase has bloomed in the last few years, with people loving the donut vase and the bubble vase.

So whether the flower vase is holding a single stem or a big bouquet, a fabulous floral design starts with the correct vase.


Your dried flower stems will look flawless in this vase!

I adore these vases due to their matte black coloring and texture. They just look like a stunning piece of Art!

You can keep them as a set or dot them around the house as they will look great in any room and any place in the room.

Vase 1 height 42cm, width 25cm;
Vase 2 height 52cm, width 11.5cm;
Vase 3 height 25cm, width 17cm;
Vase 4 height 34.5cm, width 17cm

This perfect vase is glazed on the inside and left its natural, clay state on the outside. It is 100% stunning and beautifully handmade in Barcelona.

The sleek nature of this vase will make your stems look mesmerizing. Picture some Pampas Grass sculpting over this vase!

Height 25cm, width 12cm, depth 12cm

This Vase is exclusive to dried flowers. It is showing every part of the stem in its full glory.

This ceramic vase is so versatile that you can place any bloom to display, whether lavender, a rose or dried wildflowers—each will mesmerizing and elegant sitting in this vase.

Height 23cm, width 23cm, depth 5cm

In Apothecary Jars

Using Apothecary Jars, your dried flowers will last even longer than displaying them in a vase as they are protected with a lid.

Let’s say that you have a spare Mason Jar in the kitchen; fill that with flower petals! It will look beautiful on your open shelving.

Or if you have somewhere in the bathroom that needs a little love, how about a collection of Jars, each with a different color petal inside? You could do purple flowers, like fragrant lavender flowers, or any of your favorite flowers.


These Glass Jars are perfect for adding your flowers too!

They will look great in any room of your house, adding that touch of elegance and regalness. I’d pop them in the bathroom, one with dried flowers, such as lavender buds, and the other I’d fill with things like bath bombs and bath salts.

In Frames and Shadow Boxes

If you are preserving the flowers yourself, a great way to do it is to place them in a frame. You can set them in there and have instant decor if you put them in a dark space of your home for a little while.

If you’d like a more in-depth look at the drying process of flowers, check this out!

With so many frame styles to choose from, you will find a frame that you will love to display your flowers into work great with your home style.

I like frames that have a transparent, glass background. But dried flowers can look great with any background you wish. Make it entirely personal and unique to you!

Hanging frames are great but also think about placing frames on the mantle or your bedside.

This frame is a great unique frame to hold your flowers in. The gold rim will bring that sparkle to your blooms that they so deserve!

Placing this on the side next to your bed with your table light bouncing light from it will make your bedroom highlight the softness of the flowers.
8″ x 10″: 11″H, 9″W

On a Mantlepiece or Open shelving with Candles and Ornaments

Clustering items on shelving or your mantlepiece is exceptionally pleasing to our eyes. We love the heights and the journey it takes us on.

So by placing dried flowers (even in a frame), like red roses, next to a flickering candle can portray the feel of romance whenever the candle is lit.

If you have a favorite ornament, place it next to some dry flowers in a vase. Choose a vase that complements the decoration and take a coloring from the adornment to select the blooms in the vase to tie the two items together.

If you need a guide to styling your open shelving, check this out!

On a Side Table, Vanity Table, or Coffee Table

Don’t ever forget that you can simply place the vase or picture frame on a table. It is the best place for them to receive full focal glory!

If you grab yourself a tray and cluster together a vase, a candle, and a coffee table book, you will have the most stylish coffee table, side table ever!

And if you are lucky enough to have a Vanity Table, you will want to place a small vase to the left of your mirror. Something so simple as bunny tail grass will add that softness to the furniture, plus the fluffiness from the flower reminds me of a powder puff.

Stylish Forever roses aka Preserved roses

Forever roses are the most romantic symbol of love!

Yes, getting a bouquet of roses is special, but when someone gives you forever roses, it’s another feeling altogether!

Forever Roses are preserved roses; usually, hand dipped, meaning that they can keep their lovely, youthful appearance for a long period due to their unchanging look.

In a home, a preserved rose is the ultimate, beautiful piece of decoration.

Maybe you’ll keep your bloom in an attractive vase as a centerpiece for a few months, or you can do something completely different with it, such as put it on a mantelpiece.

Venus ET Fleur

Venus ET Fleur is the best online shop to pick up some preserved roses. They are simply stunning, and you can customize the item to make the rose personal, making it a great gift option.

They also have lovely Signature Scents, which pair exquisitely with their forever roses.

Their Signature Room Sprays, formulated as a home eau de toilette, instantly boost the ambiance of your house.

You have a choice of Room Sprays or a Luxurious Candle!

Positive energy radiates from solitary Eternity Roses; this one is paired with a lovely rose quartz crystal on the vase.

This combination promotes love, self-love, and friendship. It is inspired by the flower recognized for its symbolism of purity and devotion and the curative qualities of the rose quartz crystal.

You can pick the color of your Rose to make it completely perfect. How about choosing your birthstone for the color?

Le Clair Un is a refined accent that enhances any coffee or side table, featuring a magnificent EternityTM gardenia completely enclosed in acrylic.

Every time you lift the lid, its singular beauty will catch your sight, and its pure perfume will make you fall in love all over again or simply sentimental.

The Le Clair Grand Un could make an excellent gift for someone who has recently lost someone.

This Classic Bundle Set is a sophisticated, elegant present that includes three beautiful pieces: the timeless Le Mini Rounds, Le Mini Squares, and aromatic Votives, all packaged in a lovely pink and ivory gift box.

With this set of three beautiful, polished pieces, you can celebrate any occasion and elevate any setting.

This set is customizable too. They are allowing you to pick the candle and the color of the rose.

A dainty lone Eternity® Garden Rose is nestled inside a classic, sensuous curving silhouetted vessel in the Le MiniTM Aura Vase, a ceramic compote vase.

The vase, a miniature version of their Maison Collection, is perfect for a desk, coffee table, or bedroom table.

It’s a thoughtful, flexible present that adds sophistication, vivacity, and ambiance to any space.

The elegant and straightforward Sylvie Vase will brighten and liven up your space.

This little arrangement is a small, delicate reminder of the beautiful things in life, perfect for the office or sitting on a side table or bedside table.

The professional flower designer delicately arranges each arrangement into their unique handcrafted porcelain vases.

You can also choose the color of this rose.

FAQs on Linen Bed Sheets

How do you mount dry flowers in a frame?

Tweezers are used to pick up the flowers, and a toothpick is used to place a small drop of glue on the back of each flower. Glue the flower on paper or glass with a glue stick.

Allow the adhesive to dry overnight after you’ve completed the design. Then, with the floral art within, reassemble the frame.

Do Dried flowers last forever?

While it varies with every bloom, dried flowers often last from 1-3 years!

You’ll be able to enjoy your gorgeous blooms for years if they’re correctly cared for, treated with care, and kept away from direct sunlight, wind, and humid environments.

How long do forever roses last?

Without water or sunlight, forever roses will thrive for three years.

How do you store dried flowers?

Wrap your dried flowers in newspaper to keep them from absorbing moisture from the air while they’re being stored. Then, to prevent them from being crushed, place the wrapped flowers in a box. Keep them away from moist basements and arid areas such as attics.